Sarah Vine

Letter to Sarah Vine




Reply to SARAH VINE: How some aristocrats bring out the Corbyn streak in me


It's not the upper class that's the problem in this country it's the POLITICAL class like Cameron and your husband who are Zionist  cheerleaders for killing Iraqis, Afghanis and Syrians, 1 million body count at a conservative (haha) estimate, plus god knows how many refugees, all thanks to his POLITICAL class bombings of women and children, for Israel, the Zionists state, the state that did 911   so they could murder and plunder Iraq and Afghanistan, and now Syria, not forgetting our state funded Kagame with 1 million Rwanda body count and 10 million Congo body count to his name


Every war (and false flag)  going back to at least 1900 can be traced to the Zionists, especially WW2


Funding of Hitler/Nazis 

Nazi-Zionist co-operation


and it easy to prove the Zionists run the world just with their, laughably easy to demolish,  GAS CHAMBERS HOAX


and Allied (Zionist) War Crimes (WWII) are not pretty, starving to death 9 million Germans, mostly civilians, after setting them up with a war through their agent Hitler.

aided by Zionist agents such as Churchill


and it's the POLITICAL class who rob us blind, something like 85 billion through tax evasion, and then have the psychopathic brass neck to then blame, rob and murder the poor by cutting benefits, which is peanuts in comparison.


Then we spend something like 45 billion on defence and wars when we have no fucking enemies!  Just so the Zionist psychopaths can keep their arms, war, and heroin racket going in Afghanistan.


Then we have the daylight robbery by the drug corporations through their medical monopoly.


At a rough guess 500 million is spent on vaccines every year, a 'medicine' that not only is WELL PROVEN INEFFECTIVE AND DANGEROUS , and costs the NHS 32 billion a year treating just ONE  vaccine derived condition-- autism, ,  and 1 billion of vaccine & drug derived asthma.  


So a a rough estimate is 50-100 billion is wasted on robbery by the drug corporations, and treating drug induced diseases, while they suppress cheap medicine that would cure all disease, such as Nutritional Medicine  and Naturopathic Herbalism


add it all up, and the POLITICAL CLASS  rob us of maybe 200 billion every year before you add in all the bank robberies, and MURDER millions, in a good year, abroad, and a few hundred thousand at home with drugs such as chemo and by suppressing all the disease cures, such as for cancer and Alzheimers


Which kind of puts the crimes of the 'aristocrats' like Lord Bath and Earl Spencer into perspective, don't you think?, and at least Lord Bath contributes to the gaiety of the nation (not to mention funding an army of columnists through his antics), and Earl Spencer's sister when she was alive.


As to the Queen, are you kidding?  A more sadder set of pseudo-Royals it would be harder to imagine outside of Game of Thrones.  And WE ALL KNOW, and that INCLUDES THE ROYAL FAMILY, Diana (and Kelly) was murdered by MI6 and other assorted spooks with the cooperation of the police and the medical profession.  And who heads up MI6?  'Prince' Philip.


And who signs off all the wars, and, so I believe, has handed over fiscal authority to Europe, that is illegal unless defeated in war?  The Queen.


I don't know how long columnists such as yourself can carry on writing such bollocks and providing cover for the satanic, psychopathic, genocidal, robbing, Political Class Zionists, but let's hope it's not much longer.


As Zappa said "Politics is the entertainment division of the Military Industrial Complex.'  It's also the entertainment division of the Medical Industrial Complex. 


The idea we have a 'democracy' is laughable.  It's a PATHOCRACY or FASCISM, and you have to be dead or asleep to not notice.