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[2017 March] Teenage dancer, 18, is left paralysed from the waist down claims doctors have blamed it on the HPV cervical cancer jab she had six years ago 

[2017 Jan vid] Just released: Dutch documentary on the aftermath of Cervarix in their country. This documentary covers the issue from multiple countries! English subtitles provided.

[2015 Jan] Judges demand answers after children die in controversial cancer vaccine trial in India 

[2015 Sept] Mums claim HPV vaccine left their daughters having seizures  Erin Morgan has suffered almost daily seizures for two years with Erin Egan suffering a seizure on the day she had the jab......She woke her family up during the night having a violent seizure and ‘foaming at the mouth’ with her eyes rolling back in her head, according to mum Michelle.

[2015 Sept] Behind the Scenes / Cancer vaccine reactions stand out in Japan  The survey found that of the 1,739 patients who reported symptoms, the vast majority recovered within one week, but 186 patients had not yet recovered. The symptoms were wide-ranging, including headaches, body pain and convulsions, and over 60 percent of sufferers experienced multiple symptoms. Middle and high school-aged girls were the most affected, hindering their ability to attend classes and hugely impacting their school lives.

[2015 Sept] Is HPV vaccine safe? Hainault mum says daughter’s chronic fatigue is linked to cancer drug

[2015 Sept pdf] HPV VACCINES : Not only unproven to protect against cervical cancer but Dangerous & Unnecessary. Researched and compiled by: Sarah Kalell. In response to request by CANSA to substantiate the claim that HPV Vaccines cause death, disability and chronic health problems

[2015 June] Cervical cancer jab cost our girl her life  A CERVICAL cancer jab given to every 12-year-old girl in Britain has been linked to four deaths......The fatalities were among more than 8,000 reports of possible side-effects of the Cervarix vaccine, which was introduced as part of the routine immunisation programme in 2008....One report related to an existing tumour, one to a concurrent bacterial infection, one was death of a premature baby and one has a fatal outcome due to leukaemia

[2015 May] Tens of thousands of teenage girls believed to have fallen ill with debilitating illnesses after routine HPV cervical cancer jab 

[2015 May] Thousands of teenage girls enduring debilitating illnesses after routine school cancer vaccination

[2015 Jan] What if HPV does NOT cause cervical cancer? By Norma Erickson and Peter H. Duesberg, PhD  If HPV vaccines are useless, it is certainly not worth submitting yourself (or your loved ones) to the 2.3 to 2.5% risk of serious adverse reactions AND the 2.4 to 3.3% risk of developing a new medical condition potentially indicative of autoimmune disorders experienced by Merck’s Gardasil 9 clinical trial participantsALL RISK AND NO BENEFIT IS NOT A WISE MEDICAL CHOICE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.


[2014 April] HPV Vaccines: Unnecessary and Lethal By: Gary Null, PhD

[2012 Oct] New Research Shows How Gardasil and Cervarix Vaccines Can Silently Kill Your Daughters And Sons


[2011 Nov] Girl, 13, left in 'waking coma' and sleeps for 23 hours a day after severe reaction to cervical cancer jabs after she received the third dose of Cervarix in May this year she began to feel exhausted. By July she had lost a stone in weight and was sleeping almost round-the-clock.

[2011 Oct] 'My headache's about to explode': U.S. girls just dropping dead  "The adverse-reaction reports detail 26 new deaths reported between Sept. 1, 2010, and Sept. 15, 2011, as well as incidents of seizures, paralysis, blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems, short-term memory loss and Guillain-Barré Syndrome," Judicial Watch said.

[2011 March] SaneVax Introduces One More Cervarix Girl: Gemma from the United Kingdom

[2011 Feb] Health Care Fraud: HPV ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines at all

[2011 Jan] SaneVax Introduces One More Cervarix Girl: Lara from Wales

[2011 Jan] H1N1 Vaccine-Relate Miscarriages  Eileen Dannemann, President of the National Coalition of Organized Women, speaks with Michael Ostrolenk about the 2,500% increase in H1N1 (Swine Flu) Vaccine related miscarriages. The number of spontaneous abortions reported in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction Database (VAERS) increased from 7 in the 2008/2009 flu season to 179 in the 2009/2010 season. In addition only 20 such cases were reported in the 20 year period between 1990 and 2009 and the estimates are that only 15% of these miscarriages are reported.  The CDC is seemingly uninterested in this increase.  Additional data and information can be found at  H1N1-Vaccine-Related Miscarriages

