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[vid] Ray Hagins: The illegitimacy of a people called JEWS

Hervé Ryssen

Judaism: A Threat to Humanity

Top 10 facts that you didn’t know about Jews

[2017 Feb] Former Israeli chief rabbi gets 4.5 years in prison for graft

[2016] ‘Kill Palestinians to get closer to God,’ Israeli rabbi says

[2010] How To Kill Goyim And Influence People: Leading Israeli Rabbis Defend Manual for For Killing Non-Jews

[2016 July] New IDF Chief Rabbi Says Soldiers Can Rape Arab Women To Boost Morale

[2016 June] Rabbi Lerner – Master of Compassion or Master of Deceit?   “American Jews played an important role with African-American struggles,” the Rabbi insisted. This is certainly the case but, of course, Jews also played an important role in the African slave trade. The Rabbi missed a great opportunity to express sincere regret about that unfortunate fact.  And when the Rabbi said: “we today stand in solidarity with the Islamic community in the country and all around the world,” he was simply insincere. The truth is to the contrary. Leading Jewish American institutions and lobbies have been at the forefront of advocacy of the war against Arabs, Muslims and Islam.    Rabbi Lerner claims that he and his Tikun organisation “have called upon the United States Government to stand up for the Palestinian Government.”  In fact, the Rabbi and his Tikun organisation do not support the most elementary of Palestinian rights such as the Right Of Return.
    The Rabbi claims that as a Jew he realises that “God has created everyone in God’s image and that everyone is equally precious.” Seemingly the Rabbi is confused. The religion Lerner describes is not Judaism that is tribal, exclusive and exceptionalist but Christianity that is universal and inclusive. In Judaism, Jews are chosen (what ever that means). The followers of the Judaic religion have invented a God who chooses them over all other people. This fact may explain why Rabbi Lerner doesn’t support a universal right of return in Palestine. His offering to the Palestinians is very limited. He effectively denies the Palestinian cause.

[2012] Jews more than twice as likely to be gay, as likely to be lesbian  Well, who knows what the source of the difference is, but there it is -- 1 out of 10 Jewish urban-dwellers with at least some college education are gay. Among their Christian counterparts, it's 1 in 25. 

[2013] The Child-Rape Assembly Line  “This boy was speared on the man like an animal, like a pig, and the boy was saying nothing. But on his face—fear. The old man [looked at me] without any fear, as if this was common practice. He didn’t stop. I was so angry, I confronted him. He removed the boy from his penis, and I took the boy aside. I told this man, ‘It’s a sin before God, a mishkovzucher. What are you doing to this boy’s soul? You’re destroying this boy!’ He had a sponge on a stick to clean his back, and he hit me across the face with it. ‘How dare you interrupt me!’ he said. I had heard of these things for a long time, but now I had seen.”




[2014] A notable American Rabbi says all Muslims are criminals, and calls for a global genocide against them.

[2013 Feb] Cabala - How Sex Became our Religion by Henry Makow  Ph.D.    Most Jews have hardly heard of the Talmud and Cabala, let alone read or understand them.  They don't know that Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. The same applies to dupes known as Christian Zionists.

[2013 Jan] Confessions of a Luciferian Jew  I'm not interested in the distinctions between Luciferian and Satanist. Until the age of roughly 50, I was another mass-produced Luciferian Jew --Zionist, liberal, socialist and feminist.

[2013 Jan] Werner Sombart on the Jewish Character

The Chosenites-Stop Everything and Watch This Horrid Expose

[2012] Is Lucifer the God of Judaism?

[2012 May] Do Jews Suffer from a False Identity? by Henry Makow Ph.D.  Judaism is not a religion. At best, it is a racial credo, designed to maintain racial cohesion, in this case the Khazar bloodlines.

Luciferian Report by Jim Stone

JUDAISM The Pharisees by Edith Starr Miller

[2012 March] How Illuminati Jews Recruit & Network by Henry Makow Ph.D

[2012 Jan] A tale of two protests by Jim Stone it ended up being the melodies they were using to sing their pro-war rants against Syria. THE MELODIES WERE THE ONES SANG ON THE SABBATH AT THE JEWISH SYNAGOGUES. And the guy with the bullhorn? He was leading chants with the same melodies used for marching cadences in the US military! So it was a tradeoff between American military cadence melodies and what was sung at the synagogues. I knew for certain it had to be a psy op, Islamic countries do not chant melodies at protests for one, and Muslims don't know what the Jews sing in their synagogues. It was creepy. So I took a few photos.....The anti war rally was documented with cell phones and people like me, walking around with semi-pro SLR's, while the phony rally got the big television cameras and enormous lenses.

[2012 Jan] Edith Starr Miller - Murdered for Exposing Conspiracy   According to Miller,  Pharisee Judaism is not a religion at all, but a secret society posing as a religion, a "sect with Judaism as a rite." She cites Moses Mendelssohn who wrote "Judaism is not a religion but a Law religionized."

