Radiation assassination
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[Popular method is radiation beam from something like stealth aircraft.  Orgonite will protect against beam weapons and radiation.]

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Cook, Robin
Kilde, Dr. Rauni
Steven J. Smith
Don Harkins
Smith, John,
Warwick, Dean
Willner, M.D.?

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde dead, probably murdered

[2012 June] Disable the purveyors: Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?

[2010 Oct EW] Steven J. Smith Murdered? He passed away in the most painful way possible. It was drawn out over a five day period, rapid pressizuration and depressurization which resulted in what can be described as the bends. The attack commenced on October 3rd and continued until his expiration on October 8th. They stopped microwaving him on October 2nd, then recommenced microwaves after starting the new remote torture (RT) on October 3rd. Symptoms included involuntary hiccuping, ear popping, nausea, inability of internal organs to adjust, and possibly air bubbles in the blood stream. As was his way to not ask for help, he did not until October 6th. I think the NSA psychic that was used in the targeting process was killed by the handlers, resulting in Steve's death.

Radioactive plates were slipped into his (Hitler) mattress (1950), as per the British, and he died of stomach cancer some 6 weeks later. Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett p.355

The passing of our activistic American: Don Harkins, September 19, 2009 by Ingri Cassel-Harkins Yes, the technology is there for focusing a radiation beam on anyone who is effective in halting the plans of those seeking to rule the planet.

August 2010 Emails Between True Ott, Sherri Kane, & Len Horowitz That Got the War Started (June 12, 2011) It was Don Nicoloff who told Ingri Cassel that he was told by General Jeremiah that a weaponized satellite had been beaming high intensity, ionizing radiation at Don Harkins (who lived in a remote, rural location) for many months prior to his death and that it was this high intensity radiation that played the biggest role in the rapid advancement of Don Harkins cancer which led to his death.

Remember when DB reported that the feds had put a lump of radioactive material in his water meter? In those days we were still working together and when we visited him a couple months later he was still under the gun in that very bizarre neighborhood in LA. Right before we got there he was nearly killed by some sort of beam weapon from above and he showed us the circle of yellow, dead grass around where he was standing at the moment. I didn't doubt his story and he was obviously still very sick but when they hit Carol with a similar beam, a couple of months later in Idaho, we saw the same grass effect the next day in that spot. Carol wasn't affected, probably because she was wearing her orgonite pendant near her heart. DB didn't have any orgonite on him but maybe the orgonite in the yard, nearby, prevented his murder. --[EW 2009 Oct]  Another Murder Attempt on Carol