Fashion and occult symbolism
Fashion  Luciferian symbology

Satanic horn hand sign
All seeing eye symbol
All seeing eye signs (people)

666 hand sign

'The last model always on a fashion show is representing a highly occult symbolism.'---Stepford wives

This disturbing pic (is this still fashion) portrays the total control of handlers on the slaves. They even hide the slave's distress behind a forced (programmed) smile. Symbolic Pics of the Month (02/12)

Satanic horn hand sign  [Satanic Hand sign  Satanic hand sign (music)]

Ana Buljevic

Richardson, Terry

Freja Beha Erichsen

Hilton, Paris  

Ivy Silberstein & Mele Mel

Wasson, Erin

All seeing eye symbol  [All seeing eye symbol]

This fashion shoot entitled "Kim & Luisa" by photographer Pierre Dal Corso appears to be heavily influenced by mind control imagery. In this pic, the model's face is painted white to match the mask she is holding. Masks are classic symbols of mind control that represent the MK slave's alter persona (masks are also used in actual mind control programming). The mask also hides one eye, another important symbol of mind control.

Daphne Guiness

Ana Buljevic

Campbell, Naomi


All seeing eye signs (people) [All seeing eye (people)]

Masha Novoselova, Vogue Germany, February 2009

Chrissie Chau

So Hee (Model )

Jord, Adel


Masha Novoselova

Pejic, Andrej

ristiano Ronaldo

Time covers

Cover of a Croatian magazine.






Alek Wek, Internation Sudanese model

Zoe Saldana

666 hand sign [666 hand sign]

Cover of a Croatian magazine.

Banks, Tyra

Dolce& Gabanna Ad  All seeing eye with hand (people)

Luna, Donyale (1945-1979)