[2012 Jan] An introduction to my experience with the Jewish Community  I discovered that there was a special prayer book that came out, a book which NO OUTSIDER is allowed to see. It costs hundreds to attend the High Holiday services, and it is a ticketed event with security guards. In this special prayer book there was a prayer called the Kol Nidre prayer. This prayer is FILTHY. It's like an oath to Satan himself, where you basically say to God that you intend to lie and not honor contracts during this year, that you should be forgiven for lying and not honoring contracts in the last year, because you never agreed to be honest in front of God and therefore cannot be punished!. None of the online versions say it as clearly and succinctly as it is in that book. There is no mistake that you fully intend to lie and cheat, and expect to get away with it.

[vid] PETA video against Kapparot ritual  Every year, devout Jews around the world engage in an age-old ritual called kapparot, in which an individual swings a chicken over his head imbuing it with his sins. The chicken is then slaughtered and its meat donated to a local food charity. In this video, the animal rights activist group PETA documents abuses inconsistent with Jewish ethical laws in an attempt to convince the Jewish public that the ritual should no longer be practiced -- especially considering that Jewish law permits that money be used (and donated) as a substitute for a live animal.

[2011 Oct] Portrait of Zio Christian, Joel Rosenberg by John Hubbard   Joel Rosenberg takes all attention away from the Zionist predators and destroyers of Christian western civilization, and puts all responsibility for our decline ..... on God!

[2011 Aug] Illuminati Use Cancer to Hold us Hostage by Stephen Coleman  Many Jewish MDs were helping their Jewish clients with NGM. However, they continued to use the dangerous and practically useless modern therapies on their goy clients.   Dr. Hamer protested this hypocrisy.  This is why the Jewish community labels him as an anti-semite. 


The Vexing 'Jewish Question': A Nineteenth-Century Scholar's View By Goldwin Smith

[2010] Homosexuality & Demonic Possession  Through the doctor, I met an old clairvoyant, who delivered the terrifying following diagnosis: the homosexual relationship had put me in contact with a demonic entity.  He described it very precisely, "something" hanging on my back, from the neck to the tailbone, red and black.  This man who was supposed to have powers and to be able help people with occult problems nearly fainted as he tried to get rid of it. He was really upset and fell on one chair. When he recovered, he was totally pale. It was indeed a real possession

Magical Signs of the Jewish Cabala —The Six-Pointed Star, Babylonian Witchcraft, and the Hollywood Perdition of Jerry Seinfeld and Associates   Masonry's Jewish Roots

[2009] Book about killing gentile children becomes bestseller in Israel

[2009] An Interview By Brother Nathanael Kapner With Michael A Hoffman

[2011 April] Multiculturalism: The Agenda of Organized Jewry

[2007] JUDAISM’S STRANGE GODS Interview With Michael A Hoffman,


[2006/7] So Many Rules, So Little Protection, Sex & Suppression Among Ultra Orthodox Jews By Hella Winston

[2007] Argentine Jewry's dark secret

[2005] Italian, Russian Police Break Up Child Snuff Porn Ring  Three Russian Jews and eight Italian Jews were arrested after police discovered they had been kidnapping non-Jewish children between the ages of two and five years from Russian orphanages, raping the children, and then murdering them on film. Mostly non-Jewish customers, including 1,700 nationwide, 600 in Italy, and an unknown number in the United States, paid as much as $20,000 per film to watch little children being raped and murdered.

[2003] The FBI, America’s Napoleonic Sanhedrin By Salvador Astucia

[1999] THE TRUTH ABOUT  THE TALMUD A Documented Exposé of Jewish racist Hate Literature by Michael A. Hoffman II and Alan R. Critchley

A Jewish Defector Warns America: Benjamin Freedman Speaks by Benjamin H. Freedman
[2004] The Protocols of Zion Updated By Henry Makow Ph.D.

[1976] The Hidden Tyranny: The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview  "Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer."

Someone once said that if you ask a person for an explanation and it becomes very confusing it means they do not know themselves or they are hiding the truth. When asking someone in India teaching through Hinduism or someone in Judaism teaching Kabbalah how to increase union with the Most High you are buried in thousand page Gitas with confusing Sanskrit words or mile long scrolls of Rabbis with nothing better to do than take one passage from the Talmud and make a thousand page explanation.
    Truly do you believe it is that hard to enhance the spirit? Of course not, these people are placed in the way to make the journey lengthy and hard. As I said above many have not obtained what they originally sought, which was freedom.  Now they are enslaved by the religion and their subconscious wishes to have company in their misery......I do not believe in any religion, organized or otherwise. All religions, no matter what they are, are forms of group mind-control designed to manipulate large masses of people to stop thinking for themselves. I do believe in The Most High. It has no religion.---James Evans Bomær III

[2004] The Roots of Evil in Jerusalem

Stalin's Jews. We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish

[1983] THE SECRET HOLOCAUST By Eustace Mullins