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[Iridology is ignored by Allopathy, mainly because it would completely expose the damaging effects of Allopathic drugs, eg Gardasil.  And the great Iridologist Lindlahr was a Natural Hygienist, the great enemies of drug medicine.]

Lindlahr, Henry. M.D. Iridiagnosis and other Diagnostic Methods. Third Edition. Chicago: Lindlahr Publishing Co., 1919.
   Iridology means analysis of the body's condition through appearanace of the iris. The book also contains numerous interesting case histories and describes how conventional medical treatment of that era induced quality-of-life-threatening and fatal conditions. This book downloads in two ways: as html files and also as a rather large zip file containing the entire book. There are many figures and even a colour plate showing irises.
   WARNING: Lindlahr expresses racial viewpoints in this book that today are considered highly politically incorrect. A paperback edition printed several decades ago abridged this material and "sanitized" Iridagnosis. The abridgment also left out data on the nature of drug therapy of that era. This library offers the whole story.

Reams Biological Theory Ionization (RBTI) Testing [Has a method of eye diagnosis.]

See: Lindlahr, M.D, Henry

Kitty Campion

See: Gardasil shot implications  In the area of the iris that corresponds to the uterus, in three of the girls he saw tissue damage, and in the fourth he saw drug residue. In each of the four cases, on reporting back to the patient what he was observing, he was informed that the girl had recently received the cervical cancer vaccine. All were virgins.
     Tissue damage in the uterus is what he sees in women who have had such things as abortions and prolapses, and can be a precursor to cancer. It can also cause infertility - as it can prevent the embryo from being able to hold on to the uterus wall. It also often results in lack of sensitivity with sexual intercourse, pain, discomfort and/or frequent discharges.