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UK Paediatrician and MSBP Expert Knew Babies Suffered Breathing Problems and Died After Vaccination

By Christina England

|May 19th, 2011

Over the last two years I have seen two documentaries both entitled ‘A Very Dangerous Doctor’. Both featured the work and research of the now discredited Professor David Southall. It has puzzled me how these documentaries failed to mention the crucial evidence of Lisa Blakemore-Brown and instead both chose to focus their attention on the work and evidence of Munchausen's Syndrome campaigner and Southall hater Ms Penny Mellor.

Ms Blakemore-Brown began to speak out about this incredibly dangerous man back in 1995/1996 long before Penny Mellor had even been heard of. However, instead of the fame and glory that has been lavished on Ms Mellor, Blakemore-Brown has had to endure many attempts to destroy her career, victimization and ridicule.

I believe the key reason behind the attempts to destroy Ms Blakemore-Brown is that she has always believed that Professor Southall uses false accusations of Munchausen by Proxy, or MSBP, to cover up children being damaged by vaccines and she has never been afraid to say so.

I now aim to prove that she has been right all along.

I have come across a document that proves without doubt that Southall recorded 5 cases of sudden infant death syndrome, documenting the children’s full vaccine status. Two of these children died very shortly after routine childhood vaccinations. All 5 children were being monitored in a large, population based, nonintervention study researching sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). A total of 15 children children died in the study. It was noted that 3 of the 5 children suffered cyanotic episodes, meaning that they failed to breath for short periods of time, causing unconsciousness and seizures as a result. These attacks can sometimes be described as breath holding, apnoea or breathing difficulties.

Why were the vaccine details of these children recorded by Southall? Could it be that he was researching a link between vaccines and SIDS at the time?

I have read many papers on Southall’s work but this one document alone proves that Southall, like Professor Meadow, has been fully aware for many years that vaccines can lead to breathing problems and death in some children. This is exactly what Blakemore-Brown has been saying since 1995/1996. So why did the researchers behind the documentaries ignore what this professional was saying?

In the paper entitled ‘Sudden and unexpected death between 1 and 5 years‘ by Southall, Stebbens and Shinebourne, the authors describe 5 cases of children being monitored dying unexpectedly at home.

The summary of the paper reads:


“Of a population of 9856 children followed up from birth, 9251 of whom underwent 24hour tape recordings of electrocardiograms and abdominal wall breathing movements during early infancy, five died suddenly and unexpectedly at home at ages ranging from 16 months to 4 years. Postmortem examination, including full histological and microbiological investigations, failed to identify abnormalities ordinarily associated with death in all five cases. Two of the children were known to have had frequent cyanotic episodes and died during these events. In the three remaining cases there was no previous history of cyanotic or apnoeic episodes. The death of one of these three children was seen by his parents and the clinical features suggested that apnoea rather than a cardiac arrhythmia was the primary mechanism for his death. As in infancy, sudden and unexpected death for which no adequate cause is found at necropsy seems to constitute a major component of mortality between 1 and 5 years”.

The paper continues to describe each case including the vaccine status at the time of death. Only one case had no reference to vaccination.

From Document quote:

Case 1 child died aged 4 years. Southall reports:

“He was breast fed and fully immunised. Apart from minor respiratory tract illness, he was well until 4 years 4 months, when he died suddenly at home.”

Case 2 child died at 18 months. Southall reports:

“Two weeks later she was found cyanosed in her cot. Her mother went to wake her and found her lying still, deeply cyanosed, and sweating profusely. She was stimulated by her mother and slowly recovered consciousness. During her journey to hospital in an ambulance, however, a further severe cyanotic episode occurred and she was given oxygen. This episode was accompanied by a loss of consciousness and convulsions. The morning of these episodes she had received a routine immunisation.”

This child died five days later. Southall says:

“Five days later, while awake and being carried to bed by her mother, a further cyanotic episode occurred. Her mother ran to a nearby house with the child and the neighbour attempted mouth to mouth resuscitation. The police and ambulance men arrived and also attempted resuscitation but without success. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.”

This proves that the little girl died five days after the vaccine had caused her have severe cyanotic episodes that led to convulsions.

Case 3 child died at 2 years 10 months. Southall reports:

Although developmental assessments, including one performed a week before death, yielded normal results, a minimal right sided hemiparesis was identified at 2 years. This was thought to have resulted from a particularly severe and prolonged episode of hypoxia that occurred at 18 months. At the time of this severe episode, she was resident for three days in the children’s ward to cover the time after a routine immunisation ...”

No mention of vaccines case 4

Case 5 child died at 16 months. Southall reports:

This boy, who died at 16 months, was the first child. His mother was aged 20 at his birth, which followed a pregnancy complicated only by maternal smoking (10 a day) and an allergic rash on the legs treated by chlorpheniramine for the last month of pregnancy. He was born at 40 weeks’ gestation, with a birth weight of 2700 g and an Apgar score of 10 at one minute. Up until the time of death, he was healthy, breast fed until 14 months, and fully immunised .”

Read the paper here

If this is not proof enough that Southall knew that vaccination caused breathing problems, seizures and death in children, I found further evidence of Southall discussing cyanotic episodes following vaccination with another professional.

