Euphemisms (Name Calling)
Word Game  Rationalization

                                                                 "The beginning of wisdom is to call things by the right names."  Chinese Proverb

[It is "Adverse Event Following Vaccination" not vaccine injury. "Linked", "Reactivate a dormant" or "Activate a latent" "resulted in", etc instead of causeSee Infectious scares for numerous euphemisms for toxic air, or Vaccine attack.]

See: Terminology for a more up to date version (2007) 

See: Underlying conditions Diagnosis  TerminologyShaken Baby SyndromeCot-Death--SIDS--Crib-Death

Propaganda Techniques: Word Games Euphemisms  "In certain situations, however, the propagandist attempts to pacify the audience in order to make an unpleasant reality more palatable. This is accomplished by using words that are bland and euphemistic."

Child torture (genital mutilation): Circumcision

Mafia is an Euphemism for Psychopathic.

'Revolving door' is an Euphemism for the Corporate Government conspiracy.

Pathocracy hides under Fascism, Authority, Communism (Russia)

"Yes, vaccination proponents will bend over backwards to avoid using the word "cause."  Unfortunately, a quick glance at my thesaurus indicates they'll be able to hold out quite a while  (...cause--inaugurate, launch, kick off, spark off, touch off, effectuate, bring about, bring to pass, > bring out, draw out, evoke, elicit, provoke, arouse, awaken, stimulate...). Any bets as to the next hot term ('trigger" is getting rather old)? I vote for "awaken."  (CDC spokesperson: "Well, um, yes... It does seem as though MMR vaccinations might possibly awaken autism in susceptible children.  We'll continue to investigate this possibility.")-------G03090103 <> wrote in message  JG

 [2010 Sept] Family to Receive $1.5M in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award the government said vaccines aggravated an unknown mitochondrial disorder Hannah had which didn't "cause" her autism, but "resulted" in it.

'Just a Coincidence'

"precipitated"  [2009 April] Experts say cervical cancer vaccine did not cause Valencia illnesses

"Deltason may reactivate a dormant case of tuberculosis....or activate a latent case of diabetes." ---(Deltason/Orasone--generic name Prednison, a steroid)."--PDR

Vaccine damage [See complete list here]
'Adverse event following vaccination' (AEFI)"

PSYOP: Brainwashing, propaganda, mind control.

No one knows what causes autism. this is allopath speak for an iatrogenic disease

Shaken Baby Syndrome or Cot-Death--SIDS--Crib-Death for vaccine death.

"Japan stopped using MMR because it was linked to outbreaks of non-viral meningitis and other damaging side-effects."--BBC

What does VPD stand for?

"Alternative Medicine" is just non-allopathic medicine.

"Conventional medicine", or "orthodox medicine" is allopathic medicine

"Two people are admitted to the casualty department of a hospital suffering from nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. One, who ingested mercury, is said to be suffering from poisoning; the other who took an antibiotic, is said to be showing an allergic reaction. In the first case the blame is put on the chemical, in the second, on the patient." Poisonous Prescriptions - Antibiotics Can Cause Asthma  by Dr. Lisa Landymore-Lim

"need to know" -- a euphemism for "keep the scheme away from anyone at any level of government who might stand in its way."  ---L. Fletcher Prouty

[vid] George Carlin - PTSD Euphemisms