The lies of allopathy

[Allopathy is conventional/orthodox/pharma drug medicine. Alternative medicine is anything else, which includes Nutritional medical doctors/medicine.  Allopathy is kept afloat through monopolies and corporations, and propaganda not from truth.  Truth would bankrupt the drug corporations and eliminate the vast disease industry that feeds off the taxpayer.  Every lie (eg MMR doesn't cause autism) has to be defended to the death as the fall of one could start a domino effect and bring down corporate medicine.  Trauma medicine is excellent but not 'medicine'.]

1.  The main lie that holds up allopathy is "vaccines are safe and effective"

There are 4 main lies that go into this brew:
'Safe' vaccine lie
b. The 'vaccines are effective' lie
b.  The "effective" lie is founded on the smallpox lie, that vaccines rid the world of  Smallpox.  The decline in poverty did that deed. Smallpox vaccination made things far worse, and killed millions.
c. That
Polio was eliminated by vaccination.  Another man made disease covered up by vaccination.
d.  The main lie that holds up vaccination is the false germ theory where germs are made out to be the only factor in infectious disease and your only protection is vaccination.  See: Fear of Germs & Infectious disease and The only way lie

Also see the Treatment of vaccine victims to get some idea of where they are coming from.

The bigger picture can be seen in the Vaccination Hoax

You can see why every vaccine, like MMR, has to be defended to the death, one down and the rest could follow and end their billion $$ monopoly founded on lies.  It's just a pity the children have to die, not vaccination.

"Because routine immunizations that bring parents back for repeated office calls are the bread and butter of their specialty, pediatricians continue to defend them to the death.  The question parents should be asking is: ‘Whose death?’” -----Robert Mendelsohn, MD

2. "If it works (and can be proven to work) orthodox physicians will use it and call it conventional medicine.Robert S. Holzman MD.  This one is laughable.  Just look at the numerous disease cures and prevention Suppressed or ignored by the cartel 100 years plus. 

3. That allopathy is the best available medicine, and proven by "science".  Science has been bought and controlled, with alternatives suppressed through the government, media and medical cartels.

4.  That the cause of numerous diseases is a mystery or just 'germs':  Eg Alzheimer’s, Cot death, crib-death, SIDS, MS, Gulf War Syndrome, Arthritis, Heart disease, TB, Meningitis, Polio, etc.  They like to keep Iatrogenic disease secret, and turn a blind eye to Junk Food.

5. That the aim of cancer research is to find a cure for cancer.  The real aim is to perpetuate cancer research and keep the chemotherapy and cancer industry going on forever.  There have been numerous cancer solutions but they would bring down the worldwide yearly $300 Billion cancer industry and bring down the drug corporations.

"Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them." - Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize winner).