"Other MKULTRA subprojects dealt with ways to maximize stress on whole societies."----- John Marks
'76% were born and raised in the United States – although the U.S. makes up only 3% of the world’s population'. --- Michael Goodspeed

[Created through Monarch mind control, to cause fear, provide victims1, and a smokescreen for satanic killings, although some look to be faked (Manson) like most recent false flags (Sandy Hook, Boston).  The terms Paranoid schizophrenia & False Memory Syndrome are used to hide these mind control victims.  The worst serial killers run the world, top of the still alive list being Kissinger with 6 million+ deaths to his name.  Allopathy Inc tops the list of serial killers outside wars and famine, see: Death by Allopathy]

See: Paranoid schizophrenia  Pedophilism   Medical Cartel, Iatrogenic deaths, Big Brother, Shadow government groups and players, Kissinger


The Franklin Cover-up
The Serial Killer Myth! by Jim Cairns
Thoughts (influence/control)
Lone nuts

 The Night Stalker Victims.

[2003 France] Mayor's 'affair' with serial killer
[2002] Toulouse officials ordered murder, says serial killer

[2000] Cereal Murder and the Group Mind. Joan d'Arc Interviews Michael Hoffman

The Scapegoating of Ted Kaczynski: Cereal Murder and the Group Mind ---Joan d'Arc Interviews Michael Hoffman, II

Masonic Ritual Murders AKA Jack the Ripper by Uri Dowbenko

Article on Canadian Serial-Killing Case Triggers Investigation
US media run pre-trial info banned by Canada

Serial killers
Atkins, Susan
Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole
Berkowitz, David
Dahmer, Jeffrey
Marc Dutroux
Kaczynski, Ted
Manson, Charle
West, Fred
Jack the Ripper
Peter Sutcliffe
Aileen Wuornos

Satanic killers
Atkins, Susan
Berkowitz, David
Ricky Kasso
Henry Lee Lucas
Manson, Charles
Richard Ramirez
Rodrigo Orias
Varg Vikernes

Programmed to Kill--David McGovern
[2006] Satanic Crime. A Threat in the New Millennium by William H. Kennedy

NEWSLETTER #72   March 2, 2005 He Coulda' Been A Contender! Plus A Brief Look at the Arrest of the Alleged 'BTK" Killer

[Monique Olivier And Michel Fourniret] France's Most Heinous Serial Killers Ever