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[2012 April] Alex loved football -- now he gets exhausted and emotional

[2012 April] Swine Flu Vaccine Changed Jenna’s Life for Worse

[2012 Jan] Nearly 80 getting compensation for narcolepsy from swine flu vaccination

[2011 Oct. Finland] Pandemrix victims to receive compensation  So far 92 people have notified the Finnish Medical Insurance pool of narcolepsy symptoms and requested compensation.

[2011 Sept] Warning of more cases of flu vaccine disorder  A SUPPORT group for parents who believe their children developed a chronic sleeping disorder after receiving the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix has said there are “a lot more” undiagnosed cases.

[2011 March. Aus] Vaccines may have increased swine flu risk

[2011 Feb] GlaxoSmithKline not liable to pay Pandemrix damages -Mediuutiset

[2011 Feb] Increased risk of narcolepsy observed among children and adolescents vaccinated with PandemrixR
[2011 Jan] Health Official: Swine Flu Vaccinations for Children Possibly a Mistake  54 children have been diagnosed with narcolepsy.
[2011 Jan. Finland] THL Vaccine Department Head: Pandemrix vaccine probably caused narcolepsy, but not alone
[2010 Aug] GSK's Swine Flu Vaccine Suspected Of Causing Narcolepsy In Children

[2011 Jan] Paramedic paralysed after having swine flu jab provided by ambulance service  Medics diagnosed transverse myelitis, a rare complication often associated with vaccines.....A year later, Mrs Hornsey, of Little Hampton, in West Sussex, is able to walk only with a stick and relies on a wheelchair....She had the jab in November 2009. Five months later, bosses at South East Coast Ambulance Service – where she worked for two years – sacked her instead of allowing her to take on an office role. ...‘By then my confidence was shattered and I felt too upset to return,’ added Mrs  Hornsey. ‘Life has been very hard. Doctors don’t know if I will ever get completely better.’

[2010 Nov] Ties Between Big Pharma and THL Draw Complaints

[2010 Aug] GSK's Swine Flu Vaccine Suspected Of Causing Narcolepsy In Children

[2010 May] Flu Vaccine Made Son Seriously Ill

[2010 May] Opinion: Unnecessary injection of risk: vaccination  Reports suggest that of the 20,000 to 30,000 children vaccinated in Western Australia, 250 had adverse reactions and 55 had febrile convulsions. This means that about one child in every 500 vaccinated had a febrile convulsion, a very high rate......Overall, 25 per cent of children receiving the 15 microgram vaccine dose developed a fever and 41 per cent of those who received the 30mcg dose got a fever......I remain surprised that a vaccine that produces fever in such a high proportion of children, especially those under three, was allowed to be used in Australia without explicit warnings to parents and without any formal, prospective, post-marketing surveillance to look at this issue in large numbers of children.

[2010 April] St. Louis doctors get $2.5 million from Pfizer, Lilly, Glaxo, Merck  Dr. Robert Belshe traveled throughout rural Missouri and Illinois last year to discuss flu vaccines during the H1N1 scare. Drug companies Merck & Co. Inc. and GlaxoSmithKline helped pick up the tab.

[2010 April] Australian tots falling ill after flu jabs

[2010 April] Vaccinated senior in critical condition

[2010 March] Teen Paralyzed After Getting H1N1 Vaccine


[2010 Feb] H1N1 shot blamed for Calgary woman's rare disorder  Her kidneys were shutting down. Doctors eventually diagnosed it as vasculitis, an inflammation that destroys blood vessels.

[2010 Jan] One small needle, a world of trouble  Donna Hartlen, a young mother who is now partially paralyzed, has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome.

[2010 Feb] Agony of doctor's receptionist paralysed by swine flu jab

[2010 Jan. Bangkok] Miscarriage prompts halt to flu jabs

[2010 Jan] Only one third of nurses in London have taken swine flu vaccine, reports BBC

[2010 Jan] Will Italy's class action lawsuit be the first of many?


[2010 Jan] Chinese Student Suffered Cerebrospinal Meningitis After Swine Flu Vaccine

[2010 Jan] Italy's Consumer Protection Group Demands 9.3 Billion Euros Damages Over Swine Flu Jab Scam  Italy's Codacons consumer protection group has taken legal action against the health and economic ministries to force them to cancel orders with pharmaceutical companies for swine flu jabs.  The group is also demanding 9.3 billion euros in compensation -- or 50 euros for every Italian -- as "symbolic" damages in addition to the reimbursement of all the money paid to the pharmaceutical companies as part of the swine flu jab scam.

[2010 Jan] EMEA registers 38 cases of Guillian Barre and 11 cases of Multiple Scelorosis from swine flu jab


[2010 Jan] National governments must be investigated, not just WHO, says Le Temps   Is WHO being set up to bear the brunt of the criticism of the swine flu scam in order that national governments can avoid drawing attention to their own complicity? This is the question posed by the headline in Le Temps.With the exception  of the Polish health minister, every single health minister in Europe and every single government head backed the mass swine flu vaccination campaign in spite of the evidence that the jabs were untested and toxic.

