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[The Times and Sunday Times lead the media attack on Wakefield and MMR sceptics.  Both papers are just complete pap, the voice of Big Brother.  Try David Aaronovitch and you will get the message.  James Murdoch was appointed a non executive director with GlaxoSmithKline the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine and the current swine flu vaccine.]

I am dismayed by the way in which the media continuously, despite whatever you tell them, reiterate the same errors, the same mistakes, but of course the major problem is the way it was handled by the Sunday Times and Brian Deer, and that to my mind was just a big error from start to finish, and it is like having 5% of the documents and making a story out of those 5% when you haven't got the remaining 95% that tell the actual story.  Making it up, fixing that idea in mind, staying with that idea, irrespective of what anyone might say in mitigation and that's what happened. [2010 April. Video] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words


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Aaronovitch, David

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Mr. R. B. Gibbs, secretary of the Anti-Compulsory Vaccination League, referred to the origin of vaccination, as attested by Jenner, in the production of cowpox from the contagion of horsegrease, and subsequently to the use of horsepox, by which equination was substituted for vaccination; the diverse virus thus derived from Jenner continuing in official arm-to-arm currency to the present day.  What vaccination was had never been determined; and consequently there had been no proper basis for legislation.  Nor had legislation been preceded by impartial and adequate inquiry: it had been promoted by certain medical men, supported by the press, and especially by The Times, the editors of which jealously suppressed all communications which impugned the efficacy of the rite.  [1885] The Story of a Great Delusion by William White

Sunday Times’ Boss, Glaxo, & US MMR Vaccine Court Cases

Yesterday, early outside the GMC, I watched Brian Deer being interviewed by Sky News, he said things about the hearing which seemed to me to be a product of his own fevered imagination, things that bore not the slightest relation to any reality I had observed. After the interview was over, I approached the Sky journalist who had carried out the interview and asked him politely whether or not, when the interview was run that evening, an announcement would be made of the place of James Murdoch, one of the family owners of Sky, on the board of GlaxoSmith Kline the vaccine manufacturer.
    'No', the journalist said, already turning away from me. 'We give a balanced account and there is no need for that kind of declaration'.
Obviously I had expected nothing more than this, but even so, I couldn't help but be astounded again, at how crooked the contemporary world is and at what shysters these people who call themselves journalists are. [2010 Jan] Eye Witness Report from the UK GMC Wakefield, Walker-Smith, Murch Hearing By Martin Walker