Sarah Palin
Political Mafia

[2014 April] Sarah Palin says 'waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists' if she were President

Sarah Palin Stokes The Fire Of The U.S. Culture Of Violence

[vid] Sarah Palin Subliminal Hand Gestures on Fox News

Kissinger, Palin, Mengele: How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go? Pt.2

Kissinger, Palin, Mengele:How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go? Monarch Mind Control & Global Management Team Pt. 1


Reflections (symbol)

Body morphing

[2010] Close Encounters with Celebrities & Show Business by 'feliciag' and

Satanic Hand sign

Lightning bolt

Look alikes  Crawford, Cindy  

Eye (all seeing signs)

Sun, Sun Gods, Halo

CHIARINI, ED [vid] Who is Bristol Palin?

Murdoch  Graham, Billy   Palin, Sarah   "I (Fiona Barnett) was trafficked to the USA, to Bohemian Grove where I was drugged & raped by the Rev BILLY GRAHAM - Richard Nixon's pal, in a pink bubble room. I was also made to dress up like a teddy bear and play hide, seek & rape. I also witnessed the ritual murder of a person by politicians dressed up in robes. I was taken via Sydney airport, in a crate like an animal. On the way home I was drugged, raped and beaten at an exclusive, after hours, pedo gathering at Disneyworld. Yes, Walt Disney was a pedo. Why do you think the Mickey Mousketeers go nuts and shave their heads? Why did pedo 'Whacko Jacko' build a Neverland based on Disneyland?" (Background here) - See more at: