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The Anunnaki Elite have sometimes been referred to as the Nordics or Blondes. They are tall, robust, full of vigour, athletic and usually of fair complexion. Their symbol of status and power is the winged disc that represents their home star ZAOS.--Nibiru and the Anunnaki by D.M.

''He had arrived at the boulder overlook in darkness and in time to witness Lawrence Rockefeller gutting a terrified young girl in the middle of a circle of black-robed, torch-bearing celebrants, who had brought along a dozen or so other children to be killed during the ritual. DB was so infuriated that he vented his anger directly at the old murderous Illuminist, whose heart stopped. When the rat suddenly keeled over, dead, the others looked angrily around and he could hear them yelling, ‘Who did that!?’  The next morning, of course, the news of the old parasite’s death was announced in the news. DB told me that he had seen Rocky assume his genuine draconian form right before he slaughtered that little girl and his description was pretty graphic.''   [2004 March 26] The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft – Parts 81 – 90

''Such men are loathsome and I find it almost impossible to feel any empathy for them, though of course they never come for individual treatment so I don’t actually have to try. The word I use to describe them is reptilian: they seem so cold-blooded, without any genuine feeling for other people, and their desire to inflict pain or even destroy their former spouses seems inhuman, snake-like'' .The Vindictive Narcissist

"When we orbit back into the solar system and interact with Earth, you are our 3D refueling station, Anu Gas. There are things that we require from your sphere in order to continue our existence. If you ceased to exist, this would be like the station closing. When we are out in space, we are brave explorers of stellar consciousness. Like a satellite, we are limited in our ability to explore, and we encounter no other place like Earth. To give you a sense of the fruitfulness of your planet, the resources we gather from Earth carry us all the way through more than 3000 years of journeying in deep space. Only those of you who have experienced exile have any idea how lonely we get. The Kurds are our people, and they know how we feel. Once lonely, we become desperate and uncivilized. Long ago, we implanted the story of the Exodus deeply into your scriptures so that you could know how we feel when we are out in space. Instead, you use this story as a tool to condemn your enemies.
    "We mined gold from Earth, and we use it to protect our planetary aura when we come into the solar system. When we are farthest from the Sun, we come close to Sirius, but Sirius does not have planets. Our relationship with Sirius is about stellar consciousness, not planetary consciousness. The Sirians are the archetype of our stellar evolution, as the Pleiadians are the source of your stellar evolution. If we did not have Sirian higher awareness influencing us on some level, we would not evolve, as you would not evolve your spirits without the Pleiadians. (The Pleidian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow p.178)

[2007] Interview with Barbara Bartholic  To demonstrate this archaic response, consider the case of three attractive psychiatric nurses, working together at the same psychiatric hospital, who decided to spend their summer vacation together in New Mexico. While enjoying the spectacular mountain scenery, they agreed to turn off the main roadway onto what appeared to be a short-cut to their destination, which was a health spa. Fearing they were lost after hours of driving, they stopped at a small store in the middle of nowhere. It was actually the entrance to an underground facility, camouflaged by an old storefront. Hypnosis revealed three matching descriptions of a large underground reptilian alien base. As the women left the store, they were disoriented, unable to speak properly, and barely able to reach their destination. One nurse sitting in the back seat was writhing in considerable back pain. They begged me to work with them to see what had happened. After extensive regressive hypnosis, they were all in agreement that they had been abducted and subjected to forms of mental and physical abuse.

[1974] Beat Godfather Meets Glitter Mainman I met this man who was the living dead. Yellow in complexion, a wig on that was the wrong colour, little glasses. I extended my hand and the guy retired, so I thought, 'The guy doesn't like flesh, obviously he's reptilian.' He produced a camera and took a picture of me. And I tried to make small talk with him, and it wasn't getting anywhere..... I don't think that there is any person there. It's a very alien thing, completely and totally unemotional. He's really a science fiction character. He's got a strange green colour. .....Bowie: That's what struck me. He's the wrong colour, this man is the wrong colour to be a human being. Especially under the stark neon lighting in The Factory. Apparently it is a real experience to behold him in the daylight.

[Arizona Wilder] I was made to learn through Mothers of Darkness, which is a certain aspect of the organization, because it was an early, early part of my training, the history of what was the Illuminati on this planet. And what I learned was that the Aryans were originally from Mars.  And the reptilians came to that planet, they came from another place, they came to that planet to rule. They wanted to mix, so they said, with that race.  But they became the overlords. And the Martians, or Aryans, were seeking to escape from it. They went to the moon. And then were there attacked. And they then went to earth, and established culture here on earth, approximately 6,000 years ago. And at that point in time, they were doing well.  And they were mixing with the indigenous population of this earth.  They were getting along.  And then, about 4,000 years ago, the reptilians arrived here and again began to take over. And they installed themselves in various places, underground, in the earth.  And also this one part of them, the ruling part, took over and became involved in the politics, and in the religion, and started controlling through these means at that point in time. And using the gods and deities that were believed in on this planet, they started infiltrating into that and becoming that.  And blood rituals started happening. And since that time, that is the way it has been. And presently they claim to have come from the Merovingian bloodline. And there are 13 bloodlines in Europe, all that are called royalty, which are developed from, or come from, and they include the Aryans in this. And there’s been a big push in this century, for example, when Nazis came into power, fascists talking about the purity of staying pure, and the Aryan bloodlines staying pure.  What it is actually all about is keeping the blue-eyed blonde, or light red-haired people, the bloodlines, pure. Because it is more powerful. And what is in that blood for these reptilians is more powerful, and they need that. And when you start mixing it with people who were indigenous to this earth, then it is not as powerful. It has nothing to do with a person’s skin color or nationality, it has to do with keeping the bloodline pure for their use. Icke Video interview