[2010 Jan] Swine flu jab takes hit as man, 91, falls ill

[2010 Jan] Fewer swine flu jabs as doc falls ill 

[2010 Jan] Swine flu taskforce's links to vaccine giant: More than half the experts fighting the 'pandemic' have ties to drug firms

[2010 Jan]  The 'false' pandemic: Drug firms cashed in on scare over swine flu, claims Euro health chief



[2009] 79 have lost their ability to taste or smell after taking the H1N1 swine flu vaccine in Norway.


[2009 Dec] Just one in five people given Tamiflu by NHS hotline was actually suffering from swine flu (and 800,000 wrongly told to stay home)   Around 800,000 people were incorrectly told to stop work and take the Tamiflu drug, costing employers hundreds of millions of pounds and adding to the NHS drug bill. In fact just one in every five people diagnosed by the controversial call centres actually had the illness. .....It means that more than 800,000 of the 1million packets of Tamiflu  -  which cost around £15 each  -  were given out needlessly. .....Now the expected death toll has been revised to less than 1,000  -  with 270 having died so far, of whom 80 per cent had other illnesses or underlying conditions.

[2009 Dec] GPC concern as patients snub swine flu vaccination campaign  Some 11.7m of the Government’s stockpile of 18m doses have so far been delivered to GP practices since the first batches were sent out on 26 October.  But of those, only 1.6 million doses have been given to the 9m patients in at-risk groups, putting uptake at only 18% - far lower than comparable figures for a month into the seasonal flu campaign.  And the Department of Health estimates just 275,000 frontline health and social care workers have had the vaccine – 14% of the 2m eligible.

[2009 Dec] Swine flu: the pandemic that ended with a whimper

Propaganda classic:
[2009 Dec] Swine flu jab dilemma: Parents and pregnant women refuse it but experts insist it's safe... so who's right?

[November, 2009 - Hospital employee taken ill after jab]- Manx Radio - "The swine flu vaccination programme in the Isle of Man has suffered a setback. A member of staff at Noble's Hospital became ill shortly after receiving the vaccine. It's understood this could be a rare side effect of the jab. The case led to some appointments in the vaccination programme, which started on Monday, being suspended."

[November 2009] - City resident gets Guillain-Barré after H1N1 shot

[2009 Nov] World Health Organization ‘Manufactured’ The Global Swine Flu Scare – Suspected Of Corruption

[2009 Nov] Nazareth toddler third Israeli to die after receiving swine flu vaccination

[2009 Nov] PHAC confirms 24 cases of anaphylaxis across Canada after H1N1 flu shots  There have been 24 confirmed cases of a type of severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis in Canadians who have received an H1N1 flu shot, including one person who died after getting vaccinated, the head of the Public Health Agency of Canada said Wednesday.

[2009 Nov] GlaxoSmithKline Withdraws Pandemrix Swine Flu Vaccine After Adverse Reactions And Deaths  More than 100,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine are being withdrawn across the country after Manitoba health officials announced Thursday they'd noticed a higher-than-usual number of allergic reactions. Vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline has asked several provinces to set aside the 170,000 doses from the questionable batch. One person is believed to have died from an anaphylactic reaction following vaccination.

[2009 Nov] Chinese health officials reported on Friday the first deaths in people who received the H1N1 vaccine.

[2009 Aug] Swine Flu Vaccination: An Injured Subject Speaks Out as Researchers Deny Link By Nina Bautz  He claims : "The vaccination has made me ill! – the test is irresponsible.” He says that within a few hours after the vaccination, on August 10, he had sweat on his forehead. "I felt totally beat. On the third day, my kidneys and head were aching and I got a fever. I then had a coughing fit - and the wash basin was suddenly red - it was blood!“

[2009 Nov] Miscarriages Rise after Swine Flu Shots-Moms Report Deaths

[2009 Nov] Quebec woman dies after contracting H1N1 virus  "She had also received the H1N1 vaccination on Oct. 29, two days before coming down with symptoms of the flu"

[2009 Nov] Va. teen suffers rare illness after swine flu shot Jordan McFarland, 14, was hospitalized for five days after coming down with Guillain-Barre syndrome hours after receiving a vaccination for H1N1.

[2009 Nov] Death may scare public off H1N1 shot

[2009 Nov] GPs offered cash bonuses to hit swine flu uptake targets

[2009 Nov] New York Swine Flu Vaccine Clinics Deserted
What if they threw a mass vaccination . . . and nobody came?

[2009 Nov] Polish Prime Minister says swine flu hysteria generated by pharmaceutical lobby


[2009 Oct] New treatment in flu vaccine controversy  A 64-year-old woman died last week just two days after receiving an inoculation against the new A(H1N1) influenza virus dubbed swine flu......Hungary's new flu vaccine not suitable for children, pregnant women, says health advisor

[2009 Oct] Panic in Ukraine, Authorities deny aircraft are spraying aerosols over cities, Martial Law expected

[2009 Nov] WHO takes over the Ukraine: eyewitnesses say no pandemic

[2009 Nov] Polish Health Minister says NO to swine flu jab  "She said the secret contract that the Polish government was supposed to sign with pharmaceutical companies had more than 20 clauses which are against the law."

