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[2007] Deconstructing Newsweek and the Gorilla Killings in Congo By Georgianne Nienaber with Keith Harmon Snow  The gorilla killings began when Wild Life Direct appeared on the scene early in 2007.

[2007 July] KING KONG: Extra, Extra: STOP the Mainstream Press! Gorillas “Executed” Stories front for Privatization and Militarization of Congo Parks, Truth of Depopulation Ignored By Keith Harmon Snow and Georgianne Nienaber  There have been at least ten mountain gorillas killed since this Wildlife Direct publicity photo was taken: indeed, the upsurge in gorilla killings is synonymous with Wildlife Direct’s arrival on the scene. It is obviously a failed policy to have mercenary rangers in Virunga Park. The current press releases plea for more money for suddenly under-equipped rangers. It seems likely that the gorilla killings are elemental to the public relations strategy—a few gorillas sacrificed for a walloping perception management coup against the Western public.