I know it to be true because my brother, father and deceased grandfather were all reptilian. I first saw my brother and father in full reptilian form standing in the living room talking to each other when I was about 8-9 (27-28 years ago). Since then they have harassed, abused and arranged gang stalking of me for years. I have also been attacked by them a number of times. They know I know and have shown me what happens when I talk, they go after others I care about. Currently they are trying to attack my children. I can tell you they are real as I know 100% fact that they are (in as much as this illusion of reality appears real). Would this make any difference to you? You would still require your own first hand proof. I could get physical proof, such as one of their heads, post a vid of it on u tube and it would be called a hoax. And myself and my kids would be dead shortly after. This is why there is no hard evidence.--itsallinus

I recall that one of the more violent, remorseless ones was created when I was shut in a box, which was then filled with live insects. I was under five years of age, I think. I had to check out (split off), so I didn't go mad with terror, and when I 'went downstairs'. A new personality which had been previously prepared, was then programmed into me. I also remember that they can download complete personalities in one session. This is alien technology. Interview with a Female Milab “Abductee” (Lilu Tuatha) By Eve Lorgen, M.A.

This is what lies beneath the facade, the true face of your "leadership", government, military and media. They are all under reptilian control. These hybrid-shapeshifters were created by the master races (watchers) so they could rule humanity through proxy, remaining safely hidden from human awareness as they pull the strings from above.
    Their agents use a human face to advance the reptilian agenda, playing every role in every drama, manipulating humanity through deception and hypnosis. They are the framework of the control structure, occupying all the positions of power and influence at each level of society, from the "mainstream" to the "elite". They are among you and always have been, wolves pretending to be sheep, standing alongside yet above you. The only difference is that now you can see, having finally come out of your trance.
    These "illuminati" shapeshifters are the ones behind the depressions, wars and disasters, the torment and degradation of humanity. They seek to slow your vibration and cut your connection to higher Self to stop you from ascending. Even so, they always need your consent (or that of the majority) before any of these things can happen.
    Awareness is power. You must understand Universal Law and know your rights as a sovereign being. Stand up for what you truly believe and assert your will and intention. Your own ignorance and fear are the only things that can hold you back.
    If you spend your time thinking about what they're going to do to you and allow it to influence the way you think, what you decide to do or not do, then they already have you exactly where they want you. This is how they control the vast majority of people, by getting them to self -police/res train out of fear, under the imagined threat of what "big brother" will do to them, pumped up by their army of propagandists and fearmongers.
    So long as you are on the defensive running scared they will have their way with you every time When you lose the fear and stop running, turn and face it, you'll be able to see all of it for the illusion it is. Then and only then can you claim your power. FrequencyFence

The reptilians (draconians, orions) rule today's world through prosy, using their hybrid agents to control human civilization from the inside, while they remain hidden from human awareness. 
    These hybrids were engineered by splicing their own DNA with human DNA, producing a creature that was capable of shapeshifting back and forth between the two distinct forms (Cain bloodline). In addition to their shapeshifting capabilities, the hybrids were also better suited to surface life under the Sun.
    The reptilians sent their hybrid shapeshifiters to infiltrate human societies, to rise through the ranks into positions of power, mainly through deception and murder. From pharaohs and emperors to kings and queens to presidents and prime ministers, they are always in the fold.
    The master reptilian-intruder races are the "watchers", the all-seeing eye above the pyramid, the mind behind the matrix, while the illuminati shapeshifiers are their hands, molding the physical aspects of human society, enforcing their will from ground level.

The reptilian-Illuminati bloodlines view themselves as the children of the "gods", from whom they have been given the absolute right to rule over humanity.
    In order to retain their dominant reptilian traits and shapeshifting talent, these families must interbreed religiously. They need to have a certain configuration of reptilian genetic code within their DNA to maintain their connection and value to the master races, the "gods", who provide them the knowledge and tools they need to control humanity. Their ability to be possessed may also depend on this.
    By the same token, if they end up excessively dominant to the reptilian side, it becomes very difficult for them to assume and hold human form, which carries its own set of problems. Given how important this is to their ability to remain on top, it's not surprising that they keep such meticulous records of family trees and genetic histories.
    As the vibratory rate increases during this Great Shift, and more Light enters the Universe, the reptilians are finding that their control grid (hive mind) is having a harder time suppressing human consciousness, keeping it contained within the box.
    I believe this is the reason why their attacks have intensified dramatically in recent years - fluoride, mercury, aluminum, excitotoxins, parasites, drugs of all kinds, TV, subliminal*, cell phones/towers, chemtrails, HAARP, etc. The goal is to break down the human brain (pineal gland) to such an extent that it can no longer support higher consciousness. FrequencyFence

    The "civilization" is an ILLUSION.
    Politics, economy, entertainment, media, nations, leaders, world events, wars and even weather - it's all window dressing for the matrix. By believing in this false reality, allowing your thoughts and energy to be consumed by the daily grind of survival, the endless trivia and lies, you make it your cage.
    Humans feed their belief and emotion into the system, the matrix, and this energy is harvested by the parasites. They are farming humanity, and they've been at it for a very long time.
    That's why they're putting on this show, all of these reptilian actors, to draw us into creating their reality, to limit our consciousness-awareness to the smallest of boxes and manipulate our thoughts and emotions through various belief systems and contrived events.
    You will be free once you stop believing in it and giving it your energy. Ignorance and fear are the only things that can keep us imprisoned. FrequencyFence

