Amy Tuteur
Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OB/GYN) 

"I'm convinced—I'm totally convinced—that cutting the genitals of children (infants or children, girls or boys) is fundamentally evil, and that's why I'm an intactivist." - Dr. Leonard Glick (Jewish)

[Jewish (Jewishness is created by Judaism, a Satanic religion). Advocate for Circumcision (when even a Jewish doctor has called the satanic rite evil), is a sure sign of a sociopath, as is promoting vaccination (easily provable Satanic), and over breastfeeding!  But it sure gives you an insight into the psychopathic mind that runs the Birth trauma racket.  If she truly believes what she says then she is an ignorant idiot, but idiots don't usually get medical degrees.  Her article on circumcision is on a site called Science based medicine which is run by sociopath Gorski and partners in crime, such as Novella, all Big Pharma, very active, advocates.  In other words sociopaths/psychopaths.  As for 'science based medicine', they do use science to get drugs on the market, but suppress science that is not drug (Allopathy/Big Pharma) such as the Nutritional Medicine, 1930s, Vitamin C cure for all viral/vaccine disease, which also proves Psychopathy (they all know about it).  It would also make vaccination (easily proven 100%  ineffective, and highly dangerous, eg 1 in 45 Big Pharma induced autism, mostly from vaccines Vaccine autism) completely unecessary.]

[2016] Vaccination is far more baby friendly than breastfeeding

[2010] Dr. Amy Tuteur's cloudy view of newborn circumcision

[2010] The case for neonatal circumcision by Amy Tuteur, MD 

Quotes by Dr Tuteur
Let’s face it: those who vaccinate according to the CDC schedule love their children more than those who do not. Only a lazy, selfish mother would listen to anti-vaccine quacks instead of the CDC.'' [2016] Vaccination is far more baby friendly than breastfeeding

Comment: Promoting Government vaccine industry mouthpiece, the CDC.  Governments main purpose is to kill and poison us as much as possible, while extracting as much money off us as possible, without anyone noticing.  Vaccination is the main weapon for doing that.  And when Government health departments are run by people in uniforms, it suggest you under a Military dictatorship, which we are, "Politics is the entertainment division of the Military Industrial Complex."  ~  Frank Zappa   She fronts it, she will be in a CDC uniform before long.

''Wait, what? Some mothers think that vaccination harms their infants? Who cares what they think? Public health officials have spoken on the issue of vaccination and mother’s observations of their own infants are irrelevant.  Wait, what? Some mothers think this is an issue of personal freedom? It most certainly is not. Vaccinating a child does not simply protect that child, but it provides a measurable benefit to society.''

Comment:  Yep, that is Collectivism/Fascism.  Excluding mothers so State, i.e. Big Pharma, can have free reign to poison us.

''The disease is HIV and the simple surgical procedure is circumcision and anti-circ activists oppose it under almost any circumstances.''

CommentPsychopathy.  The only reason they can think of to Circumcise is to protect you from viruses like HIV!  Any cursory investigation into HIV would show you they invented it to kill people with AZT.   No one has died from HIV, only AZT and the like, plus the HIV test and their diagnostic shenanigans.  They invoke fear of viruses to control you, it's their Viral Fear Racket.  Nor will they tell you about the Viral cure, Vitamin C. And they sure don't tell you Urine will kill germs and cure diseases such as TB, Leprosy, AIDS, Gangrene etc!!

Quotes re Dr Tuteur
''Dr. Amy Tuteur is a well-know evil CUNT that continuously promotes the satanic medical agenda while simultaneously spewing forth lies and hatred regarding everything that is good, healthy and filled with love. A quick yahoo search indicates that she is a Jew (surprise, surprise), which explains why she is a fantastical liar and expert at spewing forth one Luciferian reversal after another. In this piece, she argues that vaccination is more important than breastfeeding for a child's well-being. Yes of course. It is absolutely more important to inject children with neurotoxic, deadly poisons and DNA from insects, animals, and aborted human babies than it is to envelop them in love, bond with them securely, and nourish them with the best possible substance -- a substance, by the way, that has been designed by a truly loving Creator as opposed to vaccines, which have been masterminded by an evil Luciferian force.  If the planet were to be rid of vermin like Dr. Amy Tuteur, the world would be a much better place.''  JB

The friendly face, dark soul, of evil: