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[Runs the King's Centre for Military Health Research a joint initiative of the Institute of Psychiatry and the Department of War Studies at King's College London. Leading activist of the Campaign Against Health Fraud.]

Professor Sir Michael Rutter along with a troupe of psychiatrists now or formerly associated with The Maudsley Hospital and The Institute of Psychiatry at Kings have been working hard at telling the public autism is solely genetic and denying there is a world autism pandemic.....Genetics cannot account for the large rise we are seeing in autism since the mid 1980s.  So instead what we see are efforts by Rutter and the King's Institute of Psychiatry other autism denialists to claim there is no real rise in the prevalence of autism.  This claim is unscientific and runs counter to the facts documented in the formal literature.
    The Institute of Psychiatry has or is home to more than its fair share of doctors (psychiatrists mostly) who publish papers claiming autism is genetic and denying there is an autism epidemic (the correct word is pandemic - epidemics have far fewer victims).  These doctors include Rutter, Eric Fombonne, (now expert witness in the US in the Thimerosal/autism litigation when he had previously published nothing about it), Simon Baron Cohen.  It is also home to controversial "Gulf War Syndrome" psychiatrist Simon Wessely, director of the Centre for Military Health Research at King's College London and who had been claiming ME/CFS is not a physical condition but a mental one contrary to the definition used around the world...... Rutter was also an expert witness in Malmo, Sweden in an MMR autism case where the key question was whether autism was solely genetic and not environmental.  Rutter's expert evidence was that it was genetic.  Professor Sir Michael Rutter & The Drug Industry Connections

1.  Simon Wessely Crucified by Gulf War Veterans MRI Study.
News of a study published in the New York Times yesterday and financed by the USA federal government shows that low-level exposure to Sarin nerve gas could have caused lasting brain deficits in Gulf War troops. The results of this Magnetic Imaging Resonance (MRI) study carried out on Gulf War Veterans crucify psychiatrist Professor Simon Wessely, the man who has compromised the futures of over 250,000 ME/CFS labelled patients in the United Kingdom.  It is utterly disgraceful that the ME Research UK charity, previously trading as MERGE, has just axed the neuroimagiing study in ME/CFS headed by Professor Basant Puri, paid for by very sick patients and their families. READ THE NEWS ON ONE CLICK

Those who represented the core of the Campaign Against Health Fraud at its formation in 1989 remained involved over the next two years; others pulled in on the fringe soon drifted away. On April 3rd 1989 at a Steering Committee meeting held at the Ciba Foundation, two joint presidents were elected: Dr Michael O'Donnell, broadcaster and former GP, editor of GP magazine, and television and radio presenter Nick Ross.  At that time, soon after the press launch, the leading Campaign activists were Dr Nick Beard; Dr Christopher Bass, a psychiatrist and committee member of the British Association for the Advancement of Science; Dr Simon Wessely; Professor Michael Baum and his brother Professor Harold Baum, Professor of Biochemistry at King's College Hospital; Diana Brahams, barrister and journalist; John Walford; Mark Pownall; Dr lain Chalmers; Dr Vincent Marks and Duncan Campbell.  ---- The Campaign Against Health Fraud by Martin Walker MA


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