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Ever wondered why the NHS is bust?

[Big Pharma is Psychopathic, Satanic, Corporate, Government (Authoritarian, crypto-Fascist, pseudo-Democratic, Genocidal, Murdering, Mass poisoning, Terrorising, Robbing, Lying) pseudo-medicine, and it shows!!!]

"The biological, psychological, moral and economic destruction of the majority of normal people becomes, for the pathocrats, a biological necessity." ~ Dr Andrew Łobaczewski

Unnecessary Disease & procedures (USA) Deaths caused (yearly USA)
AIDS-HIV racket HIV never isolated, invented to kill people with drugs such as AZT (600,000 deaths), with Fear, & Infectious scare benefits.              13,712 (yearly)
Vaccine (and Birth trauma) derived autism spectrum disorder (1 in 68, 2014, cost $236-262 billion)                   3.5 million  
Asthma, mostly vaccine (and drug) derived , 1 in 12 (cost $56 billion)                 25 million  
Estimated vaccine Deaths              16,000  (yearly)
Gardasil vaccine VAERS reports (only 1-3% reported)                  40,000 inc 230 deaths  
Estimated vaccine side effects based on VAERS (only 1-3% reported) VACCINATION IS CHILD ABUSE                    1-2 million (yearly)  
Eczema, mostly vaccine (and drug) derived                  36 million  
Chemotherapy/cancer deaths (cost $150 billion). Big Brother causes (e.g. Fluoride, etc) and suppresses all the cures.            500,000  (yearly)
Alzheimer’s. Big Brother causes (7,8) and suppresses the cures (9 10 11 12). Cost: $226 billion in 2015.                  5.3 million             84,767  (yearly)
Heart disease. Cures suppressed (13, 14) with toxic heart drugs promoted like Statins & Vioxx (120,000 deaths)            610,000  (yearly)
In hospital, adverse drug reactions (1)                 2.2 million (yearly)  
Unnecessary hospitalisations (1) (Antibiotics cause 700,000 emergency room visits per year, just in the US. 6)                 8.9 million (yearly)  
Unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions (1)                20 million (yearly)  
Unnecessary medical and Surgery procedures (inc Gallbladder: 700,000; Heart Bypass: 300,000; Angioplasties: 419,000 (1995), Hysterectomy: 640,000 (2001); Caesarean section: 1 million; Circumcision: 1 million)                 7.5 million (yearly)  
Psychiatry About 4,000 families in the US have children born with major birth defects each year because of antidepressants taken in pregnancy (Drugs in pregnancy). Up to 20,000 women per year have a miscarriage because of these drugs.
Antidepressants/Benzodiazepines/antipsychotics kill 539,000 annually in USA & Europe. (
               6 million addicts

            140,000 on methadone (UK)

  200,000+ (Psychiatric deaths USA) (3)
Eli Lilly killed 200,000 people with Zyprexa (4)                        200,000 deaths
Benzodiazepine babies                 4-6 million  
Children on psychiatric drugs 0-17 years (inc: 0-1 years 274,804, 2-3 years: 370,778; 4-5: years 500, 948; 6-12 years: 4,130,340; 13-17 years: 3,617,593) (5)                 8,894,463  
Psychiatry induced Tardive dyskinesia (TD)                  1 million  
Children and teenagers that have ended up “bipolar” after being treated with a stimulant or an antidepressant (2)                  1 million  
Diseases/deaths eliminated or prevented by Big Brother pseudo-medicine Vaccination                    NONE  
Iatrogenic deaths (Inc: Adverse drug reaction & Medical error: 420,000; Bedsores: 115,000; Infection: 88,000; Malnutrition: 108,000; Outpatients: 199,000; Unnecessary procedures: 37,136; Surgery related: 32,000) (1)        999,936 (cost $468 billion) (1)
Diseases cured by Big Brother medicine (aka Allopathy, Drug medicine, Psychiatry, Big Pharma, Western, Orthodox, Modern, Scientific, Contemporary, Traditional, Conventional, 'Evidence/Science based medicine) Bacterial infections, at a cost e.g. Meningitis, asthma, leukemia, gut disease, permanent brain damage...    TOTAL DEATHS (Allopathy)
        2,325,415 (yearly)
Diseases cured by non-Big Brother medicine (Alternative Medicine), e.g. Homeopathy, Naturopathic Herbalism, Chiropractic, Nutritional Medicine, Electronic Medicine, Oxygen Therapy, Urine therapy, Cannabis etc All diseases cured: Alzheimer's, Cancer, Heart Disease, Infections (Meningitis, Polio, Measles, Hepatitis), Arthritis, AIDS.. Cot-death prevented. DEATHS (Alternative Medicine)

True medicine doesn't kill or maim
Vivisection hasn't got any useful drug on the market, and all useful drugs have been invented already.
"Animal studies are done for legal reasons and not for scientific reasons."--Dr JD Gallagher, Director of Medical Research, Lederle Laboritories, 1964.  Animal abuse is Satanic.

300 million (yearly 1994)

Cot-death & Vitamin C                 300,000 (Total, bare minimum)
Sepsis (Vitamin C)  

300,000 USA 1

SUPPORT suffocation experiment                 150,000 babies (Total)

[2015] Death by Medicine (Film)

''All of the barriers that are meant to protect our children–the government, the lawyers, the regulatory agencies, and the press, the checks and balances in our democratic system that are supposed to stand between corporate power and our little children–have been removed, and there’s only one barrier left, and that’s the parents, and we need to keep that in the equation.''- Robert F Kennedy

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[2013 Feb] 50 Signs That The U.S. Health Care System Is A Gigantic Money Making Scam

Henry See


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