"The new world order/armageddon" is an ILLUSION.
    They want you to concentrate all of your attention and energy into negative possibilities to slow your vibration and get you to manifest your own prison. We cannot be forced against our will, and that's why they work the system to gain our belief using deception, to get us to consent to their version of reality.
    Remember that the media exists to promote the intruder agenda of fear and dichotomy. YouTube is no exception. Their agents are everywhere and they will always be the ones that receive the greatest promotion. Look very closely and you'll find many reptilian hybrids/shapeshifters among them.
    Always be aware of what's happening with your energy and vibration as you interact with others, even when you're "just" watching. Examine the manner of speech/writing, the facial expressions and eye movements, and use your intuition to discern their intent.  If something feels wrong, it is. Intuition will never fail you. Silence the noise and learn to listen. FrequencyFence

"Whenever we were working against Satanic targets, the thread would always go back to one or more Reptilians.  It seems that Reptilians actually created Satanism."--- SETH'S STORY

The All-Seeing Eye is used to represent the planet Sirius. Sirius is important to the Hermetic magicians, and some of the programmers are deeply into hermetic magic. Satan is said to come from Draco or Sirius, esp. the dog star Canis major. Masonic programming may well have the "blazing star" portrayed in the programming as a pentagram, with the name Sirius. Sirius may represent the Master, the creator of the system in some systems where the programmer is steeped in Masonic philosophy.  Deeper Insights 4. The Use of Hypnosis 

We have two major symbols representing our species. One (the more ancient) symbol is a blue serpent with four white wings on a black background (the colors have religious meanings for us). This symbol was used from certain parts of my society, but it is today very seldom—you humans have copied it very often in your old writings. The other symbol is a mystic being you would call a "Dragon" in the shape of a circle with seven white stars in the middle. This symbol is much more common today. If you see one of that symbols on a cylindrical craft I've described in my previous answer or on some underground installation, this thing or place belongs definetely to us (and I would advise you to go away from there as soon as possible). [2004] The Lacerta Files Interview with a Reptilian

How do they do it? Well, sad to say, there are sexual rituals involving demonic beings known as sucubus and incubus. These reptilian beings densify during the slaughter of a young virgin girl, no older than 12, but menstruating. That's the reason for the growth hormones in milk - to produce more menstruating young women in western countries. It was getting tough - as the CIA continued its Satanic expansion of itself into every town, city, and hamlet in the North and Southern Americas, to fill the needs of the Beast. Plus, keeping their own undead here, requires a whole cataloge of young children.

we, too, are not prejudiced against reptiles Wink Speaking of which, Andy was with Carol and I at a Denny's near his place in LA--I think it was five years ago--and the only other diner was an old guy, wearing a belt and suspenders, who faced us throughout our meal and stared at us without changing his expression. His eyes were all black, just like in the horror movies Wink .. All of us saw that. It was kind of like the meal at an IHOP outside of Atlanta that Carol and I shared with Al Bielek during which three hours (mostly talking, not eating) an androgenous couple with very weird facial features and apparent wigs sat and stared at us the entire time, without even ordering any food. It seems like the waitresses avoided the room for the whole time
    When DB and I were trying out the then-new Powerwand at his place in Pasadena he took me on a tour of the neighborhood to point out the wetworkers from the variouis agencies who had murdered the previous residents (heart attacks) and moved into their homes in order to be ready to murder DB and his wife and kids on a moment's notice.
    As we passed near the NSA 'safe house' across the street, a gal drove a big car out of the driveway, right past us, and she had green skin, no hair, no ears and a little stubby nose. I say 'gal' because she was wearing female clothing. Later that day, I went on an errand and took his boys along with me. When I got back, he reported that two ambulances had shown up at the NSA house, not long after I'd left my Powerwand pointed at it on the fence. Two bodies were taken away, in different directions, and one of the bodies was covered by a sheet--I always wondered if that one was Green Gal.
    That was the weirdest year of my life, including box surveillance, an attempted drug sting operation by the local cops on DB and ourselves, each, lots of spaceship encounters, overt reptilian and draconian encounters, etc. I wonder if anyone can show me fiction or $#!+bird disinformation that is more bizarre or interesting. I doubt it.
    I think these little film clips are going to excite the old cadre of CIA/MI6 $#!+slingers to a frenzy and that, too, will be fun to watch and experience. Fortunately for me, 'trouble' is just another word for 'fun.' ~Don

Then I met a young lady called  Rita who invited me to her party in Edinburgh and she took me into a room and we both knelt on the carpet facing each other seven or so feet apart. She suddenly pushed the pleasure button in my mind. It was intense and almost unbearable – she did this three times with the exact same intensity. I knew that if she had kept that up I might not be free here today. People with such a power can unnaturally persuade and influence ordinary humans in business or in the operation of their day to day existence by more gently stimulating this process, making friends and winning their confidence in an unnatural way. It became obvious to me that some people who looked as human as I were not all they were making themselves out to be. Some of these people were clearly  hostile and anti-human – and that’s how I came to dig up the information on our Telepathic Overlords and their anti-human ideas. [30TH MARCH 2008] TRICE SHERIDAN INTERVIEWING Andrew Hennessey

Interview of Eve Lorgen for German Website by Corinna Bloess  From the abduction reports, I believe the Greys ( at least the ones performing genetic, medical and emotional experiments) and many Reptilians are seeking from us a delicacy that amounts to human prana and “kundalini sexual energy”. If we look deeply into the energetics and spiritual aspects of the abduction activities, we can see that there is something deeper going on. This is what the love bite” dramas led me to hypothesize. Primal creative energy can be generated from a human emotional and physical body through amplification of the sexual and kundalini energy pathways......In general the “negative aliens” will try to steal from us what they cannot produce on their own: primal creative love energy via kundalini arousal, and a deep emotional connection to the divine source.

