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[2012 July] Big Pharma criminality no longer a conspiracy theory: Bribery, fraud, price fixing now a matter of public record

[2012 Oct] Vaccine Research Conflicts of Interest: Vaxxed & Unvaxxed Kids Not Compared  Conflicts of interest are rampant in vaccine research. How and why they exist are the topic of a journal article reviewed here. This is why research that could prove that vaccines are safe hasn’t been done.

[2012 Feb] Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Safety Research  "Sponsoring research that finds a link between autism and vaccines that the FDA has approved could greatly damage the Administration's reputation and reduce public trust in the FDA. If the information that the FDA is mandated to provide the public includes studies that show vaccines could be related to autism, it would be providing evidence for claims being filed within its own agency.

[2012 Feb] Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Safety Research  CDC: It has at least three major COls that could hamper its ability to provide objective research about vaccines. It is also charged with controlling disabilities. If the research it sponsors were to identify vaccines as being hazardous and if the vaccination schedule it recommends is associated with autism, it would be forced to concede that its policies did not support its goals and actually promoted disabilities. Since the CDC is charged with promoting vaccination programs as well as assessing vaccine risks, it might be reluctant to sponsor research that uncovers risks it may have created.

[2012 Feb] Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Safety Research  Medical journals: "Few consequences seem to be in place for authors who do not declare COls, and at least one major medical journal, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), has modified its policy to make the investigation of COls less transparent (DeAngelis and Fontanarosa, 2009).  Medical journal authors' ties to vaccine manufacturers are pervasive, as revealed in a review of authors of vaccine safety articles published in top journals.  Even on the peer-reviewed side of things, it has been said that the journals are the marketing arm of the pharmaceutical industry. That is not untrue. To a large extent, that is true. (UKHC Science and Technology Committee, 2011)"


 These latest revelations further prove without doubt that Lisa Blakemore-Brown was right all along to suspect that Meadow and Southall were heavily involved in vaccination adverse reactions and then used their power and influence to lock up innocent parents accusing them of abusing their children.

[vid] Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money 97% of the time chemo doesn't work.  The prescribing doctor gets a cut.  The only reason chemotherapy is used is because doctors make money from it.

[2011 Oct] Shock vaccine study reveals influenza vaccines only prevent the flu in 1.5 out of 100 adults (not 60% as you've been told)   This study was funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the very same non-profit that gives grant money to Wikipedia (which has an obvious pro-vaccine slant), and is staffed by pharma loyalists.  For example, the Vice President for Human Resources and Program Management at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is none other than Gail Pesyna, a former DuPont executive (DuPont is second in the world in GMO biotech activities, just behind Monsanto) with special expertise in pharmaceuticals and medical diagnostics.

[pdf 2011] The Creating of an HPV Industry  [2011] In short a vaccine called Gardasil has been created to address a cancer – when it is known that vaccines are for viruses and have never been proven to work in the case of cancer. Gardasil’s widespread distribution has been made possible by virtue of research that uses outdated and insensitive technology – with the regulator (FDA) and NCI in effect ‘in bed” with both the vaccine manufacturer and the organization that undertakes research testing. So called independent researchers and experts are conflicted and worse actively seek to deflect better testing options – despite considerable evidence that what is presently used does not work. 
    Now we have irrefutable evidence that the vaccine contains harmful contaminants (recombinant HPV DNA) that is tightly bound to the adjuvant Aluminium Hydroxyphosphate (itself widely regarded as dangerous to humans) and where the combination of the two is understood to be particularly dangerous and impactful on the immune system. Explaining the extraordinary numbers of reported adverse events post Gardasil vaccination. Meanwhile over 40 million doses (perhaps more than 50 million)) of Gardasil have been distributed globally at a cost of USD$120 per dose and following this, tens of thousands of young women have faced extreme adverse reactions due to Gardasil with over 90 associated deaths (this from a reporting system widely regarded as perhaps reporting between 1 and 10% of actual adverse events). Is anyone seeing the links? Gardasil serves no good purpose, in fact quite the opposite. It needs to be withdrawn from the market immediately and those impacted by it, need to have proper follow‐up and assistance provided to them. An independent and transparent inquiry needs to understand how this occurred, why, who was responsible and ensure that appropriate redress is sought and penalties imposed.
    Finally, the many and manifest conflicts of interest that exist between pharmaceutical companies, regulators and so called independent experts needs to be revealed and repaired so that never again can monetary or ego driven greed outweigh the health of so many young women and men worldwide. 

