Susan Atkins
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Manson, Charle

One young woman who
Anton LaVey  recruited to perform topless in The Witch’s Review was a sexy drifter named Susan Atkins. Atkins played the role of a seductive vampireress who emerged topless from a coffin and would point her index finger, which had a long red painted fingernail, at the leering audience. She would hiss and symbolically beckon for the blood of the trench coat-wearing customers who paid their admission to The Black Pope’s religious ceremony. Her stage act strangely presaged her later criminal activities. (27) Susan Atkins became a household name in 1969 after viciously murdering the pregnant actress Sharon Tate by stabbing her in the stomach. Susan then compulsively licked the blood of the popular star off of her own fingers. In a sense, she took her vampire role to heart. After breaking with LaVey, Atkins joined up with The Family -- Charles Manson’s motley crew of Devil worshipers. Susan Atkins was present at all three sets of murders ordered by Charles Manson at the Hinman, Tate, and Labianca homes..... [2006] Satanic Crime. A Threat in the New Millennium by William H. Kennedy