I and my family were born non-telepathic and our heritage as the planetary monkeys was only ever intended to be the fruits of derision. Such peoples with such powers as telepathy, and I believe there to be many, have revealed themselves as nothing whatsoever to aspire to. A whole hierarchy of form that all looks human runs the gamut of ascendancy from blueblood shapeshifting lizard, through very functional Aryan hybrid, to base non-telepathic monkeys like myself. The first two categories, I believe to take up 20% of the western population. Chapter 4-6 MONKEYS OF EDEN - the telepathic Overlords and the Slaves of Earth - by Andrew Hennessey

During particular rituals, Reptilians would lead the humans.  The Reptilian would wear a cloak, sometimes with a high scooping collar.  They were always highly arrogant but offered me great (fake) respect.  Some had no horns. Some had a ring of horns around the head and were subordinate and specialized in mindform warfare.  Sometimes it seemed that the Reptilian was not at the ritual with the humans physically, but was projecting in to the room, but still ordering them around.  The Reptilians also used technology, and would conduct their own tests to control or kill me with their space ships.  The Greys would do what the Reptilians told them, and would be directed to conduct their own tests with supervision.  The Rep’s, Grey’s or Human could not engineer their ship into my local physical, but “closeby” and still deliver a strike that felt like a lightning bolt attempting to separate me from my body violently.  There was a feeling to me that the Reptilians could not completely enter our level of physical density except in certain circumstances. SETHS STORY

I personally have no use for any of the reptile 'info' though I've seen reptiles.  I apparently killed one with my new Powerwand a couple of years ago.   Green skin; no nose or ears.  I know they're no more than parasites. The scam is that they 'run the world' and 'own humanity.' Here's where a little intellectual integrity can serve us:  all of that drama is based on the assumption that humanity is a few thousand years old as a specie. How is that much different from believing that God made Eve from one of Adam's ribs?---Don Croft

The Reptoid establishment however, has only one purpose, to detach the Monkeys of the Spiritual Forests of God and predate on them. In order to do that - it must paint a picture of death and finite constraints. Thus it builds religions out of death, and sets up barriers between the questing souls and God. It denies us eternity and says that our souls are but material that will perish. It says that our eternity is small and constrained - and denies us the scientific advance we need to explore it.
    It gives the monkey no hope in a world that is a diseased slaughterhouse, and using its telepathic predators, harvests the despair of monkey dissolution whilst opening up the monkey soul and shell to the frightening possibility of demonic reptile possession.
    At that point, the monkeys are faced with a science that cannot or will not explain its predicament, and telepathic reptoid wise men and doctors who do know but perpetuate the disease and the hosting in the name of their ancient ancestors. The monkeys have nowhere to turn except to believe that they are mentally and spiritually diseased and blind to the reptoid deceit and motives happily partake of destructive pharmaceuticals in the misplaced trust that these chemicals will make their problem go away.
    The only cure for mismanaged reality, however, is Truth. Chapter 4-6 MONKEYS OF EDEN - the telepathic Overlords and the Slaves of Earth

In the few cases that I am very familiar with, when the "base line" was reached, reptilians were involved. ........In one case that I recount in "Into the Fringe," James had mostly conscious recollections and almost no hypnosis. He remembered being drawn into the proximity of a beautiful "Pleiadian" woman, who was very alluring and tender, and almost seductive. She wanted him to come into her embrace. When he got into the embrace, and thought she was going to kiss him, she disappeared entirely, and what was left in her place was a purplish-black, bumpy, almost slimy-looking character with fairly asymmetrical features. I have encountered this same type of creature in a couple of other cases. The entity was very strong. Instead of embracing James, the creature threw him down on the ground and shoved a two-foot-long tube down his throat, into his stomach, and pulled up stomach juices. The next day, he still had some of the bile taste, the interior of his throat was sore, and he discovered claw marks around both sides of his neck, where he had been held down. Whatever the entity was, there was something claw-like about it (which, of course, matches reptilians). Maybe, as close as he was to it, he could not perceive the whole figure. But he could see a bumpy covering, which could equate to the rough, scaly exterior sometimes reported to be reptilian. It is described as bumpy, ridged, bony, strong, clawed.
    Some people say that they transform -- that they mutate or change their own real forms. I don't accept that as accurate. I don't believe they really look like a blond, and they do something to trick you and then they suddenly look like a reptilian. I think that what they alter is human perception. They certainly can project false images -- just as Ted's [Ted Rice's] grandmother was shown her dead husband, so that she would consent to have a sexual encounter. Ted's grandfather had been dead for six years. And in the middle of having the encounter with what she thought was her restored husband, the image disappeared -- I suppose because the aliens wanted to get the "emotional juice" from her -- and she saw a 'reptoid' on top of her. We also have heard stories about military people being present during abduction, and when people focus on them, they change. Budd Hopkins tells a story about a person who saw a military policeman. He wondered why on Earth the MP was there, and tried to focus very carefully on him. When he did so, the MP changed, before his eyes, into an officer of high rank, and then into a NAZI officer. Interview with Karla Turner, Ph.D. From Contact Forum, May/June 1995

