[Meditation and Psychedelics (Fourth way) use is the main way to contact 'God', which is why they have been suppressed.  It is instructive that Religion doesn't use these methods, if they did they would be 'spiritual paths', similar to Buddhism.  Apart from near death experiences, most spiritual teachers gained their knowledge through meditation and yoga (e.g. Jesus wasn't a poor carpenter, he was of noble birth and taught yoga by the Essenes. There are even poses named after him in Kundalini Yoga).  John Lilly/Gurdjieff/Leary/Don Juan--Fourth way and Yoga/Meditation.  Buddha/Jesus/Krishnamurti/Osho-Yoga/Meditation.  The thing to know is the fact success derives from the application of Intent.  Main aim of Meditation is to stop the internal dialogue/Talking The Assemblage Point can then move your awareness into the internal reality/deep self/satori.  This is why it is better to avoid Mantra meditation (e.g. TM, and looks to be Elite approved, which is a bad sign, Beatles promoted it), and use sensing meditation such as Vipassana, the meditation that Buddha used).]


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