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World Without Cancer by Edward Griffin 
The End of Cancer by Edward Griffin 
The Good News on Cancer by Hourigan & Richards
ALIVE AND WELL by Philip E. Binzel, Jr., M.D.
Laetrile Case Histories by Richardson, John A.
Laetrile, Nutritional Control for Cancer with Vitamin B-17 by Glenn D. Kittler
Vitamin B-17--Forbidden Weapon against Cancer: The Fight for Laetrile by Culbert, Michael L.
The Laetriles--Nitrilosides--in the Prevention and Control of Cancer--Orignally published by the McNaughton Foundation, Reprinted by permission. This compilation includes the classic Monograph: The Unitarian, or Trophoblastic Thesis of Cancer: Order Code: LNCA:$14
Cancer, Metabolic Therapy, and Laetrile, by Douglas Heinsohn, It may be out of print. But write the author: Norton Creek Road, Rt.1, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738 Phone:(615-436-5477). This is an excellent resource book, as it gives information about each element in the program Heinsohn's wife used to control her cancer.
Cancer is Now Curable—Zoe Lenska (Laetrile)

The Cancer Industry---Ralph Moss PhD.
The Cancer Solution by Dr Willner ISBN 0964231603
The Death of Cancer by Dr Manner

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