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[If you are running a great fraud like the THE GREAT SMALLPOX LIE  then it has to be based on propaganda (lies).  Firstly they make out it is a more serious than it really is---Dangers of smallpoxInfectiousness of smallpox (helped by the suppression of good medicine), by showing the strongest opposition to sanitary reform, and the other effects of poverty on smallpox mortality, then they make up statistics to show vaccination in a better light (eg The Franco-German War (1870-71) Smallpox death Statistics), or Dr. Ogle's statistical fraud regarding Leicester, which they continue to trumpet decades after they have been exposed as false.  One lie goes a long way, eg Blair's WMD one.]

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1883 Statistical deception by WHITAKER'S ALMANAC
Smallpox statistic quotes
Dangers of smallpox
Infectiousness of smallpox
Spurious cowpox
The Franco-German War (1870-71) Smallpox death Statistics.
The Grand 3,000 per Million Statistic.
Dr. Ogle's statistical fraud regarding Leicester
Mr. Hutchinson, a member of the Royal Commission on Vaccination lying over vaccine syphilis
Emily Maud Child of Leeds.

Dr. Buchwald MD

"The facts and figures of the medical profession, and of Government officials, in regard to the question of vaccination, must never be accepted without verification."--Alfred Wallace 1898

"The history of this famous statistic (The Franco-German War) is very instructive as to the slipshod manner in which arguments in favour of vaccination are fabricated......Sir Lyon Playfair., on eloquently detailing the figures during his speech on 19th June, 1883, exultingly flourished M. Leon Colin's pamphlet before the delighted and astonished House, silencing all objectors by triumphantly exclaiming, "I got it from the Physician-General of the French Army!" It is said that this hypnotic display influenced more votes than any other speech ever made in Parliament......I would not have referred to this foreign fabrication at such length, but that the discredited and officially-controverted fable continues to do duty in the armoury of many pro-vaccinists even now, nearly thirty years after its complete withdrawal."--J.T. Biggs

"There are other recent cases.......which so indelibly stamps the proceedings of the Medical Department of the Local Government Board with an infamous disregard of professional honesty."---- LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P.

"If you want the truth on vaccination you must go to those who are not making anything out of it. If doctors shot at the moon every time it was full as a preventive of measles and got a shilling for it, they would bring statistics to prove it was a most efficient practice, and that the population would be decimated if it were stopped."---Dr Allinson

"Mr. Charles Fox, a medical man residing at Cardiff has published fifty-six cases of illness following (smallpox) vaccination, of which seventeen resulted in death. In only two of these, where he himself gave the certificate, was vaccination mentioned."--Alfred Wallace 1898

"Mr. Henry May, Medical Officer of Health, candidly states as follows: "In certificates given by us voluntarily, and to which the public have access, it is scarcely to be expected that a medical man will give opinions which may tell against or reflect upon himself in. any way. In such cases he will most likely tell the truth, but not the whole truth, and assign some prominent symptom of the disease as the cause of death."---Alfred Wallace

Such observations confirm the statement of Sir Henry Littlejohn, of Edinburgh, who told the Congress at Exeter that the medical profession had all along shown the strongest opposition to sanitary reform. This declaration provoked indignant protests, but Sir Henry retorted that they knew it was true, and it ought to be made known. Of course, Sir Henry spoke as a Medical Officer of Health. LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P.

"This notorious table of Dr. Ogle's was produced under the auspices of the then Registrar-General, for the especial purpose of enabling the Royal Commission to strike a blow at Leicester. It seems almost incredible that the Royal Commission should not only accept it without adequate examination, but proceed so eagerly to build up on this sandy foundation their chief—indeed, I may say their only—indictment of Leicester. As a statistical fabric, the table is smashed to atoms."--J.T Biggs