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“[T]here’s fame, fortune, and big budgets in sounding the ‘emerging infection’ alarm and warning of our terrible folly in being unprepared.”-------Michael Fumento, National Post, March 28, 2003 

"[The CDC's] disease-control mission was increasingly being regarded as obsolete, prompting serious discussions about abolishing the CDC altogether."----Duesberg's Inventing The AIDS Virus (1996) (Source:

"AIDS and SARS are ways for epidemiologists (e.g., the CDC, WHO, etc.) to secure their jobs and continued funding for their agencies.  No new emerging epidemics, maybe no CDC, no WHO, so we've got an infrastructure that REQUIRES the "discovery" of new, threatening epidemics.   And the media pick a new one every year.  This year, it's SARS.  For the past couple of years, it's been West Nile Virus.  Next year it'll be something else."---- Dr Dan Duffy DC

Research programs on Hepatitis C, BSE, SARS, Avian flu and current vaccination policies all developed along the same logic, that of maximizing financial profits. Whenever we try to understand how some highly questionable therapeutic policies have been recommended at the highest levels of public health authorities (WHO, CDC, RKI etc.), we frequently discover either embarrassing conflicts of interests, or the lack of essential control experiments, and always the strict rejection of any open debate with authoritative scientists presenting dissident views of the pathological processes. Manipulations of statistics, falsifications of clinical trials, dodging of drug toxicity tests have all been repeatedly documented. All have been swiftly covered up, and none have been able to, so far, disturb the cynical logic of today’s virus research business. [2008] Virus Mania Foreword by Etienne de Harven

"Once again, we are facing an artificially designed epidemic, the "Severe Acute Respiratory Sundrome" ("SARS"). For me, it is obvious that this "epidemic" is a new scientific scam ......Their strategy seems to be, once again, the following: 1) stealing the symptoms of a well-known disease (in this case, flu, the common, or common pneumia...) ; 2) sticking on it the label of "a new, unknow, deadly viral disease"; 3) Sending around the world "special agents" presented as "experts"; (eg our very own UK "expert" Dr Anderson of FMD scam fame, & Dr Dixon--whale comment) 4) Sending in major media like Associated Press, Agence France Presse, Miami Herald to make a lot of noise.... ) 5) Spreading panic by announcing astronomic figures about the number of cases ans/or deaths 6) Announcing that a test and a vaccine have been found; 7) Harvesting millions or billions of dollars while earning incredible power over governments all over the world."---Henri-Claude Saint-Fleur TRUTH International, Inc.

"The British Medical Journal ran a very revealing article recently, entitled Selling Sickness. In it, the authors stated:

Pharmaceutical companies are actively involved in sponsoring the definition of diseases and promoting them to both prescribers and consumers. The social construction of illness is being replaced by the corporate construction of disease. Although some sponsored professionals or consumers may act independently and all concerned may have honourable motives, in many cases the formula is the same: groups and/or campaigns are orchestrated, funded, and facilitated by corporate interests, often via their public relations and marketing infrastructure. A key strategy of the alliances is to target the news media with stories designed to create fears about the condition or disease and draw attention to the latest treatment. Company sponsored advisory boards supply the ‘independent experts’ for these stories, consumer groups provide the ‘victims’ and public relations companies provide media outlets with the positive spin about the latest ‘breakthrough’ medications.” (Ray Moynihan, Iona Heath, David Henry, 'Selling Sickness: the pharmaceutical industry and disease-mongering', British Medical Journal online, BMJ, 13th  April  2002 )--Steve Ransom

"A lot of issues need to be swept under the carpet---and poof, along comes SARS. Whether or not its appearance was coordinated, up front, to coincide with these scandals and tragedies in Iraq, one thing is for sure. SARS has been used as a smokescreen to keep the global public diverted and in fear."--- JON RAPPOPORT

