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[Bombing cities and civilians was actually started by Britain, Germany then retaliated. One of Churchill's (and Lindemann) war crimes (700,000 Phosphorus bombs were dropped on Dresden, deliberately killing over 500,000---During this time there were more than 1,2 Million people in Dresden, 600,000 Dresden citizens, plus 600,000 refugees from Breslau). This fits the definition of holocaust: 'Holocaust -- from the meaning wholly burnt.  1) a sacrifice wholly consumed by fire.  2) complete consumption by fire'.  Oxford English Dictionary.  Another war crime is the Mass Starvation of Germans, 1945-1950.  With the use of phosphorous, the majority of the German men, women, and children indiscriminately killed in the air war perished from the inhalation of poisonous carbon monoxide gas, hence the gas proof bomb shelters (see below), that they managed to pass off as 'gas chambers' for the Holocaust hoax.]

Saturday 7th September 1940 - was the first day of the Blitz.  The first RAF raid on the interior of Germany took place on the night of 15/16 May 1940By the end of May 1941, over 43,000 civilians, half of them in London, had been killed by bombing.  About 50,000 British civilians compared to 1.5 million Germans?

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    Dresden, before and after

[2015 Feb] Our Unprecedented WWII Atrocities  Prior to the atomic attack on Japan, the US waged a firebombing war, not on the Japanese military, or its industries, but on innocent Japanese men, women, and children, beginning with the dropping of 700,000 incendiary bombs on Tokyo. Two nights later, a force of more than five hundred B-29s again struck the heart of the Japanese Empire with 4,000 tons of incendiaries.   Those Tokyo firebombs brought more horror than our minds can comprehend, but the resulting winds wrought even more terror. The heat from the flaming cauldrons below was so intense that the B-29s flying above were often buffeted upwards by as much as 4,000 feet.  US reconnaissance photographs showed that 51.3 square miles of what was once Tokyo, teeming with seven million human beings, had been reduced to ashes, with the lingering stench of burnt human flesh. It was then that US General Curtis LeMay, who had been so successful in firebombing millions of innocent German citizens, smothered Yokohama with 3,200 tons of firebombs.

[2003] The Allied Holocaust At Dresden By Don Harkins

[2007] Dresden Holocaust: Slaughter Of 500,000 German Civilians

How Britain Pioneered City Bombing by Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD The Blitz on London in 1940 came in response to the initiation of city bombing by Britain some months earlier. Few now accept this rudimentary fact, central to Britain’s role in initiating World War II ‘The exclusion of non-combatants from the scope of hostilities is the fundamental distinction between civilised and barbarous warfare.’


Defending Against the Allied Bombing Campaign: Air Raid Shelters and Gas Protection in Germany, 1939-1945, by Samuel Crowell 

[1945] Air Raid on Dresden Killed More Than 300,000

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[2007] Apocalypse 1945: the Destruction of Dresden by David Irving
The Fire: The Bombing of Germany, 1940-1945 by Jörg Friedrich
.  Combining meticulous research with striking descriptions, Jörg Friedrich renders in acute detail the Allies' air campaign of systematic destruction of civilian life, cultural treasures, and industrial capacities in Germany's city landscape. He includes personal stories and firsthand testimony of German civilians, creating a portrait of unimaginable suffering, horror, and grief. He also draws on official military documents to unravel the reasoning behind the Allies' strikes.
Inferno: The Devastation of Hamburg, 1943 By Keith Lowe.
[1960] The Night Hamburg Died by Martin Caidin.
[1968] Advance to Barbarism by F.J.P Veale

Bombs over Dresden by Franz Kurowski

[1987] The Night Tokyo Burned: The Incendiary Campaign Against Japan by Hoito Edoin

Left: USHMM replica displayed as "gas chamber" door.
Right: German ad for bomb shelter doors.  (source)