[pdf 2011] The Creating of an HPV Industry  [2011] In short a vaccine called Gardasil has been created to address a cancer – when it is known that vaccines are for viruses and have never been proven to work in the case of cancer. Gardasil’s widespread distribution has been made possible by virtue of research that uses outdated and insensitive technology – with the regulator (FDA) and NCI in effect ‘in bed” with both the vaccine manufacturer and the organization that undertakes research testing. So called independent researchers and experts are conflicted and worse actively seek to deflect better testing options – despite considerable evidence that what is presently used does not work. ....Finally, the many and manifest conflicts of interest that exist between pharmaceutical companies, regulators and so called independent experts needs to be revealed and repaired so that never again can monetary or ego driven greed outweigh the health of so many young women and men worldwide. 

[2011 Aug] Holier than Thou BMJ Editor Godlee Fails to Acknowledge Merck MMR Conflict By John Stone Following an editorial calling for tighter standards on Conflict of Interest by British Medical Journal editor Fiona Godlee, the journal has omitted to publish a letter pointing to its continuing failure to acknowledge its business association with MMR manufacturer Merck: BMJ Learning is in partnership with Merck’s information division Univadis, as pointed in these columns and AHRP by Martin J. Walker earlier this year (See here also). Godlee was forced into a limited admission of error in March in relation to BMJ’s recycling of allegations of fraud against Andrew Wakefield originally made by journalist Brian Deer in the Sunday Times just days after New International boss  James Murdoch joined the board of another MMR manufacturePreviewr, GSK, with a brief to help look after the the group's reputation  (Age of Autism James Murdoch Still Supported by GSK).

[2011 July] Harvard Psychiatrists Disciplined for Conflicts of Interest   psychiatrist Joseph Biederman and two of his proteges, Thomas Spencer and Timothy Wilens -each of who failed to disclose millions of dollars they had each received from the makers of antipsychotics, the drugs they promoted for the treatment of bipolar in children...The companies that paid them millions include: Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol-Myers Squibb.
....documents uncovered during litigation confirmed that the research was scientifically corrupt and commercially-driven. The New York Times reported that Dr. Biederman promised Johnson a& Johnson that a study (yet to be conducted) in preschool children who would be given the company's antipsychotic, Risperdal (risperidone) "will support the safety and effectiveness of Risperdal in this age group."
    another of Biederman's Harvard ignoble disciples was Jeff Bostic, who is also at Massachusetts General Hospital. He was named in a 2009 lawsuit joined by the US Department of Justice alleging Forest Laboratories promoted its antidepressants for pediatric use without FDA approval and paid kickbacks to docs to encourage prescriptions. He received $750,000 in payments for giving talks on using these drugs in children.
    Strangely, the National Institute for Mental Health, which had awarded thse psychiatrists millions of dollars at taxpayers expense. It appears that NIMH officials did not see fit to even conduct an investigation into the corruption of science and violation of federal regulations. This demonstrates a lack of professional and moral integrity at the NIMH whose administrators think nothing about the misappropriation of public money for commercially-driven, junk research.  

[2011 June] Confidential Expert Witness Report Documents Psychiatrists' Corrupt Practices The report describes how these prominent psychiatrists developed commercially driven prescribing algorithms that they helped masquerade as legitimate, science-based medication prescribing guidelines

[2011 Feb] BMJ & Lancet Wedded to Merck CME Partnership  Why did the BMJ fail to disclose its partnership agreement with Merck, major vaccine manufacturer--13 vaccines, including the controversial MMR vaccine ?  Is it just conceivably possible, that the BMJ's decision to commission and publish Brian Deer's series of articles attacking Dr. Andrew Wakefield's personal and scientific integrity--and lend its unwavering editorial endorsement--without giving him an opportunity to defend himself--might be influenced by a SIGNIFICANT financial conflict of interest?