This really happened somewhere in NOrth America last weekend but I promised not to divulge the details. It didn't happen in Kalifornia Uber Alles, unfortunately. A good friend of mine was introduced to a governor at a formal dinner and the governor nearly fell over from the effects of the orgonite on the person of the friend  right in the presence of the two black-suited/earphoned thugs in attendance and the rest of the neo-scaly entourage. Priceless!  ---Don Croft

I remember the Greys as doctors or technicians. I believe the Reptilians stay camouflaged (cloaked) most of the time. They prefer to appear human because they are naturally fierce looking. The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

We have received psychic attacks fairly often since The Mars Records were released. These attacks take the form of surveillance, monitoring and blocking of clearing sessions, energy "drains" being hooked into each of us, offensive attacks meant to hurt us using radionics, psychotronics and various "death signal" devices as well as RV and psychic attacks while sleeping. The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

He had arrived at the boulder overlook in darkness and in time to witness Lawrence Rockefeller gutting a terrified young girl in the middle of a circle of black-robed, torch-bearing celebrants, who had brought along a dozen or so other children to be killed during the ritual. DB was so infuriated that he vented his anger directly at the old murderous Illuminist, whose heart stopped. When the rat suddenly keeled over, dead, the others looked angrily around and he could hear them yelling, ‘Who did that!?’ The next morning, of course, the news of the old parasite’s death was announced in the news. DB told me that he had seen Rocky assume his genuine draconian form right before he slaughtered that little girl and his description was pretty graphic. maybe you can get it directly from one of his blogs but for our purpose, I’ll refer to all of the predators in human form as humans, while not doubting at all that what DB is relating is accurate. If you, too, will steer clear of belief, denial and judgement, you’re guaranteed to be as happy as I am. [August 6, 2004] Count 'I Ain't' Saint Germaine and The Rattlesnake

We moved a lot deeper into the cave until we got to a point where Carol and Ryan saw a Watcher, which is one of the very old ET entities assigned to report intrusions, etc, to killing sites. Those two attacked the entity, who appeared to both of them to slink on all fours up out of the deeper reaches and was around 20 feet tall when he stood up—maybe he’s actually just a little jerk, doing a Wizard of Oz act, though.[August 6, 2004] Count 'I Ain't' Saint Germaine and The Rattlesnake. Juicing at the Devil's Punchbowl, Part 1 by Don Croft

David Icke pointed out in The Biggest Secret that the actual rulers of this planet are Reptilians who reside in the lower fourth dimension and who work through their reptilian-human hybrids that have attained positions of power on Earth. These reptilian-human hybrids are the driving force behind most of the systemic cruelty and wickedness on Earth. The use of Mind Controlled Sex Slaves, the International Child Prostitution business, Sexual Slavery and Torture, International Drug Trafficking with its concomitant miseries, Genocide, Human Experimentation, Chem Trail spraying ad nauseum are all spawned from the Reptilian Mind.
    When one studies the Reptilian Mind, horrors such as Occultic Rituals involving human sacrifice and the horrendous and systematic sexual exploitation of women and children becomes understandable. These wicked attributes are imbued into their manipulated humans the world over at all strata of society. The result is a worldwide smorgasbord of human misery and suffering.. Why does a cruel and remorseless muppet dictator need to see the bigger picture and even know shapeshfiting reptilian exist? His job (and overwhelmingly muppet dictators are male) is to ensure the humans in "his" own country lead miserable lives. UNDERSTANDING THE REPTILIAN MIND By James Bartley

The Medical System is controlled by the Draco's through the vehicle of the American Medical Association which uses Gestapo like methods to squelch any efforts at using SUCCESSFUL alternative medical treatments, especially as they apply to supposedly "incurable diseases." The World Health Organization metes out the same treatment to the rest of the planet especially to the so-called Third World. UNDERSTANDING THE REPTILIAN MIND By James Bartley

The reptilians are paraphysical beings who can alter their vibrational density to operate within the confines of our three dimensional world both in and out of the normal visual spectrum.
    The reptilians can manipulate the human "dreamscape" and install all manner of conditioning and programming much of which is erotic or perverse in nature. They specialize in manipulating ones dreamscape with erotic imagery specifically designed to promote certain behaviours and alternative lifestyles within a given abductee population. I know of no one else besides our team who is even aware of this very basic and pervasive reptilian programming agenda.
The definition of the word "Lifespan" as we understand the term does not apply to these reptilians who live in their own vibrational density long enough to manipulate countless generations of a given genetic/soul matrix population in our dimension.
The reptilians are master geneticists who have created subserviant races of non-human beings to act as Specialists tasked with furthering certain agendas directly impacting the human race including but not limited to genetic and soul matrix manipulation of the abductee population. It is through the latter program that Hosts are created through apparently normal human childbirth. These reptilian hosts are geared to sow confusion, discordance and disinformation amongst the abductee population. ON THE MARCH by James Bartley

The reptilians promote the use of certain methamphetamines in particular "Crank" or "Crystal Methedrine" in order to better control and in some cases, to ultimately utilize the abductee as a Host. The latter types of amphetamines have a "sympathetic resonance" to the reptilians and some of their gray workers.
........Why do you think Alcohol has been referred to for centuries as "Spirits?" Because prolonged use opens doorways, which allow discarnate entities the opportunity to enter into the auric field and physical body of the drinker! This is why truly sensitive people feel like bathing after they step into a "dive bar" for even a few minutes because of the discarnate entities clinging onto the auric fields of some of the dive bar patrons. This is why I have my "shields up" during the infrequent times I attend UFO conferences and lectures because I don't feel like having my energy drained by the parasitic entities that have attached themselves to some of the conference junkies who keep attending lectures and conferences in the forlorn hope that someone else will explain their own reality to them. If you've ever wondered why you feel exhausted or why your knees are wobbly after an abductee support group or a UFO lecture you needn't wonder anymore. ON THE MARCH by James Bartley

