Morris Fishbein

[Sociopath first head of the, mass murdering, AMA along with 'gaslighter,' Dr. George H. Simmons.  One of his many crimes was suppressing Hoxsey. Seen below with the inventor of the Viral Fear Racket, Thomas M. Rivers,]

[2001] The Other Drug War by Daniel Hayley

Chapter 2.  Quacks on Quackery

''Hoxsey then claimed that a high AMA official offered him a contract for the rights to the formulas. The alleged agreement assigned the property rights to a consortium of doctors including Dr. Morris Fishbein, the AMA chief and editor of the JAMA. Hoxsey himself would be required to cease any further practice, to be awarded a small percentage of profits after ten years if the treatment panned out. Invoking his Quaker father's deathbed charge that poor people be treated for free and that the treatment carry the family name, Hoxsey said the official threatened to hound him out of business unless he acquiesced.''  [2001] When Healing Becomes a Crime by Kenny Ausubel

''In 1840, the Hoxsey family observed that a horse which had been afflicted with cancer had been cured after eating certain herbs in its pasture in Illinois. Those herbs became the basis for the Hoxsey tonic and salves. They were kept for family use until the 20th century, when Harry Hoxsey used them at a series of clinics, the final one being in downtown Dallas. In the 1920s, Hoxsey refused to sell his formulas to a powerful AMA doctor. Shortly afterward, Dr. Morris Fishbein, editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and de facto head of the AMA, began to denounce Hoxsey as a quack in his JAMA editorials. The battle reached its zenith when Hoxsey succeeded in suing Fishbein for libel, forcing him to admit under oath that he had never practiced medicine one day in his life; in other words, the head of the AMA was a bogus doctor.
    During the trial, Fishbein granted that the Hoxsey treatment was effective for external cancers, such as the skin cancers melanoma and basal cell carcinoma. In 1962, the Hoxsey Clinic was finally driven out of the U.S. by the AMA and the Texas Medical Board, and moved to Tijuana, Mexico, where it remains as the Centro Biomedico. With consistent success, it needs only word of mouth to maintain a constant flow of patients.''  The Other Drug War by Daniel Hayley

[2016 UNDOCTORED (Movie)] Discover How the American Medical Association has Waged a War Against Chiropractic and the True Benefits They’re Trying to Hide

Morris Fishbein  Mussolini  Look alikes (and act alike)


Donald Gudakunst, Morris Fishbein, Basil O'Connor, and Thomas M. Rivers,