Don Harkins (1963-2009)

[Looks like an Assassination, see: [2010 Oct EW] Steven J. Smith Murdered?]


August 2010 Emails Between True Ott, Sherri Kane, & Len Horowitz That Got the War Started (June 12, 2011) It was Don Nicoloff who told Ingri Cassel that he was told by General Jeremiah that a weaponized satellite had been beaming high intensity, ionizing radiation at Don Harkins (who lived in a remote, rural location) for many months prior to his death and that it was this high intensity radiation that played the biggest role in the rapid advancement of Don Harkins cancer which led to his death.

[2003] The Allied Holocaust At Dresden By Don Harkins

Slavery and the eight veils by Don Harkins

The passing of our activistic American: Don Harkins, September 19, 2009 by Ingri Cassel-Harkins Yes, the technology is there for focusing a radiation beam on anyone who is effective in halting the plans of those seeking to rule the planet.

Don Harkins