[2011 Jan] HPV vaccine advertising is being pulled due to claims of false advertising by Christina England

[2010 Dec] Confused HPV Vaccine advocate 'doublethinks' before Govt Health Committee: "Kids who have been vaccinated have had terrible things happen to them.." by Justin Healy

[2010 Dec] HPV Vaccine (Gardasil and Cervarix) VAERS Reports - Injury and Death Continue to Climb
20,575 adverse reactions
352 reports of abnormal pap smears post vaccination
89 reported deaths (plus 5 reports submitted to the FDA obtained by Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)  are now missing from VAERS)

[2010 Nov] HPV Vaccine – Why Are So Many Women Choosing Not to Get Vaccinated?

[2010 Nov] GlaxoSmithKline Influences Experts To Boost HPV Vaccine Sales By Christina England  In my opinion the UK’s media should began to find the real experts to turn to for advice, rather than look to researchers who appear to be little more than GSK lapdogs. I believe that my evidence proves that GSK is financially influencing experts in attempts to change current medical practices and diagnostics in the early detection of cervical cancer. It’s clear they are carving a niche for themselves to sell their vaccines! By financing cancer research experts and support groups they can manipulate the market to benefit themselves.

[2010 Nov] Nobel Laureate, Dr. Harald zur Hausen, on HPV and 'cancer' vaccines

[2010 Nov] Glaxo Smith Kline Brainwashed Doctors About HPV Vaccine By Christina England

[2010 Aug] Leslie Carol Botha exposes HPV vaccines' fraudulent claims

[2010 June] Ceravix reaction?

[2010 May] Educated parents less likely to let daughters get HPV shots

[2010 Feb] £45 shops ‘bribe’ for cervical cancer jab for teenage girls

[2009 Nov] Ceravix reaction

[2010 Feb] Cervarix HPV vaccine adverts are untrue and should be banned by Christina England  “The mere notion that cervical cancer can be prevented with a vaccine is absurd. Only through gimmicks, propaganda ploys, slick advertising and lobbying is GSK able to convince the suspecting women and mothers to ignore the laws of nature. Progressive studies in science have proven many times over that exercise, raw foods and hygiene prevent cancer, not vaccines.” ---Jeffry John Aufderheide

[2009] Cancer jab girl, 18, has brain damage  The parents of Stacey Jones, 18, believe the Cervarix injection triggered swelling in her brain which then caused epileptic fits.   They say she is now “zombified” and having to re-learn basic skills like making a sandwich.....Natalie Morton, 14, from Coventry, died hours after having the jab.

[2009 Oct] Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell

[2009 oct] There ARE side-effects that we’re NOT being told about

[2009] Mum’s worries over girl’s smear jab The Thomas Telford School pupil fell ill with encephalitis, a rare brain virus, and NMDA, where her antibodies started attacking her brain.....“I think it was the cervical smear injection. She had that a week before. It’s proving it.”

[2009 oct] What Has The HPV Cancer Vaccine Done To Our Girls? Clare Ramagge says her daughter Rebecca has  suffered from chronic fatigue since having the jab;  she is among parents taking legal action against its maker. A year ago Rebecca Ramagge was a happy, sporty teenager, a high achiever at school and a tournament-level tennis player. Today she’s a 13-year-old crippled with chronic fatigue syndrome who has been laid up in bed for seven months and needs her mother’s help to tackle such basic tasks as brushing her hair and getting dressed.

Concerned parent re: Cervical Vaccine

[2009 Oct] Teenage girl left brain-damaged  after receiving cervical cancer jab Stacey Jones

[2009 Oct] How safe are HPV Vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix? The conflicting evidence which does not add up by Christina England

[2009 Oct] JAB 'AS DEADLY AS THE CANCER'   THE cervical cancer vaccine may be riskier and more deadly than the cancer it is designed to prevent, a leading expert who developed the drug has warned. She also claimed the jab would do nothing to reduce the rates of cervical cancer in the UK.

