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See: [2009 Dec] Flight 253  False flag  Psychopathy

Fly by Wire (FBW) 

Malaysian airliner

Germanwings Flight GWI9525

light 77 (Pentagon), 
Flight 93 (Shanksville)

[2010 April] Polish plane crash

[2009 June] Air France Flight 447

[2009 feb] Flight 3407

[1996] TWA 800

[1999] EgyptAir Flight 990

[1994 Rwanda] Plane crash


[1988] Lockerbie (Pan Am Flight 103)

[1988] Iran Air Flight 655

[1973] Libyan passenger jet, LN 114

[1972] United Air Lines Flight 553

Beverly Eckert
Hammarskjold, Dag
Juvenal Habyarimana
Cyprien Ntaryamira
Alison Des Forges
Aguilera, Jaime Roldos
Kaczynski, Lech
Kennedy Jr.
Melchior Ndadaye
Torrijos, Omar
Wellstone, Senator
Connell, Mike

 [2014 June] Special Report, FBI Killed Franklin Scandal Investigator from Wayne Madsen Report

[2014] Murder by plane crash Twenty passengers on the ill-fated Malaysian jetliner worked for the Austin, Texas-based Freescale Semiconductor, an electronic warfare and military radar firm.

[2013 Jan] On the Elimination of Natural Leaders: JFK Jr.

[2011] The Sabotage of SAA Flight 295, "The Helderberg"

[2010] Presidents and leaders involved in aircraft accidents

Did Mossad sabotage Russian plane?

This serves as an alternative to some of the recent elaborate plane crashes, involving the deaths of hundreds of innocent people, which have been arranged to disguise the murder of the one or more people aboard who were the real targets. Mae Brussell INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING

MI-6 and MI-5 got very excited in the early days of WWI when they suddenly realised that mastery of the air provided them with a whole new environment in which to stage accidents. No longer would they have to rely on people falling down gang-planks, poisoned by a Chief Steward, crushed by a cistern falling off a ship's toilet wall, or eaten by a shark. Now there was a whole new environment brimming with possibilities, completely at their beck-and-call. Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

"The covert operators that I ran with would blow up a 747 with 300 people to kill one person. They are total sociopaths with no conscience whatsoever." -- Former Pentagon CID Investigator Gene Wheaton

Key Witness in Rove Probes Killed by MICHAEL CARMICHAEL (GLOBAL RESEARCH) Other suspicious and untimely plane crashes involving high-ranking politicians include those of: U.N. Secretary General Dag Hamaskjold; Congressman Hale Boggs; Sanjay Gandhi; General Zia Ul-Haq; twenty MI5 officials aboard the ill-fated Chinook helicopter; Ron Brown and John F. Kennedy, Jr.

"Governments, in order to perpetuate themselves, will sacrifice 400-500 people without a second thought." - 14-year DEA veteran Basil Abbott.

NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY by 1971 by Gary Allen  The book that popularized the Bilderberger, CFR, Trilateral series of conspiracies. The author died in a plane crash immediately after writing it.

Senator Paul Wellstone

John Kennedy Jr.


David Banks, age 55. Died: May 8, 2005. Banks, based in North Queensland, died in an airplane crash, along with 14 others. He was known as an Agro Genius inventing the mosquito trap used for cattle. Banks was the principal scientist with quarantine authority, Biosecurity Australia, and heavily involved in protecting Australians from unwanted diseases and pests. Most of Dr Banks' work involved preventing potentially devastating diseases making their way into Australia. He had been through Indonesia looking at the potential for foot and mouth disease to spread through the archipelago and into Australia. Other diseases he had fought to keep out of Australian livestock herds and fruit orchards include classical swine fever, Nipah virus and Japanese encephalitis. Dead Scientists