[2010 Oct] Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. has history of selling shares in drug companies By Christina England
[2010 Oct] Chief Justice John Roberts cashes in Pfizer stocks to participate in landmark vaccine case By Christina England

[2010 April] How the GMC Framed Doctors Wakefield, Walker-Smith and Murch By Martin Hewitt

[2010 March] Lancet Boss Failed to Disclosed Own Conflicts to Parliament while Denouncing Wakefield By John Stone

[2010 March] Chicago Tribune Trumpets Another Anti-Treatment Autism Lawsuit. Why? By Teresa Conrick

[2010 March] First Fraud: Dr. Poul Thorsen and the original “Danish Study” By J.B. Handley  It’s hard to put into words how dishonest and outrageous a study this is, and I knew after reading it that we were in for a long fight: if scientists will lie this explicitly and call it a study and if Pediatrics will publish something this dishonest, they are playing to win at all costs. .....Danish children receive 75% less Thimerosal than American children, they receive immunizations when they are older, and the U.S. autism rate is TEN TIMES the rate of Denmark (Denmark is 1 in 1,600, U.S. is 1 in 166). .....Of the seven co-authors of the study, three had received direct funding from the CDC on vaccine-safety related projects. Two of the authors were employees of Statens Serum Institute, a Danish vaccine manufacturer.
..The public health establishment seems to have a simple strategy: get anything published, and then spin the hell out of it and confuse the public, and they perhaps never did it better than with this original “Danish study” which is still cited as proof by many that “vaccines don’t cause autism.”

[2010 Jan] Naked Intimidation: The Wakefield Inquisition is Only the Tip of the Autism Censorship Iceberg By Mark F. Blaxill  There are no words to describe the findings of the General Medical Council (GMC). All I can say is that none of us should be surprised. The stakes had escalated far too high for the British medical establishment to countenance any other outcome...... The GMC proceeding is a frightening and thoroughly modern form of tyranny. It makes you shudder to think what Stalin or McCarthy might have accomplished if their public relations had been more skillful and better organized.
    The extremity of the GMC’s verdict--all three men guilty on all counts—lays bare any pretense that the British medical establishment cares one whit about the welfare of its patients. Let’s put in perspective the actions at issue here. No children were harmed and no parent or guardian has complained about the care these three men provided. In fact, the procedures involved were routine, the resulting treatments standard and the careful attention to gastrointestinal illness in autistic children has recently been endorsed by a consensus statement published in the journal Pediatrics (no friend of the autism community). Considered in this light, the GMC hearing process stands exposed for what it is. It was not about medical standards. It was not about evidence. It was not even civilized.  It was, rather, a naked exercise in intimidation, a fateful moment of moral decision in which the medical industrial complex exposed its ruthless, repressive essence. They are a frightening bunch and their conduct here raises issues well beyond autism.

[2009 Dec Denmark] WHO ADVISER CONCEALS A DONATION OF MILLIONS FROM A PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY    A Finnish member of the WHO board, an advisor on vaccines, has received 46 million crowns (6 million euros) for his research centre from the vaccine manufactures, GlaxoSmithKline. ...Another  ‘WHO’ vaccine advisor is withholding information concerning financial support from the pharmaceutical industry. ...Professor Juhani Eskola is the director of the Finnish research vaccine programme (THL) and a new member of the WHO group, ‘Strategic Advisory Group of Experts’ (SAGE), which gives advice to the WHO Director-General, Margaret Chan. ‘SAGE’ also recommend which vaccines - and how many - member countries should purchase for the pandemic.

[2009 Dec] World Health Organisation ‘Mr Swine Flu’ Under Investigation for Gross Conflict of Interest One of the members of SAGE at the time and today was Dr. Albert “Mr Flu” Osterhaus. Not only was Osterhaus in a key position to advocate the panic-inducing WHO “Pandemic emergency” declaration. He was also chairman of the leading private European Scientific Working group on Influenza
...A fellow member of WHO’s SAGE  is Dr Frederick Hayden, of Britain’s Wellcome Trust and reportedly a close friend of Osterhaus. Hayden also receives money for “advisory” services from Roche and GlaxoSmithKline among other pharma giants involved in producing products related to the H1N1 panic.
    Chairman of WHO’s SAGE is another British scientist, Prof. David Sainsbury of the UK Department of Health. He also heads the WHO H1N1 Advisory Group. Salisbury is a robust defender of the pharma industry. He has been accused by UK health citizen health group One Click of covering up the proven links between vaccines and an explosive rise in infant autism as well as links between Gardasil and palsy and even death.
....Yet another SAGE member at WHO with intimate financial ties to the vaccine makers that benefit from SAGE’s recommendations to WHO is Dr. Arnold Monto, a paid consultant to vaccine maker MedImmune, Glaxo and ViroPharma.

