Propaganda articles (medical)

[Some classics from Allopathy Inc.]

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The Wakefield Greek Chorus
Swine flu panic 2009

[2013 Feb] As the Chief Medical Officer says the NHS shouldn't waste money on it, a fellow sceptic says... Cheers! Why you're far better off with a stiff G&T than homeopathy

[2013 Jan] Sorry, but there's no such thing as a diet that cures cancer

[2010 Feb] MMR & THE GMC Wakefield verdict by Dr Hammond

[2009] MMR vaccine: The jab that kids need to have this autumn By Miriam Stoppard

[Feb 2008] How royalty and junk science made quackery credible

[Nov 2008] We're lucky to live in an age of medical miracles. What we desperately need now is a health care service to match

[May 2007] Homeopathy is worse than witchcraft--and the NHS must stop paying for it. 

[April 2007] Don't panic about HRT

[The Times May 23, 2006] NHS told to abandon alternative medicine

[Media cancer disinfo Nov 2006] This vile and cynical exploitation

[Media July 9, 2004] Cancer expert warns Charles against backing alternative therapies