Pablo Escobar
Cocaine Psychopaths (Mafia)

"The covert operators that I ran with would blow up a 747 with 300 people to kill one person. They are total sociopaths with no conscience whatsoever." -- Former Pentagon CID Investigator Gene Wheaton

[Watch the TV series Narcos1 and get a great insight into the mind of a psychopath (they leave out the fact the CIA was buying all his Cocaine). One example: he blew up Avianca Airlines Flight 203 killing 110 people, which is exactly what the CIA did with [1988] Lockerbie (Pan Am Flight 103).  These are the creatures running Governments, major drug dealers like Clinton ("Billions of dollars of cocaine, cash and weapons passed through Mena, Arkansas during the 1980s...Arkansas became nothing less than a narco-republic."  ~  Victor Thorn ) Reagan Saddam Hussein & Bush Snr.]

See: Uday Hussein

[2017 feb] Pablo Escobar’s Son Reveals His Dad “Worked for the CIA Selling Cocaine” — Media Silent

Demons. Pastor Sidney, a 35-year-old former paratrooper, tries to purge a drug trafficker of his demons.  Pastor Sidney explained how it was that he could see demons: "People who are possessed tend to look at a fixed point and have a coldness around them--their eyes don't blink.  The persons themselves are absent."  It's like the Middle Ages… there's no purpose other than living another day Sunday 29 November 2009.]

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