“Statistics don't lie, but liars use statistics”. ~ James B. and Hannah Yoseph
The subject of Vaccination, ... is, fortunately, one on which anyone capable of appreciating figures can form a sound opinion."-----   M. BEDDOW BAYLY M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
"If medical statistics were compiled by statisticians who had no interest in the outcome, the drug industry would topple into the dust”.---Robert Catalano (The Great White Hoax)

[Infant mortality has always been highest under compulsory vaccination, called The Slaughter of the Innocents with smallpox vaccination in the UK (note how case mortality was far higher under vaccination), also shown recently with the USA in 27th place!  There isn't any evidence vaccination reduced the death rate for any disease--you can see this most clearly with one of the latest vaccines--measles deaths had declined by 99.4% before vaccination!  And it is a marvel of medical propaganda that anyone believes smallpox vaccine was anything other than a killer when you look at the stats, which makes one highly sceptical about any claims for the later vaccines.  Vaccination just jumped on the bottom of the plummeting death rate curves, and claimed all the credit where none was due, while hiding its main role in the huge rising disease rates eg. autism, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, ADD, allergies, etc.]

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[2016] UK Statistics Authority Bins Controversial 2009 Adult Autism Survey

[2015] Think Pharma Doesn’t Manipulate Office Visits? Watch This.

[2014 March] How Statistics are Misused to Make Vaccines “Safe” by Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky  The vaccine manufacturers are using background data from the general population – A POPULATION THAT IS ALSO VACCINATED!

[2013] Vaccines: a peek beneath the hood By Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries, MD

Disease incidence  Disease  Pediatrics   American Academy of Pediatrics

[vid 2011] 371 - Immunity, Infectious Disease, and Vaccination - Raymond Obomsawin  [2015] Vaccine Hocus-Pocus Dramatically Blown Out Of The Water 

[2009 pdf] Immunization Graphs: Natural Infectious Disease Declines; Immunization Effectiveness; and Immunization Dangers Prepared by: Raymond Obomsawin Ph.D.    Figures one (1) through eleven (11) graphically illustrate that in North America, Europe, and the South Pacific , major declines in life-threatening infectious diseases occurred historically either without, or far in advance of public immunization efforts for specific diseases as listed. This provides irrefutable evidence that vaccines are not necessary for the effective elimination of a wide range of infectious diseases
    Figures eleven (12) through twenty-four (24) graphically illustrate that immunization is not by any means a proven and foolproof measure for protection from various infectious disease conditions. It is often inconsequential epidemiologically, and in some cases it is shown to actually worsen health-care outcomes. 
Obomsawin, Ph.D, Raymond

HPA Measles and Diptheria graphs based around cases/notifications

1883 Statistical deception by WHITAKER'S ALMANAC, leaving out 3 periods.

[May 2008] Japan Data Proves Vaccines Cause Autism in Japanese Children

Rapid Responses to 'Are US flu death figures more PR than science?'

The value of Vaccination is, therefore, not a medical but a statistical question, and can be determined in no other way. [1884] SIR LYON PLAYFAIR  taken to Pieces and Disposed of:  LIKEWISE  SIR CHARLES W. DILKE, BART by William White

UK Deaths graph & statistics   (Measles, typhoid, diptheria, whooping cough) 1850-1978 (Excel format)

UK stats

[June 2006] Asthma Statistics
Approximately 20 million Americans have asthma. Nine million U.S. children under 18 have been diagnosed with asthma. More than four million children have had an asthma attack in the previous year.

"At least 3.4 million children (27% of children in Britain, 41% of children in London) in the UK are blighted by destitution (in poverty), their parents too poor to feed, clothe or shelter them properly.   3/4 of a million children go without a warm wasterproof coat or proper shoes in winter....Babies from poor families are on average 4.5ozs lighter than those from rich families because of poor nutrition.   Two adults with 2 children would have to work 55 hours a week at the minimum wage to get above the poverty line.   3 million families are expected to be unable to heat their home this year."[Media Oct 17, 2006] UK CHILD POVERTY - THE FACTS

Malnutrition is to blame for more than half of all the deaths of children around the world -- including deaths caused by diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria and measles, researchers said on Thursday. Poor nourishment leaves children underweight and weakened and vulnerable to infections that do not have to be fatal, the team at the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore found.  They estimated that feeding all children worldwide an adequate diet would prevent about 1 million deaths a year from pneumonia, 800,000 from diarrhea, 500,000 from malaria, and 250,000 from measles...... They estimate that 52.5 percent of all deaths in young children were attributable to undernourishment, with nearly 45 percent of measles deaths and more than 60 percent of deaths from diarrhea associated with low weight and poor nutrition. [Media, Jun 17] Better Nutrition Could Save Millions of Kids-Study

About 1.2 billion people still have no access to safe drinking water, and 2.4 billion do not have adequate sanitation services. Some 2 million children die every year from water-related diseases. (Ref)

While we’re on the subject of statistics, perhaps someone could explain the meaning of the figures in the table for Measles Notification: England and Wales, By Age Groups, 1989-2006, that appears on the Health Protection Agency web-site. This table shows the number of measles cases notified (excluding ones at Port Authorities, to exclude the bias of people bringing measles into the country from abroad) for 2006 as 3,739. Why is this figure almost 3,000 more than the figure quoted by the HPA and repeated in the articles of Fitzpartick and others? Dealers in Second Hand Words by Martin J Walker

Measles deaths in third world:
"Measles kills 1 million worldwide"---Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer, Sunday Times Jan 28, 2001

"According to government, measles was a threat to national interest, claiming more than 40,000 lives every year (a statistic which is laughable since most people who get measles stay at home and treat it and the majority of sick people go to private clinics that do not keep records this figure was of course trumped up). This of course is a questionable statistic since the majority of deaths in Uganda are not registered and few parents remember any measles death. No point in registering a person once he has died. Forty thousand people are far much less than those killed in Uganda annually due to the civil war, dwarfs the figure for malaria, which kills a child every five second and for which governments is happy to ignore.......The forcing of them to take a vaccine against a disease they know to be harmless and which they know how to cure in its harmful state was seen as government hell bent on killing its own population for the benefit of commanding whiteworld. All village people know that once you have recovered from measles you will never catch it again, but here they were telling people to vaccinate even those who have recovered from measles. "--Kihura Nkuba 2003

[1977 pdf] The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in the United States in the Twentieth Century by John B. McKinlay; Sonja M. McKinlay  In general, medical measures (both chemotherapeutic and prophylactic) appear to have contributed little to the overall decline in mortality in the United States since about 1900-having in many instances been introduced several decades after a marked decline had already set in and having no detectable influence in most instances. More specifically, with reference to those five conditions (influenza, pneumonia, diphtheria, whooping cough, and poliomyelitis) for which the decline in mortality appears substantial after the point of intervention-and on the unlikely assumption that all of this decline is attributable to the intervention-it is estimated that at most 3.5 percent of the total decline in mortality since 1900 could be ascribed to medical measures introduced for the diseases considered here.  Sourced:

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