[2009 Nov] Conflicts of interest? Dr. Mehmet Oz owns 150,000 option shares in vaccine technology company

[2009 Oct] Merck reveals which docs/nurses/etc it paid to speak Merk paid $3.7 million to more than 1,000 health professionals this summer

[Video--Excellent Aug 2006] Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda   David Ayoub, M.D. goes through the relations of Mercury to Autism as well its connections to “National Security Study Memorandum 200”; for population population control. Showing its shocking connections to today’s G.A.V.I. Are powerful forces really trying to help the poor people or could it be for another agenda; the sterilization of the poor? This is an upsetting video, so brace yourself.

[2009 June] Voting Himself Rich: CDC Vaccine Adviser Made $29 Million Or More After Using Role to Create Market the extraordinary valuation placed on CHOP’s patents raises concerns over Offit’s use of his former position on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to help create the market for rotavirus vaccine -- to effectively vote himself rich.

[2009 March] Andrew Wakefield’s Complaint Against the Sunday Times – The Times of London Retreats by John Stone  James Murdoch, was appointed to the board of MMR defendants GlaxoSmithKline

Sunday Times’ Boss, Glaxo, & US MMR Vaccine Court Cases

Francis M. Pottenger, MD and "The Hazards of a Health Fetish" By Ron Schmid, ND

[2009 Jan] Dr. Paul Offit: Fox in a Henhouse, the ACIP Years (1998-2003) By J.B. Handley

[Aug 2008] Voices for Hiding Vaccine Risks: Follow the $$ By Barbara Loe Fisher

AAP Rep. to Federal Vaccine Board on payroll of Merck, Sanofi Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Wyeth, Merck Laboratories

“A Dragon By The Tail”: The Corrupt World of Global Vaccine Politics by Lisa Reagan

THE GHOST LOBBY New Labour and the Pharmaceutical Industry by Martin Walker MA

[Media Dec 004] $508,050 From Pfizer, but No 'Outside Positions to Note'
[Media Dec 004] The National Institutes of Health: Public Servant or Private Marketer?


[Safe Minds Aug 2004] Medical Journal Editorial Bias Deceives Doctors, Leads to Bad Medicine


[Daily Mail March 11, 2003] How the MMR experts are tied to the drug firms 
[2002] Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation Declaration of Members' Interests

[Media Nov 2002] Election Gives Drug Industry New Influence

[Media Feb 2002] Study Says Clinical Guides Often Hide Ties of Doctors

Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Policy Making,   Committee on Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives June 15, 2000


Shoot First and Ask Questions Later:   Scientific Fraud and Conflict Of Interest In Vaccine Research, Licensing & Policymaking By Michael Belkin


Flawed UK Regulatory and Monitoring Systems by David Thrower

An example of why Congressman Henry Waxman supports vaccines.

THE VACCINE MAFIA OR THE VACCINE CIA? How the vaccine propaganda is manipulated by Bryan J. Ellison

When is a Diphtheria Case not a Diphtheria Case? When the case has been Vaccinated!--Hilary Butler
The Making of Myths By Hilary Butler
Science Friction by Hilary Butler

Critique of government funded studies--Harris Coulter Ph.D.

The Children’s Vaccine Initiative:  An open window upon global vaccination strategies----Kris Gaublomme, MD

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Medical Men and Vaccination-- Dr. Allinson

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Three Large Autism Organizations---Why Vaccines/Immunology and Autism  are not looked into 


PREVNAR:  A Critical Review of a New Childhood Vaccine by Michael Horwin, MA

Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Policy Making---Majority Staff Report, Committee on Government Reform

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Vaccination: A Sacrament of Modern Medicine---Richard Moskowitz, M.D.

Breast Cancer & The Chemical Companies

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