Sally Clark

[Tragic victim of the medical industry, her babies died soon after vaccination. The Experts to do the deed was the now discredited Sir Roy Meadow & Professor David Southall ]

[2008] Rapid Responses to Does cot death still exist?

[May 2007] What killed Sally Clarks child? by Neville Hodgkinson
Neville Hodgkinson asks why the jury in the Sally Clark trial was told to discount the DTP jab given to her second child, Harry, just five hours before he was found dead.
Clearly, Professor Meadow is much respected and has made a distinguished contribution to medicine. But was it really such an innocent mistake? Or was the professor in common with his paediatric colleagues avoiding facing up to a reality, unpleasant for professionals who have for years defended a controversial vaccine: that when a tiny baby dies five hours after being injected, a link between the two events might be more probable than that the mother was a murderer?

[Media March 2007] May all those who drove Sally to this hang their heads in shame

[2004] I stand by claims, says Clark murder slur doctor

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