"Two years ago it was Roy Anderson who created the computer model used by the government to claim that the number of foot-and-mouth cases would fall to zero by 7 June 2001. As the Eye noted at the time, a certain amount of statistical jiggery-pokery was required to achieve this desirable if implausible result, but it allowed the Dear Leader to call an election for that very date and boast that he had the crisis licked.
    Back in 1987 Anderson's mathematical talents again proved useful to a politician's election prospects. He was invited by Norway's prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland to help produce an "independent assessment" of how many minke whales Norwegians could sustainably kill each year. The International Whaling Commission had introduced a moratorium on commercial minke whaling, which Brundtland feared would lose her support in the northern whaling constituencies. She hoped that a report by a four-man committee of experts, including Anderson, would persuade the IWC to ease the ban.
    Lo and behold, the committee came up with exactly the same figure - 200 whales - which the whalers thought they needed to make a profit. But then a mathematical biologist on the IWC's scientific committee went through the algebra and found "fundamental flaws in the methodology": Anderson and his chums had achieved the result Brundtland wanted only by creating unreal (indeed "impossible") parameters."---Private Eye, May 3, 2003

Use 1: New laws:
The mysterious new respiratory ailment that has terrified people around the globe has extended its reach to the Capitol, where Senate Republicans are using the disease to press their case that vaccine manufacturers should be shielded from lawsuits."--Media USA

"SWEEPING new powers to control the spread of Sars that allow doctors to detain sufferers against their will may be introduced by the Government."--Media UK

Will SARS ressurect MSEHPA? (Or something like it?) The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, which would give vast powers to government and law enforcement in bioterror incidents or health emergencies, was substantially held up or delayed in state legislatures last year. However, one of the most feared provisions of the legislation—quarantines—was the subject of a recent Executive Order signed by Bush after the SARS outbreak:

Bush Order Allows Quarantine of Sars Cases (Reuters, 4 Apr 03)

From the Wilderness has a page devoted to MSEHPA:

In the weeks and months following the 9-11 attacks on America, I traced the widely publicized anthrax mailings "mystery" to U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) commissioned biological weapons contractors with ties to Britain's MI6, Porton Down, the Anglo-American pharmaceutical cartel, including the Bayer, Hoecsht, Baxter and Merck Corporations, and ultimately to George Soros-a global banking and investment industrialist and chief money manager for Europe's wealthiest oligarchy-owners of the Genomic Institute that performed the DNA sequencing on behalf of the anthrax vaccine maker/British Porton Down subsidiary, Bioport. A complete expos on this topic is provided at"- -Leonard Horowitz

Use 2:  Budget boosters and to justify existence:
The U.S. government and various North American universities have also seen these faux plagues as budget boosters. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publishes a journal called Emerging Infectious Diseases, though in any given issue it's hard to find an illness that actually fits the definition. The U.S. Institute of Medicine just issued a report warning that the United States is grossly unprepared to deal with emerging pathogens. Soothingly, however, it adds that it's nothing that an injection of tax dollars can't cure. Meanwhile, a disease that emerged eons ago called malaria kills up to 2.7 million people yearly. Another, tuberculosis, kills perhaps three million more. Both afflict North Americans, albeit at very low rates. The big money and headlines may be in the so-called 'emerging diseases,' but the cataclysmic illnesses come from the same old boring killers. In fact, there may be no fatal illness that will cause fewer deaths in North America this year than SARS."--Leonard Horowitz

Use 3:  The usual scaremongering.

History lesson and the ever useful Spanish flu:
At the present writing, October 1976, a group of medical opportunists have taken upon themselves the dictatorial authority to declare the threat of a sweeping epidemic of SWINE FLU which they said was similar to or related to the 1918 epidemic of Spanish Flu which wiped out 20,000,000 people world-wide.  This declaration was supposed to scare all the people into their vaccination centers to be shot full of experimental vaccine poisons, while they, the promoters, raked in the profits."---Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.

Fearmongering quotes

"For the public ever to break command science it must first understand the basis of its enormous powers.......Traditionally, the power of medical sciences has been based on the fear of disease, particularly infectious disease."--Peter Deusberg (Inventing The AIDS Virus).