Johann Hari

[Easy journalism to have a pop at vaccine critics, will always get published and you wont lose your job, same school as Rod Liddle.  Not in the Experts school like Ben Goldacre.  An Atheist Darwinian of the Dawkins school, he will go far!  He writes for The Independent.]

Letter by Hilary Butler to Johann Hari, re: This deadly resistance to vaccination

[2005] Johann Hari: Don't let emotion steamroller science
[2007] Johann Hari: This deadly resistance to vaccination

See: The Greek Chorus

This is because of pure science, combined with political will. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has used funds donated by governments across the world including ours to ramp up massively measles vaccinations across Africa, which cost just $1 a dose. It has worked. Vaccinations are perhaps the greatest achievement of humanity: using this scientific tool, we have literally eradicated smallpox a disease that caused hundreds of millions of people to die in howling agony from the human condition.

LOL.  Howling agony!  Classic!  See Allopathy therapies, Dangers of smallpox & Case mortality to see how the Allopaths kept smallpox going by suppressing good medicine, using dire medicine like mercury and alcohol, and by spreading smallpox through vaccination.  [See: The Smallpox Hoax]

All going to be save by Saint Who!!  [See:  World Health Organisation (WHO)]

So whenever somebody tells you science is "cold" or "soulless", and needs the "meaning" offered in religious texts, think of Marie. All the major religious texts say explicitly that disease is caused by demons and devils. Following this mentality left her babies to die. But using science instead sticking to empirical observation of the world, and inferences from it based on reason is saving millions of children, and giving them a chance at life once more.

Killing millions actually, see Genocide.  And the Third World export of babymilk is a pretty obvious pointer.

But before we get too smug and conclude this is a cultural gap between us and Those Damn Muslims, remember in Britain, over the past five years, there has been a smaller but strikingly similar home-grown jihad against a particular vaccination. It has been waged by none other than the Daily Mail.

Its all due to the Daily Mail! 

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