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[The Chief Scientist (like the Chief medical Officer) is just the official mouthpiece for the Corporate agenda, the Voice of Sauron, in effect.  The first lie is the between 50 and 100 measles deaths, similar to Paul Offit claim of 3,000 in the USA.  You would have thought they could consult before they lie.  Measles vax never had any effect on measles deaths as they had declined by 99.4% (See: Measles deaths totals 1901 to vaccination) before vaccination, and if you follow the decline graph down to now it would be, what we have now, 1-2 a year.  And true to his function as an Allopathic mouthpiece he spouts this lie: "There is not one jot of evidence supporting the notion that homeopathic medicines are of any assistance whatsoever."  If any more evidence was needed he then talks up GM foods which are just a covert attempt to screw up the food chain (and don't even do what they claim to do) brought to us by a well know poisoning (eg Agent Orange, Aspartame, highly toxic Milk) corporate psychopath called Monsanto. (See: Human genocide), while throwing in another 2 lies which are the standard lying reasons for GM Foods: allow humanity to feed itself despite changes to the climate. (see: Global Warming Lie), the food shortage one Paul A. Stitt exposed when he was working for a food giant and found how to produce cheap protein out of natural gas, and promptly got the sack!]

[Dec 2007] Chief scientist attacks health reporting by Today and Daily Mail