Tijudar Rudolph
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 [Tijudar Rudolph] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

A former German Security Service member, fluent in five languages including Yiddish and Polish, Rudolph was involved with organizing Red Cross inspection tours of Auschwitz and other camps during the war. He wrote numerous Revisionist articles. He accompanied Fred Leuchter as translator to Auschwitz and Maidanek in 1988. He was charged and convicted for publishing a newsletter disputing the "Six Million" story. Tijudar Rudolph

Rudolph did not believe that there was an extermination of Jews in Auschwitz Birkenau. He said: "...Germany had to fight a terrible fight against Bolshevism. They didn't fight against Jews. But the Jews did declare war on Germany in 1933 and so it has been known that they are enemies of Germany. They had to be kept close in any camp and this was done. It wasn't an extermination. I never have seen any Jews gassed. It's absolutely lie." (25-6658)
    During the war, Rudolph never saw or heard anything that gave any indication there was any extermination in progress of the Jews of Europe. It was only after the war that he heard this allegation, and not by the Germans, but by the Jews themselves, such as Reitlinger and Hilberg. There were now legions of books and writers; Rudolph believed none of them. (25-6667) [Tijudar Rudolph] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988

Rudolph told Zündel that to cremate anyone took two hours. Thus, to cremate 6 million people in 16 ovens working 12 hours a day would take 171 years. No crematory could work 24 hours a day for even three months. After three months they would collapse because of the internal temperature of 1,200 degrees Celsius required to burn the human body. Rudolph told Zündel that the extermination allegation was technically impossible. At first, Zündel was skeptical. He attempted to find out if Rudolph had made any errors but there were none.  [Tijudar Rudolph] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988