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[2014 book] Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism by Kerth R. Barker



[2007] The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair "Under the pretext of initiation tests for Opus Dei he was brought to a Black Mass with sexual acts. He mentions the presence of girls from a country in the East (13-14 years)... He was drugged before being taken into a room with masked people who had dressed in black robes. The participants drank blood. He was placed in the presence of a naked little girl laying down on an altar - she had died."

Arizona Wilder

Blood sacrifice symbology (music)

[2009 Feb] Satanism and Ritual Abuse - Case-by-Case Documentation by Alex Constantine

[2011 April] Young Man Rejects Masonic Initiation  - That the most powerful Masons are actually reptilian shape shifters that drink human blood and eat human flesh. - That the blood drinking, flesh eating orgies that I would participate in have roots in the ancient mystery religion of the Egyptians.

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The Occult Significance of Blood, by Rudolf Steiner

"She (vampire) sexually tortured them. You get more of a thrill out of the blood if there is adrenalin in it, it gives it a certain bouquet if there is fear in it."--
Bill Schnoebelen

"Under the pretext of initiation tests for Opus Dei he was brought to a Black Mass with sexual acts. He mentions the presence of girls from a country in the East (13-14 years)... He was drugged before being taken into a room with masked people who had dressed in black robes. The participants drank blood. He was placed in the presence of a naked little girl laying down on an altar - she had died." .............[Witness E.J.:] 'I'm very glad you know about this. But do you know something else? Much of this has been placed in facilities all over the world, in the jungle in the Amazon, in Australia, and other remote places. Eventually, I got assigned, to a deeper and deeper level, and before I was going to be deployed to this place in Australia, they took me into another level of my educational program.' He said, 'You don't really know what's going on.' He explained that he witnessed a Satanic ritual initiation. Those present shared blood and there were sacrifices going on and torture. He was being acculturated to the programs of Satanic worship and Satanic sacrifice and the love of the bloodthirsty killing of innocents. He told us that once he got to that level, he had to take a vow to Lucifer. And he did. This is not the first person who's told me about these programs..."................."I probably shouldn't even say that, because I'll probably just doom myself for any publisher picking it up, but I do have some evidence from law enforcement sources that do validate this particular theory. I can't get too far into it, but I've been told by law enforcement that a part of our government does know that there is a quasi-military group out there that's doing ritual magic involving ritual blood sacrifice, and not only cows; the inference being humans..." (343) [2007] The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair

You will be familiar with the fact that a shark can be attracted by spilt blood in the water from many miles away, so it is that some spirits in the air, will be drawn to spilt blood, and the killing of animals on a daily basis would attract some horrific astral entities. It has long been a method of black magicians to spill blood to bring the spirits, and some old religious cults still insist on cutting animals throats in the same way. These satanic rituals continue today with animal blood being smeared onto the faces of children, in hunting re-enactments. While in Iraq the faces of detainees were “blooded” with the menstrual blood of prostitutes; this is a powerful weapon capable of psychological programming the victims to attract demonic forces to the oldest part of the brain, the “Hippocampus” via the breathing and autonomous nervous system. This can establish a deep connection with primordial forces that can grip a mind and destroy it; the torment and inner anguish produced resulting in a great desire to spill blood. The Native American Indian war paint produced a similar effect and was used when battle was felt inevitable.
In wartime, spirit feeders on spilt blood will influence men to shed more blood, which attracts more primary demonic entities, who will influence men to shed even more. And it was these entities that would frighten me as a child at night so much that I was often barely able to move, or even breath, in my bed at night. The sight and feel of some of these creatures will be with me always, and it is probably the close contact with these inhabitants of the lower realms that gave me the abilities of a healer and exorcist, in later years.  [2009] A Child and Spirit By T Stokes

[1] DRINKING BLOOD - SLAUGHTER BLOCK Hail, devourer of blood, who camest forth from the block of slaughter, I have not acted guilefully. (Chapter 6, page 45)
The drinking of blood, either human or animal is consistently part of the ritual abuse survivors disclosures
(Pictures #1,3,5,8,9, and 10). According to the victims, the Satanists believe that the life force of the sacrificial victim is in the blood. Partaking of the blood is believed to empower and add longevity of life. Child victims have related accounts of how the cult members would always drain and save the blood of their victims in apple juice jars, pans, bottles, and pots. The very young children are sometimes introduced to the taste of blood gradually by mixing it with milk, formula, punch, and other beverages. Eventually, with increases in blood content in these drinks, the child victim will be able to drink the blood without dilution. Pictures #9,12,16,20, and 23 show body parts removed to be used in a ritual, including the drinking of blood. Picture #10 illustrates 'blood punch' made from the blood of a sacrificed child. The child victim titled this picture "Birthday Colt [Cult] Celebration". The trauma to child victims, resulting from this type of forced participation in satanic rituals such as these is immeasurable. The State of Idaho, as a result of legislative efforts in 1990, has a Legislative Act relating to ritualized abuse of a child (House of Representatives Bill No.817)-Centennial Legislature second regular session 1990. Chapter 15, Title 18 Idaho Code-New Section-18-1506 A Idaho Code.) (Idaho Code-Chapter 50 Title 18, New Section 18-5003. Def. Cannibalism).

