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See: "Typical Female Psychopathic Traits---Large clitoris".---[2011] Female Psychopaths by Thomas Sheridan]


[Book] Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis by Walter Shantree Kacera.

Carey, Jim  Triangle

Stage two is a slight green haze around the jaw-line just below the ears. This indicates that they are about to morph into their reptilian aspects. If they are indoors, so what. If they are in public, and they are having problems getting control, they usually make some quick excuse to leave to wherever. Also during stage two, you’ll notice that their tongue gets extremely snake-like, able to extend far beyond the lips and moving quickly. That is quite a sight to behold.  Reptilian video evidence By Don Bradley


Reptilians in Disclosure Project: The twlight of the gods


Kali  Cyrus, Miley


Gorgon Gorgon Museum Collection: British Museum, Date: ca 460 BC. Gorgon's head. The rounded face of the Gorgon is depicted with large staring eyes, studded ears, a broad tusked mouth and protruding tongue. It is surrounded by a ring of coiled serpents

Medusa Perseus and Medusa ca 490 BC Period: Late Archaic SUMMARY Detail of Medusa, from a scene depicting her flight from the hero Perseus. Her rounded face is monstrous, with wide tusked mouth, protruding tongue, staring eyes, and head circled by a ring of coiled serpents.

Medusa holding Perseus (Museo Archeologico Regionale di Siracusa) 560 BCE

Athena. Athena's armor has the same image of protruding tongue as goddess Kali and Medusa.

Aztec Calendar

Tongue & horn Bartholomaeus Sprang's Heracles and Omphale.  Hercules and Omphale. Hercules is sold as a slave to Omphale, Queen of Lydia, to atone for the murder of Iphtios and the theft of the tripod of Delphi. The hero is forced to wear Omphale's clothes and jewelry.



Kyle, Jeremy

Rolling Stones

Masks  Bleeding symbol

Minaj, Nicki


Damien Hirst   Demonic/Satanic look

Daft Punk  Reptile eyes (slits)

Rihanna   Demonic/Satanic look  

Lana Del Ray

Kid Creole

[vid] Reptilian Dr. Steven Greer UFO Disclosure Project Blue Beam by FrequencyFence

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO

Benjamin Boateng

Orton, Randy   Hand sign (Satanic/horn)  Reptile eyes (slits)

Williams, Wendy   Hand sign (Satanic/horn)


Daughtry, Chris

Buckcherry/Josh Todd

Spears, Britney  [vid] Britney Spears: CONFIRMED REPTILIAN!!   Reptile eyes (slits)

Hagen, Nina

Angel, Joanna

Johnny Knoxville   Jackass

Corgan, Billy

Reptilian shapeshifter - Reptilian Tongues

Miley Cyrus
Cyrus, Miley

Ellis-Bextor, Sophie



Dennis Hopper as King Koopa in the movie adaptation of Super Mario Brothers game (1996).