[2009 Oct Natalie Morton] A message to the gullible by Hilary Butler EVEN THOUGH it’s underlying conditions which are said to be the main problem, you can bet your next sunshiny day, that when the swine flu vaccine come out, we will all be told to have them.  You won't be told, "The vaccine is unnecessary because it’s ONLY the underlying health issues that are the problem." We will probably be told that everyone needs to have the vaccine, in order to protect all those with underlying conditions!!
....Consider the 17 deaths from swine flu in this country, who have died, supposedly because of underlying conditions
.....All these people ONLY died from Swine flu, because the swine flu virus produces a serious health condition AS A RESULT of an underlying condition
.......don’t you think it’s amazing that while over a million American kids land up in hospital with drug reactions and adverse side effects from drugs every year, everything that happens after vaccines, is always blamed on the parent, or the person, BUT..... never the vaccine?

[2009 Sept] Chaos over cervical cancer jab for girls: Thousands cancel vaccines after 14-year-old's death

[2009 Sept] NHS Trust suspends cervical cancer vaccinations after girl, 14, dies within hours of jab

[2009 Sept] Social workers to place paralysed cancer jab girl on "at-risk" register Ashleigh Cave

[2009 Sept] Two thousand schoolgirls suffer suspected ill-effects from cervical cancer vaccine   2,107 patients had reported some kind of suspected adverse reaction to Cervarix. Several reported multiple reactions, with 4,602 suspected side-effects recorded in total.     
   ....Within four days of the third injection in March of this year, Stacey suffered an epileptic seizure, followed by 17 more in the following week.  She has now been diagnosed with a brain injury, caused by inflammation of the brain, and is being treated in an NHS rehabilitation unit in Birmingham, which helps her with basic tasks like making a sandwich.  Seizures are minimised by five types of medication, but her memory is badly damaged. The family has been given no explanation for how the damage occurred. Mrs Jones, 44, said: "She was such a lovely, happy go-lucky girl, now she is just a shell. "When we go to see her, she can't remember what she has just eaten for tea. The impact on her and all of us has been absolutely devastating. I feel she has been used as a guinea pig."

HPV Vaccine Questioned Internationally - May 31, 2009

[2009 June] Call to review cancer vaccine after Germany demands more medical proof

[2009 may] EXCLUSIVE: CANCER JAB HAS LEFT ME UNABLE TO WALK A child specialist has linked the controversial cervical cancer vaccine to a joint disorder that has left a 13-year-old girl unable to walk. Rebecca Ramagge, who has had three doses of the drug in the past six months, suffers agonising joint pains, fatigue, nausea and sight problems.

[2009 April] Hattie, 13, joins fight for justice over misery of jab's 'side-effects' They claim the vaccine  has  turned Hattie from a  normal  teenager into an  “invalid”, plagued with  paralysis, breathing problems and sickness.
[2009 April Cervarix] Vaccine 'gives girl side effects'  Hattie Vickery. She said: "I've had pain and swelling around the arm, been feeling ill, nausea and feeling tired."


[2009 April] Mystery epidemic hitting the UK after HPV jab By Cynthia A. Janak

[2009 April Cervarix] How safe is the cervical cancer jab? Five teenagers reveal their alarming stories

[2009 March] Cervarix: the simple injection causing so much controversy  Carly Steele has not felt right since receiving the cervical cancer vaccine, Cervarix
The normally exuberant 13-year-old had lost all of her energy. Whereas normally she would have spent her days outside on the trampoline, she now found it difficult to leave the sofa. It was even a struggle to walk unaided to the bathroom.
     The blackouts, when they came, were more worrying. Mother would find daughter out cold on the floor of their Stockport home. Every joint in Carly's body ached, and simple tasks such as washing her hair became impossible. Carly, on the brink of womanhood, suddenly seemed more like a toddler. It is six months now since she last attended school.  It is like the light has gone out in her eyes," says her mother. "It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch."

[2009 March Ceravix] U-turn on cervical cancer tests for young women Details of the rethink were revealed as it emerged that hundreds of 12- and 13-year-old girls have reported debilitating side-effects after receiving the new vaccination against cervical cancer. Doctors have confirmed that almost 1,300 British schoolgirls suffered reactions, from alleged paralysis to facial bloating, fainting, skin discoloration and rashes after taking part in a mass vaccination programme launched last year

Is Cervarix going to be the Gardasil for the UK?

[2008 Dec] Cervical cancer jab left my 12-year-old daughter paralysed, says mother

[2008 Dec] Maghull schoolgirl paralysed after mystery illness

[04 December 2008 pdf ] Suspected Adverse Reaction Analysis CERVARIX Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine 
To date these are the adverse reactions of Cervarix
Total number of reports received 623
Total number of suspected reactions 1416
Estimated number of doses administered unavailable to date