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[The 'Father of Virology' the Viral Fear RacketMilitary man (Rear Admiral, no less) and second Rockefeller man, after Kumm, controlling Polio vaccine 'research', at the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. In March 1922 he headed the infectious disease ward at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and became the institute's director in June 1937. After retiring in 1956, he remained active with the Rockefeller Foundation.  As chairman of committees on research and vaccine advisory for the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, he oversaw the clinical trials of Jonas Salk's vaccine. The National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis (NFIP) used the "March of Dimes," a major player within the Eugenics Establishment, to fund its polio research which lead to the Salk vaccine field trials in 1954.  He served in the armed forces medical corps during both World Wars. During the Second World War, Rivers led the Naval Medical Research Unit Two (NAMRU-2) in the South Pacific, rising to the rank of Rear Admiral. Below you can see him with infamous AMA President Morris Fishbein.]


See: Alexander Langmuir, MD


''Thomas Rivers infiltrated all the major Universities. He would ask them if they would accept a certain amount of money to establish a virus research center. They would of course say sure, if you're paying for it. Then he would hit them with a condition. All they had to do was agree to let him choose the scientist who would be in charge. This man was a genius. To bad he used his gift for evil instead of good.  And this is how the world was   bought and paid for 100 per cent by the power and money of the Rockefeller's by Thomas Rivers and friends. He bought all the Centrifuge Machines and Electron Microscopes for the Colleges. Then he staffed them with his paid stooges.''  O'Kelly



JOURNAL of the American Medical Association 105 no. 14 (Oct. 5, 1935) : 1089-1093

Page 5. We were able to render mice susceptible to the virus of poliomyelitis by subjecting them to repeated x-ray exposures and to transfer the infectious agent serially to normal mice. 
Page 7. They have shown that the exposure of mice to x-rays renders them susceptible to the infection and it may be that some such method will be developed by which virus will be available on a large scale. “
And from the book by those who committed the greatest fraud in medical history. “NEW INFORMATION FOR PHYSICIANS on the SALK POLIOMYELITIS VACCINE—edited by Hart E. Van Riper, M.D. National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis –Number 3 . June 1956.
This information comes from Thomas M. Rivers, M.D. see my website on this shyster.
“The administration of cortisone to test animals makes them more susceptible to poliomyelitis virus infection (and in fact to most other kinds of infection). “
And that is how the con-game works. They make an animal sick in the lab. They take the infection which they call virus and inject that into another animal. If the animal survives, they claim the poison infection that they injected is the reason for survival. And if the animal dies they blame the animal. 
This laboratory madness has NOTHING to do with the cause of NATURAL dis-ease. For the cause of natural dis-ease see my website. Read the pages by Dr. J. Tilden. The true cause of disease.
In 1935 Park and Brodie injected 12,000 kids with the same vaccine that Salk said he invented in 1954. 6 of those kids died. They at least had the sense to stop the madness. And Thomas M. Rivers was involved with that tragedy also.






See: Dr Kumm's (suspicious) conflict of interest  The National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis (NFIP) used the "The March Of Dimes" to fund its polio research which lead to the Salk vaccine field trials in 1954. The Director Of Polio Research was Dr. Henry Kumm.  According to the brief sketch in American Journal of Digestive Diseases, May 1953, Dr. Kumm was born in Wiesbaden, Germany. He came to the U.S. via Britain and became an American citizen in 1945. He had spent 23 years on the staff of the Rockefeller Foundation for Medical Research before joining the NFIP in July, 1951.  In May 1953, Dr. Kumm replaced Dr. Harry M. Weaver as Director Of Polio Research at NFIP.   During World War II he had served as civilian consultant to the Surgeon General of the U.S. Army in Italy, directing field studies for the use of DDT against malarial mosquitoes in the marshes near Rome and Naples.



Donald Gudakunst, Morris Fishbein, Basil O'Connor, and Thomas M. Rivers


Comdr. Thomas M. Rivers and Basil O’Connor, 1946; Courtesy of March of Dimes


Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research hospital staff

Description: Front Row, Left to Right: Donald D. Van Slyke, Alfred E. Cohn, Rufus Cole, Homer F. Swift, Thomas M. Rivers, and Oswald T. Avery.