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''The face of a particularly brutal criminal enterprise, masquerading as a religion, was beginning to emerge from the shadows.''  There's Something About Henry by David McGowan

According to Michael Aquino in his book The Church of Satan (2002) an early patron of LaVey’s diabolical services was Tom Creech who regularly attended Black Masses and invocation ceremonies conducted by The Black Pope in the first year of the Church of Satan’s founding. Creech has sentenced to hang by the State of Idaho in 1976 for the grisly murder of two men. His statement to the police was quite remarkable as he confessed to belonging to a Satanic Cult which had ordered him to murder as a sacrifice to Lucifer. The authorities claim Creech’s assertion is impossible to prove or disprove and have not followed up on his testimony. Creech is one of the lesser known serial killers directly associated with Anton LaVey but the other three became household names.
.....LaVey had contacts within organized crime from an uncle who had been one of Al Capone’s henchmen. (25) This connection gave him access to the strip club owners in San Francisco, and he began to recruit young women to perform in these new clubs. As a means to avoid taxation, The Black Pope called one of his strip shows The Witch’s Review and declared that the topless dance was a legitimate religious ceremony. This also buffered him from government censors.
.....One young woman who LaVey recruited to perform topless in The Witch’s Review was a sexy drifter named Susan Atkins. Atkins played the role of a seductive vampireress who emerged topless from a coffin and would point her index finger, which had a long red painted fingernail, at the leering audience. She would hiss and symbolically beckon for the blood of the trench coat-wearing customers who paid their admission to The Black Pope’s religious ceremony. Her stage act strangely presaged her later criminal activities. (27) Susan Atkins became a household name in 1969 after viciously murdering the pregnant actress Sharon Tate by stabbing her in the stomach. Susan then compulsively licked the blood of the popular star off of her own fingers. In a sense, she took her vampire role to heart. After breaking with LaVey, Atkins joined up with The Family -- Charles Manson’s motley crew of Devil worshipers. Susan Atkins was present at all three sets of murders ordered by Charles Manson at the Hinman, Tate, and Labianca homes.....
    Another Church of Satan member who defected to
Manson was Robert “Bobby” Beausoleil, who brutally murdered Gary Hinman at the request of Charlie. [2006] Satanic Crime. A Threat in the New Millennium by William H. Kennedy

Ramirez biographer Philip Carlo noted that Richard visited Satanic High Priest Anton LaVey and even stayed with The Black Pope at the Church of Satan headquarters for over a week and participated in several sinister ceremonies. Ramirez was dazzled by the huckster LaVey and struck up a friendship with LaVey’s daughter Zeena......there have been many rumors in the Satanic community that Ramirez went to see Anton LaVey, head of the Church of Satan, once again to inform him of his criminal actions. In this version of events, Richard spoke to LaVey who promptly told him to get lost. There is really no way to confirm this as fact and it may just be gossip. Ramirez, as mentioned, drew heavily from Church of Satan literature to fuel his relationship with the Devil. This is not to say that LaVey in any way endorsed the Night Stalker, but it is within the Night Stalker 49 realm of possibility that Ramirez paid The Black Pope a visit and identified himself as the Night Stalker......Zeena LaVey showed up for much of the trial, which makes many people wonder to this day how closely linked Ramirez was to the Church of Satan.  [2006] Satanic Crime. A Threat in the New Millennium by William H. Kennedy.

The Knights of the Black Circle were an informal group of Satanists who sacrificed animals and held wild sex orgies. Ricky Kasso was a fringe member of this group, but he strongly identified with their brand of religion. (2) Ricky became obsessed with Satanism when he happened upon a copy of Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible and became gripped by the notions of superiority and disregard of social norms that emanates from this diabolical guide. In his quest for power, Ricky became a theistic Satanist and believed that the Prince of Darkness was his god.......In a fit of rage, Kasso stabbed Lauwers repeatedly and screamed over and over again, "Say you love Satan!” Lauwers response was “No, I love my mother!” Gary collapsed to the ground in a pool of blood and quickly expired. Ricky finished this Satanic human sacrifice by gouging out Gary’s eyes, which is a common signature of Satanists.[2006] Satanic Crime. A Threat in the New Millennium by William H. Kennedy

Vikernes identified himself with the ancient Nordic Wolf God and even began to howl and growl like the wild deadly beast in his musical act. Vikernes was literally “the boy who cried wolf” in that he barked and howled like a real wolf.....There was a strong bonding between Varg and Euronymous, and the two introduced a Satanic cult into the Norwegian black metal scene. Much like Ricky Kasso and his cult, these two began to rob graves for remains to use in Luciferian ceremonies. Their major goal was to introduce a harsh brand of Satanism that was meant to evoke violent acts against Christianity. This belief found expression on June 6, 1992 when Varg and Euronymous took it upon themselves to raze the old wooden (stave) church in Fantoft, one of Norway’s oldest structures dating from the twelfth century. The duo did not stop there -- over the next year they would set fire to another seven stave churches.....Euronymous had second thoughts about the whole violent scheme and Varg took this as a betrayal and murdered his friend in 1993......Vikernes has spent his prison time producing black metal music CDs in which he claims Varg the Wolf God possesses him and actually does the singing and playing. Sometimes he identifies himself as Odin. [2006] Satanic Crime. A Threat in the New Millennium by William H. Kennedy