Nimrod, the Babylonian version of the Sun God (Osiris is merely the Egyptian version of the same).

See: Horus  X sign

The phallus of Osiris in Hollywood? by Philip Coppens

Because human beings all through the ages have accepted gods interbreeding, or being accepted as humans. And that shows in Christianity, that shows in Judaism. They have also used Egyptology, or the Egyptian religions a lot.  And the present head of the Illuminati compares himself a lot with the Egyptian god Osiris and Horus, which is Osiris reborn. And also with the Arthurian legends of the Roundtable. And the name that he carries from that is Pindar, which actually means “Phallus of the Dragon.” And the other name, Osiris, he has carried because he takes the name at this time the Marquis de Libeaux [libero] which means liberator of or from the waters. And the story of Osiris is that he was cut into 14 pieces and thrown into the river Nile, and Isis found the pieces and put them back together again. And she could not find the 15th piece -- which happened to be the phallus -- so a gold phallus was made. And this is very important in this group.  In the Illuminati this is important. And it is important to think about the head of the Illuminati, because what comes from a golden phallus would be a superior seed for a race.  And this is what they are doing with all of these bloodlines to keep the bloodlines going.  They are impregnating people of Aryan blood, that hold high stations with them, impregnating them with this seed of Pindar. And therefore it’s important to keep this history in mind, and the names in mind, that he is going by at this time. Icke Video interview

" Bacchus or Osiris was represented by an equilateral triangle, and the sectarian mark of the worshippers of Siva is this hieroglyphic. The worship of Bacchus was the same as that which is paid to Siva, it had the same obscenities, the same cruel bloodthirsty rites, and the same emblem of the generative power. 15 " Durga, Kali, or Maha Kali as the Sacti, spouse or energetic will of Siva, the destructive power, bears a remarkable analogy with the Moloch of Scripture, as well as with Typhon, Saturn, Dis, Pluto, and other divinities of the West. 16 Occult Theocracy by Lady Queenborough (aka Edith Starr Miller.)

I found that the symbol of the skull and crossbones then, stretches back over thousands of years and relates entirely to the ancient ‘Shining Ones’ – and directly to Osiris, the Egyptian version of the original ‘Shining Father’ incarnated on earth. Not only that, but geographically it goes right into the heart of original Shining territory. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_masonsknightstemplar06.htm

Hammer, Arm, Sickle  Osiris (Asari) enthroned and in the process of judging the dead soul that passes through the trials of the underworld ("neter world") on its way to Amenta. Osiris holds the flail and sickle (or lituus). These two objects mean many things, but primarily symbolize the earth and royalty. They are also associated with the Western Druids. The majority of images of the pharaohs depict what appears to be a shepherd's crook. However, in this image from the Book of the Dead we clearly see the sacred sickle identical to that employed ritually by Western Druids. As Osiris was god of the earth, agriculture, and vegetation, it certainly makes more sense to see him holding the sickle, especially when the flail for winnowing is in his other hand. http://www.irishoriginsofcivilization.com/appendices/druidicsymbolism.html

The crosier, or pastoral staff of the Pope was also used by the Druids, and answers to the lituus of the Roman augurs and the hieralpha of the Hindoos - W. Winwood Reade (The Veil of Isis)



Caduceus Pine cone Staff of Osiris surrounded by the two serpents of the Kundalini. The staff represents the spine and the pine cone represents the pineal gland. http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/the-esoteric-interpretation-of-the-black-eyed-peas-meet-me-halfway/

Important German cathedral, rife with the pagan symbols found so often in secret societies. The PX symbol is the staff of the god Osiris, and the point on the circle represents phallic organs.
Albert G. Mackey, A Manual of the Lodge (New York: Charles E. Merrill Company, 1870): 56:
“The point within the circle is an interesting and important symbol in Freemasonry...the symbol is really a beautiful but somewhat abstruse allusion to the old sun-worship, and introduces us for the first time to that modification of it, among the ancients as the worship of the phallus."  http://amazingdiscoveries.org/albums/

Blige, Mary J

Corgan, Billy

Aleister Crowley

Osiride Pillar of Senusret I  Ankh

Tomb of Tutankhamon, coffin of Pharaoh Osiris, from Tutankhamon period

Osiris was the god of the dead, and ruler of the underworld. Osiris was the brother/husband of Isis, and the brother of Nepthys and Seth. He was also the father of Horus. As well as being a god of the dead, Osiris was a god of resurrection and fertility. In fact, the ancient Egyptians believed that Osiris gave them the gift of barley, one of their most important crops.  A large temple was built to honour Osiris at Abydos.

Son of Geb and Nut and brother (and eventual husband) to Isis, Osiris was originally a god of nature who symbolized the cycle of vegetation. In time, however, he became a god of the dead. How, you ask? Oh you’ll see. At his birth, he was proclaimed the “Universal Lord,” and he grew into a tall and handsome deity. When his father retired, Osiris became king of Egypt and took his sister, Isis, as his queen. 

He taught humans how to make bread and wine (thanks, bro!) and oversaw the building of the first temples and statues to the gods. In other words, this Osiris was a “do-er.” He built towns and laid down just laws, and everyone thought he was just super-great. Everyone he encountered was immediately transfixed by his charisma. “What a guy, that Osiris,” they’d say, “such a handsome, sweet dude.”

His younger brother, Seth, was not a fan. He grew jealous, and hatched a diabolical plan that was 100% silly-beans. You’ll hear all about it in the next post, The Tale of Osiris and Isis! Stay tuned!  http://bythegods.tumblr.com/post/526465148/osiris-son-of-geb-and-nut-and-brother-and

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