Vaccine mistakes

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Vaccine production/manufacturing problems

[2013 India] Expired vaccines enter city mkt, FDA clueless  The original label on the vial shows the expiry date as March 2013, while in the new label, it has been changed to 2014

[2010 March] Baby in Britain is overdosed with BCG vaccine and is now being treated for TB by Christina England  "A report by the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA), the watchdog which monitors NHS errors, looked at 949 incidents involving jabs reported in 2007. A detailed study was made of 138 of these cases, picked at random. Eight caused children īmoderate harmī.


[2010 Jan] Inquiry in Widnes as children given adult swine flu jab

[Media Japan, March 2003, MMR vaccine]  Outdated vaccine injected into 1,000s of kids
[Media Japan, Friday, February 7, 2003] 1,900 got expired measles vaccine (in 1993)
[Media Dec 2002] Girl of eight weeks given MMR vaccine by mistake
[Media 1998] "133 Children Contract Tuberculosis in Southern Kazakhstan (from vaccine)
[Media Taiwan nov 2002] Injection victims recovering, say hospital officials
[Media, India, March 2002] Health dept goofs up in vaccination drive
Windley Western Drug Company Recalls 1 Lot of Hepatitis B Vaccine
Revealed: cow vaccine was given to babies
[Media jan 1998] 175,000 children given excessive dose of hepatitis vaccine
[Media 1994] Blunder at clinic gave 700 infants an overdose

More Vaccine Stuff-Ups Destroy Confidence in the MMR Campaign
Wednesday, June 24, 1998
Twenty High School students in Maitland, SA were given the wrong vaccine in the second major vaccination blunder in six weeks. The year 8 students were meant to get the vaccine against Hepatitis B but instead, were given Infanrix, the acellular pertussis (whooping cough), diphtheria and tetanus shot - a vaccine that is only licensed in Australia for children up to the age of 5.

Recalls of unsafe vaccine are rare-----Fresno Bee DPT report 1984
Orange juice cans have more accurate lables.
State Struggles to Keep Vaccines Stored at Correct Temperature

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[Media Nov 2002]
THE POISON VACCINE How the health of hundreds of American soldiers was seriously damaged after anthrax inoculations

[Media 10/00] Revealed: full scale of vaccine blunders US authorities horrified by conditions at factory in BSE-tainted polio drug scare