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SARS  [See: SARS.]
"If we don't take great care, SARS could become established in the poorest nations - places like Burundi, Nigera or Malawi - which have neither the high-tech capability of Toronto nor the totalitarian muscle of China to contain it. If that happens, the consequences for global control could be grave." Dr Patrick Dixon - interview on CNN Europe 29 April 2003

"HIV specialist Patrick Dixon accused the Government of a "chronic lack of action" in tackling the disease...This is a disease that spreads easily and quickly, and most difficult of all, we do not understand fully how it works.  People thought Aids spread quickly.  Let me assure you, that will be nothing compared with Sars."--Sunday Express April 27, 2003

Dr. Patrick Dixon, leading UK "Futurologist", declares SARS to be a more serious epidemic than AIDS. If he's sounding the alarm, does he have our best interests in mind? Dixon runs a consulting outfit called Global Change. He boasts a very impressive client list of responsible corporate citizens, such as: Arthur Andersen, BASF, Credit Suisse, Exxon Mobil, Qualcomm, Roche (Pharmaceuticals), UBS, and of all things, the World Bank technical assistance team to China. Check it out: http://www.globalchange.com/clients.htm

BIRD FLU [See: Bird Flu.]
But if we had a pandemic, the problem would be that our existing vaccines don't work against it, we would have to develop a new vaccine, and people don't have natural immunity because it hasn't be around before. So the estimate we are working to in the number of deaths is around 50,000 excess deaths from flu. But it could be a lot higher than that, it very much depends whether this mutated strain is a mild one or a more serious one." [2006] Bird Flu warnings from Government Chief MO

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