Peter Hitchens

[Has a thing about Dope, it would be more credible if he also had a thing about medical marijuana (fat chance!) and the dangers and overuse of alcohol.  He is quite happy for under 18 teenagers to be banned from buying alcohol under law, but somehow doesn't want this applied to Marijuana?  Illogical at best.  So any adult who wants to use it is criminalised, and not considered adult enough to use his drug of choice.  Of course he is clueless about who actually is supplying most of the dope: Dope Inc.  Pretty poor imitation of an investigative journalist, which are non-existent in the media.  How about a campaign to expose the suppression of Nutritional med for Heroin addiction, another 'human weakness' lots of folk need help on, and also does away with methadone?  Etc etc....]

Quotes by Hitchens:

[Media classic] "Here comes that rare thing – an intelligent and entertaining film. It’s called Denial….But one thing cheeses me off. At the end of the trial, Prof Lipstadt is shown listing a number of things which everyone knows to be true. The Holocaust happened. The Earth is round. Elvis is dead. Slavery happened. Yup, so far, so good. Then we get: ‘The ice caps are melting.’" ~  PETER HITCHENS: For once Donald Trump is right - these sordid claims stink (and you can take that from a man who knows a lot about seedy stings in Russian hotels)

 "There is no such thing as addiction, which is a fancy name for human weakness."--(Sunday mail, 26 June 2011)

That makes you feel better then, how about if you had to take prescription med as painkillers, and then got addicted to them as happens all the time?  Lets put him on them for a year or so, and see how he feels coming face to face with his own 'human weakness'?  Would he then say he was 'addicted'?  Or 'I have this human weakness'?  Pretty hostile statement, and lacks sympathy, empathy being out of the question.

'And untold numbers of criminal parasites make a tidy living by running chains of hydroponic cannabis farms in the attics of suburban houses. In fact, it is one of Britain’s few agricultural success stories of modern times.' [2012 Sept] We'll go down as the nation that smoked itself stupid

Not quite as bad as Dope Inc, something he will never ever try to expose.  He would be out of a job, for one thing.  At least they are keeping the money away from our one true hidden parasite: the Pathocracy.

'Imagine if some electronic device or prescription medicine were found to have this effect. Human habits would change overnight. The company responsible would probably go out of business, after being forced to pay out billions in compensation.' [2012 Sept] We'll go down as the nation that smoked itself stupid

Yeah, you can see a big pharma company going out of business.  How about 1 million kids given bi-polar disease from psychiatric drugs?  Or 1 million brain damaged from Thorazine.  10-20 million addicted to Benzos and Prozac etc.  How many killed by Vioxx?  Did that put Merck out of business?  I don't think so!!