I should remind the reader that to her dying day Olympia, the mother of Alexander the Great insisted that her son was conceived during sexual intercourse between herself and what she described as a python. Olympia was an initiate of the Dionysian Mystery Schools and had frequently inbibed in hallucinogenics during these rituals many of which involved blood sacrifices, contrary to what some would have you believe. It has also been alleged that Julius Caesar was the product of a union between his mother and an Incubi. ON THE MARCH by James Bartley

I would strongly discourage anyone from meditating at or near energy ley lines, dimensional vortex areas and the like. Such places serve as "the membrane" between dimensions which is precisely why UFO's are frequently seen over areas with high electromagnetic anomalies. (That doesn't mean I believe UFO's are strictly interdimensional in nature. There is a school of thought which holds that the UFO phenomenon is either Extraterrestrial or Interdimensional in nature and are mutually exclusive to each other. I disagree. It all relates to frequency and resonance.) ON THE MARCH by James Bartley

The reader must understand that reptilians detest CATS. CATS are the best reptilian detectors and reptilian busters known to mankind. They have been known to wake up female abductees moments before the onset of a reptilian abduction or rape. UNDERSTANDING THE REPTILIAN MIND By James Bartley

Some of you may have read my previous papers "The Grand Strategy of the Reptilians" and "Common Sense: Rebuttal to a Reptile in Human Clothing." I deliberately withheld the release of those two papers onto the internet until such a time when there were no "Imminent Landings" , "Signals from Space" "Revealed Hoaxes" or any other mindless crap which seems to whip the UFO community into a frenzy every other month at least.  ON THE MARCH by James Bartley

The reptilians are masters of frequency and resonance and can shape shift at will. They have often appeared to abductees as "Nordics" or "Blondes" or "Spirit Guides" and have conveyed to them much neutralist-positivist information. Throughout history the reptilians have used the image of Nordics as a screen to carry out their nefarious activities.
    By that I do not mean that there are no "Nordics" as such. Please do not hear what I didn’t say. I am merely saying that for their own reasons the reptilians have consistently and persistently utilized the "Blond Aryan" or "Nordic" image as a smokescreen to further their own agenda at the expense of the human race and may even be using captive or genetically engineered elements of Nordic beings as subject races within their spheres of influence.  ON THE MARCH by James Bartley

When the reptilians have decided that an abductee has gone "too far" they will exact their preferred method of retribution which is Cancer. It is an excruciating way to die and the reptilians extract every last iota of physical and emotional anguish from their victim until their demise. ON THE MARCH by James Bartley

I would strongly discourage anyone from meditating at or near energy ley lines, dimensional vortex areas and the like. Such places serve as "the membrane" between dimensions which is precisely why UFO's are frequently seen over areas with high electromagnetic anomalies. (That doesn't mean I believe UFO's are strictly interdimensional in nature. There is a school of thought which holds that the UFO phenomenon is either Extraterrestrial or Interdimensional in nature and are mutually exclusive to each other. I disagree. It all relates to frequency and resonance.) Occult Ritual activity is practiced in areas where electromagnetic anomalies exist because it is easier to create portals to allow beings from other dimensions into our space-time continuum. ON THE MARCH by James Bartley

The reptilian host that my friend shared an apartment with brought into my experience a woman who was literally demon possessed. I referred to her as Demon Infested Deborah. Demon Infested Deborah brought unimaginable amounts of grief and misery into my life.
    Demon Infested Deborah was possessed of the most crudest, perverse and vulgar characteristics imaginable and she was the hypnotherapist of the reptilian host's support group! (She called herself an "alchemical hypnotherapist" whose mission in life was to "deprogram people." She should have started with herself.)
    Only a reptilian host could have found someone like her. In fact some of the most whacked out and confused people I've ever met were in that host's "support group." Demon Infested Deborah now resides in a suburb outside of Atlanta Georgia.
    Do we have any volunteers who are willing to submit to a hypnotic regression by someone who is literally possessed of multitudes of trouble making spirits and who has the most feces oriented behavior imaginable? Any takers? And if you do not believe in demonic possession you are merely revealing your ignorance because its a given in many societies and cultures in the world except this one. I identified at least five different demons inside of Demon Infested Deborah at which point I stopped counting.
    My only "crime" as regards my treatment of the reptilian host and Demon Infested Deborah was that I loved them unconditionally, did not judge them and did everything in my power to help them overcome whatever challenges they may have had but I may as well have tried to stop a tidal wave with my bare hands. It is simply not in the base nature of reptilian beings and demonic entities to repay your kindness with anything other than sheer grief and misery. ON THE MARCH by James Bartley

I'll tell you another thing about some of these "X" factor abductees: Some of them can literally see the reptilian image superimposed over other abductees or RESEARCHERS.

If someone can develop something akin to Kirlian photography that would allow us to photograph the reptilian entity overshadowing the host and put the pictures up on the internet I guarantee you some paradigms would be shattered.