In a paper entitled ‘Blue breath holding is benign.’ by J B P Stephenson, Stephenson describes a paper written by Southall entitled ‘Recurrent cyanotic episodes with severe arterial hypoxaemia and intrapulmonary shunting: a mechanism for sudden death.’ Arch Dis Child 1990;65:953-61. Stephenson says that he spoke to Southall at a SIDS meeting about his work. He wrote:

“During a recent scientific meeting (Scottish Cot Death Trust SIDS Research meeting, RoyalCollege of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, 28 November 1990) Dr David Southall agreed that the patients he was talking about had identical cyanotic episodes to those which I had recorded on videotape.

This videotape was of two typical breath holding spells in a 15 month old girl as illustrated in the figure. To make this meaningful to the clinical reader, the history is briefly summarized:

Breath holding spells began aged 7 months, five days after diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus immunization.”

Stephenson then went on to describe the child’s attack to Southall. Of course Southall may have been simply agreeing to the type of symptoms seen in Stephenson’s patient but was he also agreeing to the fact that this child began symptoms after the vaccines?

Read the paper here

This unequivocally proves that Ms Blakemore-Brown’s suspicions are well founded and she is not as paranoid as the British Psychological Society like to make out. Southall has known for years that vaccines cause breathing problems, seizures and death in some children.

What is also extremely interesting, is the fact that the paper recording the vaccine histories of the 5 children that died was written in the same year that Prof Roy Meadow, another discredited ‘expert’ in MSBP, attended meetings with the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation at the Department of Health. The professionals attending these meetings were discussing adverse reactions to vaccines including the DPT and the introduction of the MMR. Cases discussed included children who had died after receiving these vaccines.

Ms Blakemore-Brown obtained these minutes of the meetings under the Freedom Of Information Act clearly proving Meadows attendance (…pdf)

It seems strange that both of these men studying adverse reactions to vaccines at the same time are now key figures in cases involving parents falsely accused of MSBP. Was this the plan all along?

Meadow and Southall were both so called ‘expert’ witnesses in Sally Clark’s case where both children died shortly after a vaccine and both have clearly stated that VACCINES COULD NOT HAVE CAUSED THE DEATHS OF HER CHILDREN. Please read

In an article written by Ms Blakemore-Brown on May 16th, 2011 Blakemore-Brown describes the latest documentary.

The documentary described three cases where children with breathing problems had been put onto breathing monitors and tested without written consent by Southall. These children went on to suffer severe brain damage as a result.

Channel 4 explains about the documentary:

“This Cutting Edge film explores one of the longest-running, most emotionally charged battles in British medical history.

In one corner, a pioneering doctor who dared to accuse mothers of abusing their own children. In the other corner are the mothers who counter-claim that the doctor was the abuser – using his power so that he could research on the children to test his own medical theories.

With unprecedented access to both sides of the story, this authored documentary by Bafta award-winning film-maker Leo Regan explores the controversy surrounding paediatrician Dr David Southall and the group of mothers he accused of abusing their children.”

After describing the horrors of the documentary Blakemore-Brown said:

“Many families whose children died of cot death, which is what Dr Southall and Sir Roy Meadow focused on in their early careers, speak about the children having just had a vaccine. Sally Clark’s Harry had the DTP five hours before he died.

Others to my certain knowledge tell the same story and were also accused of MSBP or Shaken baby Syndrome (SBS) – by either or both of these men and/or their colleagues.”

She then says:

“When a parent has suffered a cot death, cases are referred to the FSID (Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths) and the next baby is placed on what is called the CONI scheme – Care of the Next Infant. The scheme funds research and many other initiatives. Apnea monitors are given to parents, and health visitors monitor weight and other progress. Dr David Southall has always had a close involvement with the FSID and those within it.

Were vaccine trials woven into the research funded by FSID, especially if the first cot death followed a vaccine?”

Well I believe this is entirely possible. It is clear that Dr Southall did not accept vaccines as the possible cause of death in Sally Clark’s children, however, he knew only too well that vaccines could lead to breathing difficulties and death as did Meadows.

Vaccines of course were not mentioned in either of the documentaries. When speaking about the 2009 documentary, Blakemore-Brown told One Click that when she had supplied the Panorama team with facts supporting her claims they were clearly not interested from the onset. She said:

“The reason Panorama were not interested, I can only assume, is because I would appear to be saying the same thing as Penny Mellor about David Southall and this would complicate their story as we are clearly not on the same platform and I am most certainly not part of any hate campaign and never have been. The fact that in my opinion both individuals might be a problem is clearly not on their agenda
Vaccine Programme Protection

Crucially, however, there is another little matter which Panorama most definitely do not want to look at – that protection of the vaccine programme may lie behind why both Roy Meadow and David Southall brought these distortions in to start with and why they are so well protected and influential.”


Professionals like Southall and Meadow stand up in court and categorically deny that vaccines can cause death whilst knowing that they can. They choose instead to imprison innocent mothers and send their children into overcrowded care systems. They believe that evidence of past studies and attendance at meetings cannot be found by members of the general public and that they are safe to carry on accusing more parents of abusing their children after a vaccine injury has occurred. They are perfectly happy to destroy the lives of the professionals who come close to finding out the truth, so that they can just carry on demanding a fortune for the reports that they write to damn parents whilst backed, no doubt, by governments and pharmaceutical industries.

Why can’t our documentaries tell the truth? The evidence is there to be found after all. Why is it governments protect so called professionals like Southall and Meadow, even praising them for their wonderful work and yet they do nothing to protect the parents who they falsely accuse?