[NB: Zapper will neutralise poisons.]

Mass poisonings: Covert genocide Orgonite & helicopters, setups, attacks, assassinations, assassination attempts

Dr. David Graham

[2012 Jan] An introduction to my experience with the Jewish Community  I was fine for about 3 days, and then started getting very strange muscle cramps. On day 5 they were severe. Day 6, I could barely walk, and was going into spasms. On that day, I got a very strange e-mail. It is a series of quotes from various books, assembled to form a message. This no doubt was to hide the writing style of the sender. This took a LOT of work to assemble. I will break it down, following the message. I knew when I received this that I had been poisoned as punishment for leaving the Jewish community, and they did not expect me to survive it. They knew when the poison would be taking full effect. .....I noticed a young man who attended one of the Orthodox synagogues coming up the steps as I went down, and right as I went past him he pulled out a black canister and sprayed it in my face. Whatever it was had no odor or taste, it was like a clear gas. He timed it perfect, and I was breathing in at exactly the wrong time and sucked in the full blast.

[2011 March] Homeopathic Imprinter Maker (& Son) Poisoned at San Diego Health Expo; Later Died

[2009 Nov] Philip Jones Believed He Was Poisoned

[2008] Illuminati Murdered at least Two More Presidents  A curious but very credible Internet document called "The Mardi Gras Secrets" states that Illuminati agents poisoned and killed Presidents William Henry Harrison (1773-1841) and Zachary Taylor (1784-1850). They also poisoned James Buchanan in 1857 but he survived.

[2010 Oct EW] 500 African Orgonite Devices to Mombasa  David Ochieng was poisoned at least one other time, before that, and was evidently murdered with faster-acting poison last year, along with his Emma and Salva Kirr

[2010 July-oct EW] My New Green Poison War Wound! ;-) 

See: Orgonite & helicopters, setups, attacks, assassinations, assassination attempts

When I was in the office of my friend, William, in Maryland, he told me that he had a guy from NSA [National Security Agency] come in and talk to him about his blood irradiation, and told him: 'I think that it would be wise for you to stop this.'
    Now, this guy who runs the clinic there in Maryland is an ex-Navy Seal. He's no pushover. So he says to the NSA guy: 'Well, why do you say that?'
    And the NSA guy said: 'You know how Royal Rife died? We put poison on his tooth-brush.'
    This guy was from NSA. So, that was a threat. Well, now, some people get scared, and some people get upset, angry. William is one of those guy who gets upset and angry, and it furthers him that much harder.
    So, mysteriously, the head of the Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Foundation died, about 3 or 4 months ago, in his apartment, with no autopsy. So they almost destroyed the foundation, but now he is in the process of securing capital-and he will, I'm sure, very shortly, and it's going to be untouchable. The machines will be put out and it will have UVC and UVA to do the blood, and we're going to kill-off all the viruses in the bloodstream. And we're going to teach the medical doctors how to do it. We'll provide the machines for them. And we're going to end this tyranny. And we'll also educate them-no more vaccinations and immunizations. The Black Pope: Interview of Eric Jon Phelps

In 2002, the BBC wrote: “Bruno Tagliaferro, a Charleroi scrap-metal merchant who knew Dutroux, claimed to know something about the car in which Julie and Melissa were kidnapped. But he was soon found dead, apparently of a heart attack.”...A rather suspicious heart attack, under the circumstances.  His wife also thought so and “refused to accept the verdict and arranged for his body to be exhumed. Samples sent to the US for analysis showed he’d been poisoned.” ....The BBC added: “Soon after, her teenage son found her dead at home in her bed, her mattress smouldering. Publicly it was declared suicide, or an accident.”  The sinister Marc Dutroux cover-up

"On two occasions Gerson became violently ill...Lab tests showed...arsenic in his urine.  Some of Gerson's best case histories mysteriously disappeared from his files...Gerson was invited on a talk show by host Long John Nebel...Nebel was fired the very next day and the radio network was threatened by the AMA."--Norman Fritz.

"One death from poisoning, and one from being run down by an automobile, both victims being physicians of distinction and prominent in the advocacy of the Koch treatment.  Mail has been opened...Dr. Koch himself was the target of at least 13 unsuccessful attempts on his life."--M. Layne

"Dr Johnson died in 1944.  The suspicion exists that he was silenced...However two federal inspectors did examine his hospital record in the late 1950's.  They concluded it was likely that he was poisoned."--Barry Lynes

After Laurent told me, about a week ago, that he was also being sabotaged since July we arranged to have a larger session, right before the last full moon on November 10, 2011 and invited him to join us, also Hawthorne and Mark Bennett, who was evidently poisoned with mercury or some such in September.  Getting poisoned with heavy metals is an unwitting kudo from the sewer rats, I think. Carol and I got hit with beryllium, a Canadian mega-gifter was dosed with lead, Carol got dosed with uranium, etc.  None of us have expired from any of that, fortunately, but most of us understand that healthy living isn't enough for one to heal from the effects of those poisons; one has to either get competent professional help to get it out or else know how to do it him/herself.   -- Don