[2009 Nov] Kingston GPs refuse swine flu vaccine

[2009 Nov] Rest Of World H1N1 (swine flu) Vaccination Market  "The global H1N1 Influenza vaccine market is estimated to be of 676 million in 2009 with first lot of doses being commercialized on 30th September’ 2009. The market will see a high CAGR for the next two years i.e. the market is expected to be at $7.03 billion in 2011 with a CAGR of 222.4% from 2009 to 2011. However, the very high CAGR will settle down by 2012 to 30% for the period of 2009 to 2012. The reason for the sudden settle down of the growth is that it is expected that most of the world population will be immunized by the end of  2011."

[2009 oct] Switzerland forbids "swine flu" vaccine for pregnant women, young and old!

[2009 oct] Belgian doctors call for sack of government virologist in row over swine flu adjuvant advice  The Belgian association of doctors has called for the government's interministerial commissioner for the flu, the virologist Marc Van Ranst, to be fired after he said on Thursday that the Pandemrix swine flu jab with the adjuvant squalene was safe for pregnant women.

[2009 Oct Japan] H1N1 vaccine side effects reported

[2009 oct] German doctors refuse to be bullied by authorities into giving "swine flu" jab

[2009 oct] Fifth "swine flu" vaccine death in Sweden - vaccinations still go ahead as planned!  Today, Svenska Dagbladet reports that over 350 cases of side effects from the Pandemrix "swine flu" shot, has been recorded so far. It has also become clear that this shot contains the most deadly mix of substances of all the known vaccines manufactured against the so called "swine flu" H1N1 influenza. The official number of deaths from the "swine flu" vaccine is now five. And that is only those who have strong immediate reactons, the long term effects are usually never even investigated. If you would die from the shot two weeks after you took it, your death would not be considered to have anything to do with the vaccination. Severe health problems years after will of course be very hard to link to the poisonous injection. Even if these five official cases died within days, the official story is of course as expected: "none of these deaths has been confirmed to be linked to the vaccine".

[2009 Oct] Boy rushed to hospital after swine flu jab “By this stage he was going into spasms. He couldn’t bend his fingers. I was absolutely terrified. “He was rambling and becoming incoherent. I honestly thought he was going to die in the back of the car.

[2009 Oct] Local pediatricians against H1N1 vaccine


[2009 Oct] (Finland): Pregnant Women Administered Wrong Swine Flu Vaccine

[2009 Oct] IRELAND: Top insurer tells 1,000 GPs not to give swine flu vaccine

[2009 Aug] Next step in H1N1 scare: Microchip implants

[2009 Sept] VeriChip shares jump after H1N1 patent license win

[2009 oct] New "overload" fears as swine flu jab is added to routine childhood vaccines

[2009 Oct] Judge Halts Flu Vaccine Mandate For Health Workers

[2009 Oct] Drugmakers, Doctors Rake in Billions Battling H1N1 Flu

[2009 oct] Swine flu fears grow as NHS staff shun vaccine

[2009 Oct] Shock reaction sparks flu vaccine inquiry

[2009 Oct] Cuban civil defense teams keep swine flu at bay  Cuba is ready to use just about everything at its disposal, from its well-oiled civil defense system to the soldiers of a totalitarian government, to keep swine flu cases to a minimum.  Everything but a vaccine.

Pretty amazing
Fox news stumbles, scrambles on Albany vaccine protest coverage, but
points get made.

[2009 Sept] Nurses File Lawsuit Over H1N1 Vaccine

[2009 Sept] Drug firms not liable for flu vaccine claims

[2009 Sept] B.C. may suspend seasonal flu shots

[2009 Sept] Studies raise seasonal flu shot fear  Drawn from a series of studies from British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario, the data appear to suggest that people who got a seasonal flu shot last year are about twice as likely to catch swine flu as people who didn't.

[2009 Aug] "Swine flu" jab makes German extremely sick during clinical trials

[2009 Sept] GPs to be paid £100m for giving swine flu jabs to high-risk groups

[2009 Sept] So we're not all going to die of swine flu after all: Chief medical officer reduces death estimates by two-thirds

[2009 Aug] Law firms 'seeking to jump swine flu vaccine queue'

[2009 Aug] One in two GPs 'will refuse swine flu vaccine'

[2009 Aug] Swine flu vaccine strategy 'risky'

[2009 Aug] 30% of nurses 'don't want' flu jab

[2009 Aug] Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America

[2009 July 29] Government virus expert paid £116k by swine flu vaccine manufacturers  Professor Sir Roy Anderson sits on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), a 20-strong task force drawing up the action plan for the virus. Yet he also holds a £116,000-a-year post on the board of GlaxoSmithKline, the company selling swine flu vaccines and anti-virals to the NHS.

[2009 July] Swine flu: Medical chief orders NHS to prepare for 65,000 deaths - with a toll of as many as 350 a day

[2009 July] Legal immunity set for swine flu vaccine makers