The abductee community would be aghast at how numerous these hosts are and how pervasive is their malign influence upon the lives of abductees. ON THE MARCH by James Bartley

I know of a case where a reptilian had sexually assaulted a female milab and thus activated the kundalini energy of the woman. No sooner had the reptilian left than the military instantaneously brought the woman via some hi-tech means, to their underground installation. The military controllers then tasked the female milab with an astral op. Responding to the suggestions and encouragement of her controllers, the milab (perhaps with the help of the aforementioned technology) sent her astral body to the Persian Gulf region to observe several people who had gathered together at a private meeting. She then verbally reported her perceptions to her controllers....... In this incident the military had either colluded with the reptilian or became aware of the reptilian’s appearance in the woman’s bedroom. The military has sensors that indicate when an electromagnetic disturbance or event has occurred that is indicative of a reptilian manifestation. Again, genetic markers would likely have identified the woman as a person having reptilian encounters. Reptilians and dracs (winged gargoyle species) tend to follow certain bloodlines. Other genetic markers would have identified her as someone with latent paraphysical abilities. She would already have been under close surveillance as a milab. The military would have known that the likely outcome of such an encounter would be a reptilian sexual assault on the woman. Moreover, the military controllers know that a predictable by-product of such a reptilian sexual encounter would be enhanced astral and psychic abilities on the part of the woman for a short period of time.  From the military’s standpoint, this would be the ideal time to exploit the woman’s psychic abilities. (This is similar to the human tantric magickal practice of repetitively bringing the woman to the point of orgasm but stopping before climax. This tends to amplify the woman’s psi abilities.) Milab Operations Detailed article about military and alien abductions. By James Bartley. (PDF)

Non-Human Handlers of Milabs I have met milabs who claim that the being or beings responsible for their training were non-humans. In some instances, the trainers were shape-shifting reptilians. The training occurred in underground installations and on secure above-ground reservations where U.S. military personnel were present. “Ruby” the military’s code name for a female milab from the southern United States, has described to me the anti-terrorist training she has received. Ruby has been used in training and ops with other milabs from different parts of the country. On one occasion I was on the phone with Ruby as part of a three way call with another milab making up the third party. During our phone conversation, we all heard a phone ring on the line that we shared. We asked each other if we had made another phone call on an extra line. None of us had. I couldn’t have if I wanted to because both of my lines were already being used.
After a couple of rings, the phone was answered and it was a fourth milab that we had just been talking about! This fourth milab, a woman from the southwest named “Angelina”, had been used in training and ops with Ruby. After we got over the surprise of the unexpected phone call (obviously arranged by the deep black military that controls these milabs) Angelina and Ruby began talking. Ruby told me during this four way conversation that she was starting to “trance out” merely by listening to Angelina’s voice since the only times they have met and interacted with one another was during these military training scenarios.
    Ruby told me that her primary military trainer “Mike” was a Caucasian male who spoke English with a European accent. Mike wore a military uniform. At various times during the training, Mike would suddenly shape-shift into a reptilian. This usually happened when he was angry or agitated about Ruby’s performance or level of effort during the training. Ruby is an example of someone with legitimate alien abduction experiences who was also a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse. She had seen the dreaded Men In Black and had noticed how they shape-shifted into reptilians after she had banished them from her presence in the Name of Jesus Christ. She says that a swirling vortex appeared behind the MiBs/Reptilians. The reptilians were sucked into the vortex and then the vortex closed up. This experience with the MiBs occurred in her bedroom. Milab Operations Detailed article about military and alien abductions. By James Bartley. (PDF)

Female milabs and female monarchs have both reported encounters with reptilians and with humans shapeshifting into reptilians. (The phenomenon known as “shapeshifting” was well known long before David Icke’s seminal works on the subject. Some of the earliest reported instances of shapeshifting involved not humans but “nordic” aliens shapeshifting into reptilians. Reptilians have also been known to disguise themselves as “tall greys” and even human military personnel.) Milabs tend to have more experiences with Greys, Nordics, Insectoids and other types of aliens as compared to monarchs. Milabs have been used by both aliens and their military controllers to operate complex technology. Milab Operations Detailed article about military and alien abductions. By James Bartley. (PDF)

"I worked under the direction of a reptilian/Draco [at Montauk]. The name "Draco" is actually the name of the star system. It is the whole area of the reptilian races. The reptilians were heavily involved in the Montauk project. At Montauk there was a very tall winged reptilian. He was very, very powerful. The reptilians are tired of living hidden lives and they are very anxious to become public once more as they have been in the past. In order to do that they are literally blitzing the media with reptilian like programmes and shows, especially for children, and they are preparing adults through electromagnetic transmissions for the public appearance of reptilians. One of their biggest weaknesses is that they are not very spiritually minded - they don’t have a lot of psychic ability - and they rely a lot on technology and controlling others with technology. The biggest threat to them is people having control of their own minds."
- Stewart Swerdlow referring to the Draco/Reptilians.

When the Chitauli gets sick this way, a young girl, a virgin, is usually kidnapped by the servant of the Chitauli and is brought to the underground place.  There the girl is bound, hand and foot, and wrapped in a golden blanket, and is forced to lie next to the Chitauli, the sick Chitauli, week after week, being well fed and well cared for, but kept bound hand and foot, and only released at certain times to relieve herself.   It is said that after the sick Chitauli shows signs of getting better, then the human girl is manipulated into trying to escape.  She is given a chance to escape, a chance which is really not a chance.  Then, when the girl escapes, she runs, but she is pursued over a long distance underground by flying creatures which are made of metal, and she is recaptured when she reaches the height of fear and exhaustion.
    Then she is laid on an altar, usually a rough rock, flat on top.  Then, she is cruelly sacrificed, sir, and her blood is drunk by the sick Chitauli, which then recovers.  But, the girl must not be sacrificed until she is very, very, very frightened, because if she is not frightened, it is said that her blood will not save the sick Chitauli.  It must be the blood of a very frightened human being, indeed. 
    Now, this habit of chasing a victim was also practiced by ordinary African cannibals, sir.  In Zulu-land, in the last century, there were cannibals who used to eat people, and their descendants, even today, will tell you, if they trust you, that the flesh of the human being who has been frightened and made to run over a great distance, while trying to escape, tastes far better than the flesh of someone who was simply killed. 
[Interview] CREDO MUTWA On Alien Abduction & Reptilians