In places like Southern California I feel quite sure that about a quarter of the population is partly or purely predatory reptilians in human form. Al Bielek told us that in order to maintain a human form, purebred reptilians need to regularly drink human blood. Hence, I suppose, the incessant blood drives by the Masonic Red Cross, whose literature has claimed that it was started by Count Ste. Germaine. I read that in a promotional pamphlet from the International Red Cross Society that I found when we were living in Tonga in 1984. [2003]  The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft – Parts 61 – 70

How do they do it? Well, sad to say, there are sexual rituals involving demonic beings known as sucubus and incubus. These reptilian beings densify during the slaughter of a young virgin girl, no older than 12, but menstruating. That's the reason for the growth hormones in milk - to produce more menstruating young women in western countries. It was getting tough - as the CIA continued its Satanic expansion of itself into every town, city, and hamlet in the North and Southern Americas, to fill the needs of the Beast. Plus, keeping their own undead here, requires a whole cataloge of young children. In the ritual, which the girl watches, a naked woman, usually one of the witches in the covens, herself a hybrid, usually, is brought out on the alter. The girl is slaughtered. her blood is drank by all, then poured upon the naked woman, her breasts, and finally, the heart of the child is placed inside her vagina. THen, the ritual proceeds, and a green ectoplasm starts exuding from her vagina, forming into an Incubus. This is your CIA. Cbswork - June 2004

Satanism is just another name for the worship of a highly destructive, negative force which has been given endless names over the centuries. Nimrod, Baal, Moloch or Molech, Set, the Devil, Lucifer, there is no end to them. .......The closer the Earth's field is vibrationally to the lower fourth dimension, the more power the reptilians have over this world, and its inhabitants. Satanism ...... from the Brotherhood's point of view, is to control the Earth's magnetic field; to worship and connect with their reptile masters; to drink the lifeforce of their sacrificed victims; and to provide energy for the reptilians who appear to feed off human emotion, especially fear................Satanic rituals generally take place at night because that is when the magnetic field is most stable. During the day the electrically charged particles of the solar wind cause turbulence in the field and make interdimensional connection more difficult. It is most stable during total eclipses and this is when native peoples held their most important ceremonies to contact and manifest other-dimensional entities..... some world politicians are addicted to blood taken from a victim at the moment of sacrifice because of the adrenaline which is produced at that time. I am told this addiction is quite common among Satanists, and researchers into the reptilian question suggest that this is the substance the reptiles also want. It all fits.  THE REPTILIAN BLOOD LEGACY

They have therefore capitalised on every Druidic and Magical date to try to get as much use out of the effect of the lunar cycle on female menstrual blood. They call this aspect of the menstrual blood Starfire, and indeed, one of the people in the UK Arizona Wilder 'fingers' as a Shape Shifter called Lawrence Gardiner has written an article about 'Starfire and menstrual blood' in Nexus magazine. he is also behind the 'Order of the Dragon' an attempt to assemble and register the pure bloodstock of the UK in London. Reptiles, Aryans and Horror

In the ceremony they would have sacrifices and during the bloodletting, especially if there were infants involved, these beings would change into a reptilian form. And the interesting thing about it is that there would be this yellow-green slime residue after the ceremonies. It would be on my body and on the altars and on the flooring. I have also since found it on my children as well, which is disturbing to me. Sir Laurence Gardner, Reptilian Shape-Shifter? by David Icke

It is obvious that for various reasons (including the goals set down in the secret Iron Mountain government report), the government (including cooperating agencies like NASA) decided to use an alien abduction theme rather than a Satanic Ritual Abuse theme to their mind-control programming.  The major differences in the programming methodology is that the blood rituals of the SRA are no longer used. The reason why blood rituals are no longer needed is that the high-tech harmonic machines (which implant thoughts-see chap. 6) and other high-tech methods eliminate the need for the blood traumas. The victims of alien abductions are taken at random, where the Illuminati victims are abducted more frequently around ritual dates.  The person who believes in UFOs and aliens is going to receive the same type of treatment as those who believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse. The legal system and society at large are conditioned to treat them as nuts. This protects their abusers. The Illuminati Formula 5. The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit 

Satanism and Luciferianism and other similar cults are blood cults that require blood to be sacrificed to pull in certain demons.  For instance, blood may be taken from both the tongue and the genital area and mixed in a certain ceremony to invoke a particular demon. Demons are not bought with gold or silver, they are bought with blood. Some spirits are invoked by placing alcoholic enemas into the child. These children get totally intoxicated with alcohol, some to the point that they even die from the ceremony. This is all done to bring in particular demons.  The Spirit Choronzon and Typhon are critical spirits to place into a person for the Mind-Control to work. The Illuminati Formula 10. Spiritual Control Techniques, Possession, Trances, Etc. A. Using spiritual principles against a person

The specific bloodlines of the Illuminati hybrid families have been preserved through inter-marrying over the ages. Instead of trying to keep alien and DNA contamination out of their bloodlines they work to keep pure human DNA from entering into their bloodlines. Those in these families are born with a specific alien DNA that can be activated through ritual and blood drinking to allow for the alien possession of their bodies. The aliens can literally possess their bodies. This possession allows these humans to shape-shift and be controlled by the aliens themselves. These bloodlines are not controlled by the Grey aliens but the lizard type known as the Reptilians. Many people such as Arizona Wilder, Cathy O'Brien, and Bryce Taylor have seen people from these bloodline families such as George Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, Al Gore, Queen Elizabeth, and others shapeshift into Reptilians. It is not "humans" that run our governments. ---Zacherle Hoag Interview with Sherry Shriner: Alien Agenda and the New World Order