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“They (vaccine safety trials) all only use benign placebos– we use the safest most pure vaccines as a placebo."---David Salisbury (source  The Arnica Network)

[Here is a denial classic.] I asked you for evidence that demonstrated that deaths were actually caused by the Urabe strain, and you have singularly failed to provide any evidence whatsoever. You have provided media reports, opinions of parents, and decisions of tribunals or courts. These are not evidence of causality that implicates the Urabe vaccine.
  Nobody would disagree that deaths have been reported after MMR vaccines. But deaths after vaccination are very different from deaths caused by vaccination.
Dr David Salisbury, director of immunisation, department of health, London 19.03.07
[2007] Parliament was given false MMR assurance

[Plane ride classic] "Any of the serious infectious diseases are essentially a plane ride away."  Dr. Toni Darville, chief of infectious diseases at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

"In fact, Dr. Offit's studies show that in theory, healthy infants could safely get up to 100,000 vaccines at once." [Ref]

"If they were willing to look at all the studies that were done with vaccines, they would find that they are, I think without question, the safest, best-tested thing we put into our bodies," says Offit. "I think they have a better safety record than vitamins.  (CBS) 60 MinutesOctober 20, 2004

"Health Minister Tom Sackville after the mass immunisation campaign in 1994. Having admitted to 530 serious adverse reactions, the minister said: 'All those cases ... with a clear link between the reaction and the vaccine made a complete recovery. For children in whom recovery has been incomplete, the evidence did not support an association with the vaccine.' "--Media

"Both DTP and DTaP are safe and effective. Because DTaP is the safer of the two vaccines it has been recommended to all children in the US since 1997."--Bruce Gellin, MD, [August 24, 2000])

"Nothing but vaccination can save from smallpox. . . . Cleanliness and general sanitation exert absolutely no influence upon its prevalence." [1920 USA] HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS

"There is not the slightest risk in the process of vaccination when it is carried out with clean virus (now guaranteed by Government inspection) and when the vaccination itself is kept clean. 'Sore arms' come from dirt getting into the vaccination, not from the vaccine itself." [1920 USA] HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS

From the article on Vaccination in one of our leading American books of reference, the "International Encyclopedia," published by Dodd, Mead & Co. in 1904, I take this surprising gem of falsehood, as follows:  "There is absolutely no danger of transmitting disease by means of bovine virus!' [1920 USA] HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS

"The (polio) vaccine is safe, and you can't get safer than safe."--Jonas Salk

"When you inoculate children with a polio vaccine you don't sleep well for two or three weeks."--Jonas Salk (Oct 1954)

"A Department of Health source said: "We don’t support the single vaccines because they are not safe."--Media

"We don't know how a Green Monkey Virus entered to many members of the world population at the same time (Dr Myron Essex, in San Antonio, April 23rd 1987) "This gives us great concern, because that is what we make immunisations from." (Dr Myron Essex, International Herald Tribune, Paris, France, November 11, 1985)
June 1998: "The scare about the controversial triple vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) may have spread to health professionals. A study has found 48 per cent of family doctors, practice nurses and health visitors have reservations about giving the second dose of the vaccine to children."--Media Sept 2001: "More than 800 doctors have given their seal of approval to the controversial measles, mumps and rubella vaccine in a survey. The poll, carried out by medical research group Medix, revealed that 98% of those surveyed would be happy for their own child to be vaccinated with the combined MMR vaccine. "--Media

"But in the meantime we live in a medical world which delights in saying things like the following:’ “Since there are virtually no contraindications to measles vaccination, measles vaccine should be administered regardless of the patient’s health status.  Measles vaccination is particularly important for malnourished children and for those with chronic illnesses, as they are at increased risk of complications due to measles.  An exception to this recommendation are children, who, on admission, are so ill that they are at serious risk of dying.   Although administration of measles vaccine is not dangerous in such cases, parents may incorrectly attribute a death to the vaccination.”  (Bulletin of the World Health Organisation, 1997: 75 (4) pgs 367 – 375)"---Hilary Butler

"Some others in the AIDS establishment -- like Dr. David Heymann, who heads the office of research for the World Health Organization's Global Programme on AIDS, and Harvard pathology professor William Haseltine -- are so hostile to the possibility that a vaccine could have introduced AIDS that they refuse to discuss it. "The origin of the AIDS virus is of no importance to science today," Heymann says in a phone interview from Geneva. "Any speculation on how it arose is of no importance." Haseltine is even more adamant. "It's distracting, it's nonproductive, it's confusing to the public, and I think it's grossly misleading in terms of getting to the solution of the problem," he says. "It's over, it's done with, it's very, very, very unlikely it happened that way, and it's another nonsense article. It's the worst kind of reporting as far as I'm concerned."--Tom Curtis