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[First thing to find out about a house is what the occupants die of and at what age, and if you already live there then get a dowser in to check it for Geopathic stress.  Gustav Freiherr von Pohl  proved cancer was caused by lines when he tested a small South German town, Vilsbiburg, between 13 December 1928 and 19 January 1929.  Another German Kathe Bachler, then wrote the best book, 'Earth Radiation'. She dowsed 3,000 apartments in 14 countries and interviewed 11,000 people. She concluded that 95% of the ‘problem’ children she investigated slept in beds or worked at desks that were placed at harmful sites. She also checked a sample of 500 cancer cases; everyone was found to be sleeping over harmful earth radiation.  It is not something the Government is going to tell you about, or Orthodox (eg. Allopathic science), as both are in league in doing their very best to kill  (State Genocide Allopathic Genocide BIG PHARMA'S KILL CHART) and poison (State Abuse)  the population, for profit.]

Geopathic Stress Documentary (Documentary)

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