Aspirin  (Empirin, Ecotrin, Genuine Bayer, Halfprin)

"Doublethink" - a term coined by George Orwell in 1984 and a reference to holding two contradictory ideas in one's mind simultaneously, paralyzing critical thought.

[Avoid Pharma drugs.  Often sold on the premise it is used in herbal medicine, although can't find any evidence master herbalist Dr Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.  uses it, the heart herbs are cayenne, garlic, hawthorn. Notice how one year it does you good, the next it does you harm.  How the media does your head in.]

See NSAIDs:    Diclofenac  Ibuprofen

Bayer and Death: 1918 and Aspirin

The Drug Story by Morris Beale.

[2013] How popping aspirin can give you asthma for life - and why life-threatening allergies to antibiotics and general anaesthetics are on the rise

[2012 Sept] Painkillers 'are the cause' of millions of headaches

[2010 Nov] Painkillers in pregnancy linked to male reproductive disorders: study   Use of mild painkillers such as acetaminophen, aspirin and ibuprofen during pregnancy may partly account for a sharp increase in male reproductive disorders in recent decades, according to a study published on Monday.

Aspirin Misuse May Have Made 1918 Flu Pandemic Worse

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Reye's syndrome and aspirin: lest we forget

[2011 Oct] How to Make People Believe Any Anti-Vitamin Scare: It Just Takes Lots of Pharmaceutical Industry Cash by Andrew W. Saul Here's something you may have not seen. Research has shown that women who take just one aspirin a day, "which millions do to prevent heart attack and stroke as well as to treat headaches - may raise their risk of getting deadly pancreatic cancer. . . . Pancreatic cancer affects only 31,000 Americans a year, but it kills virtually all its victims within three years. The study of 88,000 nurses found that those who took two or more aspirins a week for 20 years or more had a 58 percent higher risk of pancreatic cancer." (7) Women who took two or more aspirin tablets per day had an alarming 86 percent greater risk of pancreatic cancer. Study author Dr. Eva Schernhammer of Harvard Medical School was quoted as saying: "Apart from smoking, this is one of the few risk factors that have been identified for pancreatic cancer. Initially we expected that aspirin would protect against pancreatic cancer."

"The media's goal is to 'promote both sides of the issue until confusion reigns' and the individual throws up his hands in exasperation concluding that is impossible to know what is truth." ~  Dr. Day

Media [Good-Bad ploy]
[2014 Good] A daily aspirin may help beat bowel cancer: Patients who take painkiller were 50% less at risk from dying of the disease

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[2000 Bad] Aspirin danger for teenagers

By the early 1980s, for instance, studies had shown that children who took aspirin when they had a viral infection such as chickenpox were at greater risk of developing Reye's syndrome..... Desperate to protect their market, aspirin makers claimed the science was flawed, called for more research (a constant refrain), and ran public-service announcements assuring parents, "We do know that no medication has been proven to cause Reye's." The campaign delayed by years the requirement that aspirin carry a warning label about children and Reye's. In the interim, thousands of kids developed Reye's. Hundreds died. Review: Doubt is Their Product: How Industry's Assault on Science Threatens Your Health by David Michaels

Spanish Flu
“Three hundred and fifty cases and lost one, a neglected pneumonia that came to me after she had taken one hundred grains of aspirin in twenty-four hours. ~Cora Smith King, MD, Washington, DC

“I had a package handed to me containing 1,000 aspirin tablets, which was 994 too many. I think I gave about a half dozen. I could find no place for it. My remedies were few. I almost invariably gave Gelsemium and Bryonia. I hardly ever lost a case if I got there first, unless the patient had been sent to a drug store and bought aspirin, in which event I was likely to have a case of pneumonia on my hands. ~J. P. Huff, MD, Olive Branch, Kentucky

One physician in a Pittsburgh hospital asked a nurse if she knew anything better than what he was doing, because he was losing many cases. ‘Yes, Doctor, stop aspirin and go down to a homeopathic pharmacy, and get homeopathic remedies.’ The Doctor replied: ‘But that is homeopathy.’ ‘I know it, but the homeopathic doctors for whom I have nursed have not lost a single case.’ ~W. F. Edmundson, MD, Pittsburgh

There is one drug which directly or indirectly was the cause of the loss of more lives than was influenza itself. You all know that drug. It claims to be salicylic acid. Aspirin’s history has been printed. Today you don’t know what the sedative action of salicylic acid is. It did harm in two ways. It’s indirect action came through the fact that aspirin was taken until prostration resulted and the patient developed pneumonia.” ~Frank L. Newton, MD, Somerville, Massachusetts

Aspirin and the other coal tar products are condemned as causing great numbers of unnecessary deaths. The omnipresent aspirin is the most pernicious drug of all. It beguiles by its quick action of relief of pain, a relief which is but meretricious. In several cases aspirin weakened the heart, depressed the vital forces, increased the mortality in mild cases and made convalescence slower. In all cases it masks the symptoms and renders immeasurably more difficult the selection of the curative remedy. Apparently aspirin bears no curative relation to any disease and it ought to be prohibited.” ~Guy Beckly Stearns, MD, New York

The disease could be well controlled by the remedies mentioned above (Extremities, pains, during fever  - this rubric was one of the guides to the remedies), unless the patient had taken Aspirin. Then it could get difficult or nearly impossible to treat the patient homoeopathically.  J. Winston quotes from an article entitled "Homoeopathy In Influenza - A Chorus Of Fifty In Harmony" by W. A. Dewey, MD