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[NB. Most of these are out of date, but are provided to give some idea about the poisons contained in vaccines, and the side effects not provided on vaccine leaflets.  Read both and you will see why parents only get to see the leaflets.  Even though they list those side effects on the package inserts they haven't admitted they do that legally, so it doesn't help much in court if your child gets a vaccine injury they have listed. See: Treatment of vaccine victims.  It is instructive to see the disclaimer form GSK employees had to sign if they took the Swine Flu Pandemrix vaccine, see here.
  For mercury content in USA vaccines see here. If you want up to date inserts ask your doctor.  There are some links at the bottom, but inserts/data sheets are hard to come by on the internet, if it was easy we would be more inclined to provide them.  The UK gov never have anything up on the same URL for long.]

Use:  Package Inserts and Manufacturers for some US Licensed Vaccines and Immunoglobulins  [FDA] Complete List of Vaccines Licensed for Immunization and Distribution in the US

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Package Inserts with Autism as an adverse reaction

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[Great collection of lies, eg ''In the 1970s a study was done which seemed to show a link between the whooping cough vaccine and a few babies who suffered brain damage. More recent and reliable studies have not confirmed this theory.'' .  See: [1981] British National Childhood Encephalopathy Study [vid 1984 DPT documentary by WRC-TV] Vaccine Roulette .]

USA Vaccine Information Statements (VIS)

The things they say

[1998] RHOGAM data sheet
[1999] Eli Lilly Material Data Safety Sheet for Thimerosal

[pdf] Gardasil
TUBERSOL Tuberculin Test, Connaught
TheraCys® BCG Live (Intravesical)
Varivax  Merck
Connaught (DPT) 
Pasteur Mérieux (1995) (DTP)
CSL Limited (DPT)
Connaught (DT) 
Connaught (Td
Evans Medical 1994 (DT)
Tripedia® (Preservative-free)Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine Adsorbed (Preservative-free)
[pdf 2009] Tripedia DTap vaccine
Td (adult) Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids Adsorbed For Adult Use
Tetanus Toxoid Adsorbed Tetanus Toxoid Adsorbed USP
TetanusToxoid USP Tetanus Toxoid USP For Booster Use Only
Trivax Hib (1996)
ACT-HIB ®DTP dc (Aventis Pasteur) 
Infanrix---SmithKline Beecham AUS

[pdf 2005] Tripedia



Flu vaccines
Haemophilus B (HIB)
ActHIB® Aventis Pasteur MSD Ltd
HIB with DPT
ACT-HIB ®DTP Aventis Pasteur MSD Ltd
Infanrix ®-Hib (Glaxo SmithKline
Hepatitis A
Avaxim ® (Aventis Pasteur MSD Ltd)
Havrix (Hep A) Glaxo SmithKline
Havrix Monodose
® (Glaxo SmithKline)

Vaqta ® Adult (Aventis Pasteur MSD Ltd)
Vaqta ® Paediatric and Adolescent (Aventis Pasteur MSD Ltd
With hepatitis b:
TwinrixAdult (Glaxo SmithKline)
Hepatitis B
Engerix B Glaxo SmithKline
H-B-Vax II---Merck Sharp & Dohme (Aust.) Pty Ltd  Aventis Pasteur MSD Ltd
[pdf] Gardasil

Ceravix contents
Meningococcal meningitis
[pdf] BEXSERO®
Mencevax ACWY----SmithKline Beecham
Meningitec ® (Wyeth
Menjugate ® (Chiron
NeisVac-C ® (Baxter
AC Vax ® (Glaxo SmithKline
Menomune®-A/C/Y/W-135 Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine Groups A,C,Y and W-135 Combined
Mengivac (A+C) ® (Aventis Pasteur MSD)
ACWY Vax ® (Glaxo SmithKline
DPT, Polio, Haemophilus b
(Eolarix, 1994)
M-M-R II---Merck Sharp & Dohme (Aust.) Pty Ltd(Distrib. CSL)
Connaugh Edmondston
DIPLOVAX HDC 4.0 Edmonston-Zagreb strain

Pnu-Imune ® (Wyeth)  
Pneumovax II Aventis Pasteur MSD Ltd
Prevnar     Wyeth
Connaught (OPV) 
Connaught (IPV) 
Ipol (Injection) Rx AUS
Orimune (OPV)
Rabies Vaccine Inactivated (Diploid Cell Origin), Dried
Dryvax-- Wyeth
Swine flu
[pdf] Pandemix
[pdf] GSK employee disclaimer form
Yellow Fever

[2016 Dec] Dr. Humphries Examines Data on Gardasil Vaccine From Merck’s Own Package Inserts

[2010] Big Pharma Admits that Vaccines Cause Autism (Autism symptoms are identical to encephalomyopathy, listed on vaccine package inserts)

[2013 Jan] Infanrix Kills and Maims, but GSK Hid It from Doctors & Parents  GSK wanted to keep the public from knowing about the adverse effects of their Infanrix vaccine. The secret report slipped out, and it’s revealing. It validates the recent study showing that multiple vaccine doses increase the death rate by 50%—but there’s no real change to the safety advice.

[2010 Sept] Thimerosal in your vaccine?

[2009 Nov] What’s in your H1N1 flu vaccine?  Shaw turned to the 24-page product-information leaflet on the vaccine released by drug giant GlaxoSmithKline. Health Canada used this document in approving the shot.  The leaflet leaves Shaw cold. “You couldn’t turn this in as a master’s thesis anywhere I know of and get a passing grade,” he said, calling the leaflet a “shocking document”.  Shaw said the material lacks basic information. For example, there is no safety data at all for several groups of people—pregnant women, people aged over 60, kids aged 10 to 17, and children under three. For kids three to nine years old, there is only “very limited” data. “Where is the safety data that the government used to license the vaccine?” Shaw asked.

News: Hepatitis B Vaccination Should Be Avoided in Patients With Risk of CNS Disease