Jabulon, sir, is a very strange god.  He is supposed to be the leader of the Chitauli.  He is a god, to my great surprise, which I find certain groups of White people, especially, worshipping.  We have known about Jabulon for many, many centuries, we Black people.  But I am surprised that there are White people who worship this god, and these people, amongst them are people whom many have blamed for all the things that have happened on this Earth, namely, the Freemason people.  We believe that Jabulon is the leader of the Chitauli.  He is the Old One.  And one of his names, in the African language, sir, is Umbaba-Samahongo-'the lord king, the great father of the terrible eyes'-because we believe that Jabulon has got one eye which, if he opens it, you die if he looks at you.
    It is said, sir, the Umbaba ran away from an eastern land during a power struggle with one of his sons, and he took refuge in Central Africa, where he hides in a cave, deep underground.  And it is an amazing thing, sir-it is said that under the Mountains of the Moon in Zaire is this great city of copper, of many thousands of shining buildings.  There dwells the god Umbaba or Jabulon.  And this god is waiting for the day when the surface of the Earth will be cleared of human beings so that he, and his children, the Chitauli, can come out and enjoy the heat of the Sun. 
    He is the chief of the Chitauli.  And, like Satan, he lives in a house underground where great fires are always lighted, to keep him warm.  Because, we are told, that after the great war they fought with God, they became cold in their blood and they cannot stand freezing weather, which is why they require human blood, and also they require fire always to be kept working where they are.
[Interview] CREDO MUTWA On Alien Abduction & Reptilians

We learned that this reptilian queen was directly responsible for maintaining the network of voodoo societies throughout Africa, through ten of her offspring with human fathers. Credo Mutwa tells that the queen had invited him to mate with her but he refused. We found this out later on. [2002] The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft – Parts 11 – 20

I believe in reptilians and shape-shifters and I would like to say I am relatively "normal", meaning NO mental health disorders. I would like to confirm that this species is REAL at least in my experience. I have personally encountered one in 1999 and it was the scariest thing that I have had happen to me to this date and it has opened my eyes.

Please note at the time the only "alien" I had believed in was E.T. and the notion this is such a vast universe we live in how can there NOT be life on other planets. I would also like to state I am VERY intuitive and have been as far as I remember so I am very attuned with energy changes and pick up on things others do not or can not. They call it being an Empath

I met this female in a prison I worked in of all places. I immediately notice this lady when she came to the prison. It was the energy I notice not necessarily "her" so, I payed attention. I observed her without her noticing at least I thought and finally my intuition urges me to talk to her so, I initiated a conversation. Well the conversation ended up being about quantum Physics which, I was very interested in at that time because of the polar shift info that was coming out at the time. At the end, I was like she was pretty interesting but I couldn't put my finger on the oddness I felt with her. Her energy was just plain" weird". And I think this is what made me like want to figure her out so to speak.

Well one afternoon, I was in my office, which was very small and she came into talk to me. When she walked in I felt this immediate INTENSE & suffocating like feeling, so intense in fact, I instinctively backed away from her and turned my head to catch a breath. When I turned around to face her, her eyes, which were an odd greenish color, made a flickering like movement and her PUPILS actually shifted/moved into a like slit like a lizard and then the color went to a like fire color. THAT shocked the crap out of me and I jumped and even let out a yelp. I shook my head as to like reset everything you know how you do when you see something UNBELIEVABLE. I opened my eyes and she was looking at me with this like odd so very odd grin and EVERYTHING with in me told me to get out of her vicinity immediately and I listened. After this incident , which I chuffed off as my imagination because, I did not KNOW anything about this alien reptilian stuff until 2008 when searching for something NOT EVEN related on youtube and I came across a video saying Bush was a reptilian (I dislike Bush and I have for years said him AND his clan were satan don't ask me why.) anyhoo, my intuition told me to watch it so I did and I CHIT my pants! His eyes did the SAME thing that lady's did! Okay do I digress a bit...

So anyhow for the next few weeks there was no contact I was to scared cause I SERIOUSLY thought this woman was possessed by a demon, little did I know ha ha, and I went about my work day and avoided her. I had noticed ( at this prison there was a track for the female inmates to walk and it was used by many) during the week I noticed she walked the track and while she was doing this I saw her flicking stuff off of her body in various places and mumbling something. You know like a person would pull a bug off of themselves and throw it away from them. I thought this was a bit odd and so curiosity got the better of me and I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was taking the fat off of herself. I was like ohhh okay.

It was then and there I got the voice in my ear that said see mind control is real you can do anything with the mind.

Well, with in the next 1 1/2 months the same lady whom I now avoided, escaped out of a minimum security prison OUT THE FRONT GATE THREE TIMES! And NO ONE SAW HER NOT EVEN VIDEO each time. When I heard this I was so amazed and thought how the hell do you WALK out the FRONT gate of a secured prison. Needless to say, this lady was transferred the maximum security prison and held in the locked down psych ward and I do believe she is still there. Her charge was the murder of her boyfriend whom she pushed out of a hotel window while on a crack binge.

So I conclude, I KNOW and have SEEN it with my OWN eyes up close and personal and there is MORE than meets the eye when it comes to reptilians at least. THEY EXIST THEY DO THEY DO and even in the small rural places no one thinks of cause this is where I was living middle of nowhere.