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Elizabeth E. LaBozetta

Cannabis  Seizures  Epilepsy  ''There are different kinds of epilepsy surgery. One kind of surgery involves removing a specific area of the brain which is thought to be causing the seizures. Another kind involves separating the part of the brain that is causing seizures from the rest of the brain.''

Robert Mendelsohn M.D  [2016 UNDOCTORED (Movie)] "50-90% of back surgeries fail." (1:07)  Chiropractic 

Caesarean   Carolyn Dean MD, ND  [2003/4] Death by Medicine----Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Martin Feldman, MD, Gary Null, PhD, Debora Rasio, MD

HERS Foundation. Hysterectomy Alternatives & Consequences - information, alternative treatments.

Dr. Vikki Hufnagel, MD

Whitaker, Julian M.D.

Andreas Moritz