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''Mainstream medical treatment of whooping cough is using Antibiotics.... First up...., it doesn't work.  They know that..., I know that..., but they won't tell you that, for the simple reason that... they have NOTHING else to offer you.''   [2012 June] Whooping cough treatment by Hilary Butler

[Whooping cough deaths had declined by over 90% before vaccination!  The Vaccine autism epidemic was started 1 by the deadly, Mercury containing, DPT vaccines, and were also were/are the main cause of 'Cot-death'. The UK Government compensated 900 families for severely DPT brain damaged children 1, yet now lie on their parent leaflet saying it doesn't, and never did!  They were also treating Whooping Cough with Vitamin C in the 1930s!!!  So there never was a need for a Whooping Cough vaccine, like there wasn't for any disease, purely on that fact (Vitamin C cures all viral disease).  Same with Smallpox, they had a 98% cure in the 17th century!  Whooping cough & toxicology, (see Viral Fear Racket) like ALL Toxicology (Toxic air Infections & poisons quotes Jim West) is also suppressed/ignored, which is another nail in the vaccine coffin.]

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"I was astonished and not a little perturbed to find that when you draw a graph of the death rate from whooping cough that starts in the mid nineteenth century, you can clearly see that at least 99 percent of the people who used to die of whooping cough in the nineteenth and early twentieth century had stopped dying before the vaccine against whooping cough was introduced, initially in the 1950s and universally in the 1960s."  I also realized that the reason the Department of Healthís graphs made the vaccine appear so effective was because they didnít start until the 1940s when most of the improvements in health had already occurred, and this was before even antibiotics were generally available. If you selected only deaths in under-15-year-olds, the drop was even more dramatic Ė by the time whooping cough vaccine was part of the universal immunization schedule in the early 1960s all the hard work had been done. [2015] THE DOCTOR WHO BEAT THE BRITISH GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL BY PROVING THAT VACCINES ARENíT NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE HEALTH  Dr Jayne Donegan

 “The amount of dead babies… We’re speaking to parents, they tell us, mainly from DTaP, that they were told by the doctor, if they didn’t get the DTaP, then they were the worst parents in the world, and their children would die—And these children did die, from the DTaP." [2016 June] VaXxed Becomes a Cautionary Tale Of Vaccine Injury for All Americans to Hear By Anne Dachel

''Mainstream medical treatment of whooping cough is using Antibiotics and "palliative" care. First up...., it doesn't work.  They know that..., I know that..., but they won't tell you that, for the simple reason that... they have NOTHING else to offer you....If you use antibiotics, you can just about guarantee your child WILL BE sicker''   [2012 June] Whooping cough treatment by Hilary Butler

"Vaccination stops children having their childhood diseases at the beneficial age (3-4yrs). Children are now susceptible to Rubella and Mumps at just the age when girls can conceive and boys can be made sterile.  Antibodies from vaccination do not cross the placenta to make very young babies immune with the result that children of less than one year old are more likely to get them. In the case of Whooping cough this is just the time that the disease is likely to cause neurological damage."---Dr Jayne Donegan

"It is very likely, that the obvious improvements of her child's health was achieved by him finally developing whooping cough in its acute form. --any parents report either a marked improvement or disappearance of 'asthma' after their vaccinated children developed acute whooping cough. Medical research demonstrated that having whooping cough prevents asthma. One must wonder how much of that 'asthma' is just a chronic whooping cough as a result of the vaccinated child's immune system being deranged by vaccination and not being able to mount a proper, acute, immune response."---Viera Scheibner

"When in Germany, vaccinations against whooping cough were suspended between 1975 and 1991, the declining trend in the number of deaths from the disease continued as before."--Dr Buchwald (The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "Protective" Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p135)

"Data from the Health Department (and the ESR for that matter), conclusively proves that the pertussis vaccine in this country has done nothing.
......What ďgainsĒ has Australia made which they didnít have before, through having a 95% whooping cough vaccination rate, when they had an 80% vaccination rate? Their whooping cough vaccination rates have increased 20% in 9 years; their number of vaccines has radically increased, yet their whooping cough rates have increase 1200% in that time
[March 2010 NZ] Letter to Paul Hutchison from Hilary Butler

''Iím convinced in my heart of hearts that 100 American infants a year are dying and another 250 are brain-damaged from DPT. I would be prepared to clinically defend that to scientists." Geraghty believes as many as one in 15,000 children suffer brain damage and as many as one in 35,000 die following DPT vaccination.---Fresno Bee, DPT report 1984.

"In a year-long investigation of the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System (VAERS) operated by the Food and Drug Administration, NVIC/DPT analyzed VAERS computer discs used by the FDA to store data on reports of deaths and injuries following DPT vaccination. A total of 54,072 reports of adverse events following vaccination were listed in a 39-month period from July 1990 to November 1993 with 12,504 reports being associated with DPT vaccine, including 471 deaths." Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research (CAFMR)

"After contracting measles and other childhood illnesses (e.g.. chickenpox, scarlet fever, whooping cough, rubella, mumps and may be others), it has been widely accepted by many health practitioners, including experienced orthodox paediatricians that this is often beneficial for the general health of many children. Specifically it has been shown that children contracting measles naturally were less likely to suffer from allergic conditions such as asthma, eczema and hayfever, (Lancer June 29 1996)."---Trevor Gunn BSc

Trevor Gunn BSc

  • [2013] Vaccines: a peek beneath the hood By Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries, MD

    Suzanne Humphries, MD  [vid] Vitamin C Basics" by Suzanne Humphries, MD. Internist and Nephrologist  Vitamin C and Whooping Cough

    Kari Bundy  October 2, 2013 ∑ My silly boy, Oliver, sick with Pertussis is pictured on the LEFT... He wasn't vaccinated. My vaccinated son, Mason, is pictured on the RIGHT-- this how I took his remains home with me a few days after he received his dtap vaccine, which I chose for him because I was made to feel terrified of "deadly Pertussis" (Again- Oliver is sick with Pertussis in the photo on the Left). Chance of getting sick and dying from Pertussis-- 0.003832%

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